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X-men Supreme Issue 57: Rivalry and Reflections PREVIEW

Summer is here and the X-men Supreme fanfiction series is shifting into high gear! Tension has been building on many fronts for the X-men. Issue 56: Diary of the Fallen showed that there are conflicts that go beyond human/mutant affairs that are brewing. The X-men have always been broad in their heroics, playing the role of civil rights advocates and general heroics. Well that role promises to become more entwined as the X-men Supreme fanfiction series continues to unfold. X-men Supreme Volume 3: Ashes of Hope promises to lay the groundwork for this meshing of roles. However, there are still plenty more stories that need to unfold beforehand. One of those stories began back during the District X arc. Cyclops's embittered brother, Havok, made a fateful decision that put the two brothers on a collision course. Well in the next issue, that conflict is going to come to a head in a big way. As such, I've prepared an extended preview of what you can expect from this fresh batch of family drama in the pages of X-men Supreme.

While Scott wrestled with his family issues, the rest of the team prepared for another difficult battle. Any encounter with Magneto on Genosha was stressful enough, but this time they faced even more pressure. Unlike previous encounters, failure would affect more than their physical well-being or their cause. It could actually affect the course of the election and seriously hamper Professor Xavier media efforts.

“We better get to Genosha soon. That vein in Scott’s forehead is going to explode any minute,” commented Bobby.

“I’m surprised it already hasn’t,” said Remy, “As if Scottie wasn’t ticked off enough at his brother. He be pushing his buttons almost as much as Wolverine.”

“It’s times like this I’m glad I’m an only child,” sighed Kitty.

The air remained tense as Cyclops flew the jet in lower. He was a little rougher with the controls than usual, pushing the afterburners and making sharper turns. It added to the already heavy turbulence.

“Take it easy, Scott! We’ll get there,” coaxed Jean, who was sitting behind him.

“I’m sorry, Jean. But in case I’m being too subtle I’m pretty anxious to get to my brother!” said the X-leader with burning determination, “I’m not letting him get caught up in Magneto’s battles!”

“Funny, given how pig-headed he was back in District X I figure he would fit right in with Mags and his buddies,” said Logan.

“Not funny, Wolverine!” spat Scott, jerking the plane’s controls again.

“Scott please!” Jean urged, putting a comforting hand on his shoulder, “Try and focus on the mission. Don’t let Alex distract you like this.”

“Hell, you might as well ask me to quit drinking while you’re at it, Jeannie,” said Logan, “When you hate someone’s guts, you’re gonna be distracted. Trust me, I know.”

Jean’s caring tone helped the X-leader ease up a bit while Logan’s comment annoyed him. He took some deep breaths, trying hard not to let Alex affect him too much. He couldn’t forget that they still had a job to do.

“We’ll deal with him, Scott. But our main concern are these spies,” said Ororo, who was also sitting next to Jean, “Hank says he corroborated this with the Pentagon. The military is indeed conducting spy operations on Genosha.”

“Translation, Mr. McCoy hacked this from the government,” said Rogue.

“Big deal,” scoffed Wolverine, “Guys like Magneto should be spied on. I hate the military, but if I were them I’d keep tabs on everything down to his brand of underwear.”

“It’s still a major violation of the peace agreement,” Jean pointed out, “And we can’t have that falling apart at a time like this.”

“If he makes an international spectacle out of this spy operation, it’ll undermine more than just the election,” said Ororo, “And Hank says there’s a good chance he’ll expose it tonight.”

“What makes him so sure?” asked Scott.

“Because he also intercepted a message from the CIA. A major operation is about to begin.”

“Double translation, he hooked up with Tessa again to hack this out,” said Rogue.

“Wait...who’s Tessa?” asked Warren, having not been in the loop for a while.

“Long story,” replied Rogue, “But let’s just say she and Beast have been making time for each other in between hackin’ government files.”

“If hacking really is the right word,” said Bobby.

Ororo shifted slightly at the mention of Tessa. She was aware that Hank had been talking to her again. Since she was a major factor in their breakup, she still harbored her share of resentment for that woman. But she set that aside for the time being.

“What kind of operation are we talking about here?” asked Scott.

“A very ambitious one,” said Ororo, “They’re sending in their largest force yet tonight. They’re not just out to gather data. They’re out to sabotage Genosha’s infrastructure. It’s their way of keeping Magneto in check.”

“After he came close to destroying zhe whole vorld? Are zhey really zhat willing to provoke him?!” exclaimed Kurt.

“They’re the government, Elf. Being painfully stupid is practically a job requirement,” made Logan.

“That may be true, Logan. But that’s exactly why we have to stop this!” said Jean, “And if at all possible, we need to do it quietly.”

“Since when does it matter whether or not we do a mission quietly?” asked Bobby, “Isn’t that pretty much impossible when dealing with Magneto and the Brotherhood?”

“We’re going to have to make it possible, Bobby,” said Ororo, “Remember, any incident that can undermine the Professor’s media campaign will be exploited. So we have to be extra careful. Beast has already put together a plan for us.”

“What kind of plan?” asked Shadowcat anxiously.

“The kind that won’t satisfy either side, but will keep the conflict in check.”

A number of X-men groaned at the prospect. As if their jobs weren’t hard enough, now they had to worry about media impact. It was almost as if they were running for president as well and their every action was being scrutinized. It sort of took away from the heroic aspect of their cause and made it political.

“Boy, when did playing hero become so complicated?” groaned Kitty.

“When was it not?” argued Warren.

“Complicated or not, Storm is right. We have to be careful,” said Scott as he gripped the controls, “I’ll contact Hank to get the rest of the details. With any luck, we’ll catch them before they start their operation. And I’ll have time for another chat with my little brother.”

“And what if Magneto be the one to find them first?” asked Remy.

“Then we’ll have two fights on our hands and a hell of a lot of damage control to worry about. That’s why we’re not going to let it get to that point. The Professor is doing his part with his interview tonight. Let’s make sure we do ours.”

In addition to the escalating tension in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series, I've still find time to update the pics section of this website. I know it's been a few issues since Storm and Wolverine got together and became a couple. Their relationship took another major step in Issue 56: Diary of the Fallen. It's one of the more mainstream relationships in the X-men so I created a section in the X-Couples section dedicated to the Storm/Wolverine pairing. If you have any other pics of them you would like to add to this or other sections, please contact me and I'll be happy to add it.

While I plan on having the new issue of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series ready by its usual date, please note that there may be complications in actually updating next week. I'll be going on vacation next week and while I'll try to have the necessary files on hand, I may or may not be able to post it online until late Friday or early Saturday. If an unforeseen issue arises, I will make an announcement on my blog or Twitter feed. It may delay my comic book reviews as well. However, I'll do what I can to avoid that. So if Friday comes and X-men Supreme is not updated as it usually is, you'll know why. As always, I deeply appreciate any feedback or comments for this or anything related to X-men Supreme. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Until next time, take care and best wishes.


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