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X-men Supreme Issue 55: Media Matters PREVIEW and Bios Updates

The X-men Supreme fanfiction series has grown a great deal since its inception. Every time a major arc ends, I get a chance to step bck and admire that growth. The world of X-men Supreme took a significant turn with the events of District X. The politics of the human/mutant struggle took a major shift. All too often I see Marvel and various writers write as though the only way for stories to be interesting is for the world to get worse. I saw that happen a lot with Ultimate X-men and with Uncanny X-men lately. Well I have a problem with that. If things keep getting worse, that just gets old and doesn't lead to much progress with the characters. District X had some personal failures, but for the world as a whole it was a success. Those types of success are rarely depicted in the pages of any Marvel comic, let alone X-men. Now as the X-men Supreme fanfiction series moves forward, I plan on following the success for mutants in District X with a new series of developments. One in particular will emerge with the next issue. I've prepared a brief preview to show just what some of these developments will entail.

“Welcome to the show Professor Xavier,” said the host as she sat down next to him on the stage, “It’s an honor to have you here.”

“Thank you. It’s an honor to be here,” said Xavier respectfully, “I’m glad I have to chance to be on a show like this.”

“So am I. And I have to say it’s a surprise to many that we’re doing a show like this. I think if we tried this a mere two months ago, we would have a riot worse than the one in District X.”

“I’m unfortunately inclined to agree. There has been quite a shift in sentiment, but for the sake of your studio, your audience, and our lawyers I maintain say it is a pleasant shift.”

That earned him a few laughs. Lilandra told him that it was important to throw a few jokes in here and there. The public would be more receptive if he showed a little humor. Humor was the mark of humanity and humanity was their best weapon against bigotry.

“I would have to agree. But staying on topic here, let’s discuss that shift. Because it wasn’t long ago that the mere mention of mutants was striking fear in everybody. We heard men like Senator Kelly speaking passionately about the dangers of allowing mutation to go unregulated. District X made it painfully apparent that these dangers are more complex, wouldn’t you say so?”

“I wouldn’t necessarily call them dangers,” Xavier explained, “Mutants are human beings, just like anyone else. The only thing that sets them apart is the X-gene in their DNA, which gives them their abilities.”

“I understand that. But skipping the science for a moment, even you have to agree with Senator Kelly on some points. Mutants do have the potential to do grave harm. I see some mutants with abilities that I wouldn’t want to be around.”

“There is some truth to this concern, but the same concern could be held for any group of people that feels pressured. With or without mutant powers, they can create just as much danger. Just look at what the Friends of Humanity were capable of through sheer bigotry. These people, who pride themselves on their hatred of mutants, were able to create the kind of destruction that New York City is still cleaning up. All in the name of opposing what they see as a threat. I’m here to say on behalf of all mutants that this kind of hatred is more dangerous than any mutant.”

“That’s a bold statement, Professor,” said the host critically.

“I know it is. And I know many will disagree with it. But I’m willing to go beyond the hatred and bigotry so we can work through these disagreements. If we don’t, they’ll end up destroying us both.”

“Then what do you say to those who single out mutants powers we can all agree have dangerous powers? We pulled some clip from past mutant incidents. The danger posed by mutants is as unavoidable as it is unique.”

She was getting to the harder hitting questions. Up on a monitor that was visible to the whole audience, a few clips played of mutants displaying vast but uncontrolled power. Some of those images included his own X-men. There were images of Cyclops without his visor unleashing a dazzling burst of destructive blasts. There were images of Iceman during their vigilante days where he ended up freezing half a city block. There were other images depicting mutants who weren’t involved in X-men level activities. One was a young girl, who he remembered as a Morlock, stumbling around randomly knocking people unconscious whenever she touched them. There was another clip of a seemingly normal-looking school boy with purple hair laughing as he used psychic abilities to control his teacher and classmates, causing them great discomfort in the process. It painted a pretty grim scenario for mutants, but Charles Xavier remained calm and ready to respond.

“It’s true. There are mutants out there that struggle with control. But I would argue that these are the people who need the most help. Nobody in those clips chose to be a mutant. They didn’t choose their powers either. It is something they were born with. It can be a burden if not treated properly. But it can also be a gift once they learn to control it and I believe these gifts can serve humanity in many positive ways.”

“And you feel you and your X-men are equipped to handle it?”

“We do our best with the resources we have,” smiled Xavier.

“And you have quite a few,” said the host as more images of the X-men came up, “Your own mansion, your own private jet, and some very interesting uniforms to say the least. Yet you say this is a school?”

“It’s true. The Xavier Institute is indeed a legitimate school. We are certified by the New York Department of Education. My X-men attend classes and take tests like any other students,” said Charles, “I’ve always felt that education is the key towards a greater understanding for anyone, mutant or otherwise.”

“So where do the heroics come in?”

“The heroics are a secondary aspect that emerged out of necessity. While I am a staunch believer in education, I understand the sensitive nature of human/mutant conflict. Normal authorities are not always equipped to handle it and I believe that part of gaining acceptance from humanity involves demonstrating that we can police ourselves. That is where my X-men come in. It is through these acts that we hope to show the world that mutants can not only co-exist in a society, but they can do a great deal of good for the world as a whole.”

Also, I know it's been a while since I updated the bios section. Now that District X is complete, I can finally add in some bios pages that I've been meaning to add for quite some time. I could have added some sooner, but I wanted to make sure there would be no spoilers within the revelations of each bio. I also thought it would be more efficient to update them all at once. The new bios are as follows:

Alex Summers - Havok

Lucas Bishop

Jubilation Lee - Jubilee

Reverend William Stryker

Graydon Creed

Jamie Madrox - Multiple

I hope to continue updating the bios page as necessary. There are some characters that I still haven't gotten to. I hope to add them in as a few upcoming events are revealed. As always, I strongly encourage everyone to provide feedback on the bios and every new issue of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. Please contact me at any time and I would be happy to chat! Until next time, take care and best wishes. Excelsior!


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