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X-men Supreme Issue #75: Renegade PREVIEW and New Character Revealed!

The X-men Supreme fanfiction series is nearing yet another milestone. The 75th issue of this epic fanfiction series is almost here! It still amazes me that X-men Supreme has been going on for this long. Watching this series unfold before my eyes has been an amazing experience and I hope those who have been following this fanfiction series feel the same way. As X-men Supreme has unfolded, I've explored many familiar characters and even a few not-so-familiar characters from the world of X-men and Marvel comics. There are still plenty more I've yet to introduce, but so far I haven't attempted to create any characters of my own for this fanfiction series. Well with the 75th issue, that changes.

One of the most difficult challenges in fanfiction is creating good original characters that help complement the story and don't detract from it. I've read many stories over the years that have attempted to create original characters and most of the time they fail. They either become too Gary Stu/Mary Sue or they completely distract from the other characters. I get that writers of all kinds are very passionate about the characters they create on their own, but the characters themselves can't be come the sole focus of the story. And that's going to be the challenge for X-men Supreme as I introduce not one but two original characters that you won't find anywhere outside the X-men Supreme fanfiction series.

These characters are not those who will take sides immediately. They are characters who are a direct result of the recent events in X-men Supreme Volume 4: Politics of Fear. With President Robert Kelly now in office and eager to confront the mutant menace, many are going to be vying for his influence. Men like Reverend William Stryker already have a tenuous place in his inner circle and that someone is going to have a bold agenda. What lies ahead for the X-men and the new President will shape the course of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series moving forward. For a brief peak at what you can expect, check out this extended preview that introduces a brand new character to the world of X-men Supreme!

“Nice job, Mr. President. I think that went well,” said his Director of the Interior.

“Yes, I think the people will respond favorably to you asserting more control on the military,” said his female public relations officer, “Polls show that the majority of the public are wary of the military acting without restraint on Genosha.”

“I’m glad they’re happy. I don’t think I’ll be able to say the same to my military advisers,” said President Kelly as he loosened his tie, “I’ll probably make a few enemies by halting their plans.”

“They’ve grown too comfortable dealing with a weak president,” said his chief of staff, “It’s better you do this now and assert your strength. It’ll embolden our efforts to get the new mutant legislation passed in the long run.”

“I hope so, but I doubt that’ll be nearly as easy. None of my supporters seem to like some of the amendments I’ve made to the Mutant Registration Act.”

“Give it time, sir. You’ll just have to do what all good politicians do and persuade them that this way is the best way to move forward,” said another one of his assistants.

They made it sound so easy. None of them were wrestling with political opponents, media pundits, and a mutant son. They had no idea how hard this process was. President Kelly already found himself proceeding more carefully than he originally intended. As much as he hated to admit it, the pundits were right to believe his son had something to do with it. But that wasn’t going to stop him from combating the mutant issue. He was just going to have to go about it more carefully than his critics were comfortable with.

Chief among those critics was Reverend William Stryker. While the rest of the President’s advisers showed approval for his speech, he remained in the corner along with a few of his disgruntled military advisers. They were among those  who weren’t getting along with the new president as well as they had hoped.

“Moving forward? More like reversing course,” scoffed Stryker, “Tell me, does becoming president turn everybody into such an unprincipled farce?”

“Speak for yourself, Reverend. You weren’t the one who had to reprimand ten irate military officers,” said the Secretary of Defense, who had been looking upon the new president with equal disdain, “I took this job because I honestly thought he was going to confront Magneto. All he’s doing is giving our enemies greater opportunity to act.”

“So much for personal loyalty,” muttered the reverend, “I go through all that trouble to downplay that incident during the Inauguration Day ceremony and now he won’t even consider my objections to these amendments of his.”

“I’m still can’t believe you pulled that off, but you have my gratitude. I can’t tell you how rough it was getting Stryfe into custody. I had to call another favor from White Cell again to send him to NORAD. The damn freak wouldn’t stop ranting and rambling about wars the whole way.”

“A prelude of things to come, I’m sure,” said Stryker, “The question long can he keep this up without suffering the inevitable backlash? It’s going to look mighty unpleasant when his so-called comprehensive reform on the mutant issue fails to stop the spread of wickedness.”

“If he doesn’t find a way to regain the trust of his military, it’s going to be even more than unpleasant. A disgruntled army and growing outside threats are the key ingredients to bringing down any superpower.”

“God help us all if Robert doesn’t grow a spine and stand up to the wicked.”

Reverend Stryker’s gaze hardened as he, the Secretary of Defense, and various other military officials watched President Kelly go over the speech with his advisers. As much as he wanted to walk over and tell him how flawed his speech truly was, he understood that his status here was fragile. He didn’t officially have a position on the President’s staff. He was basically just another adviser that was entirely expendable. He simply couldn’t risk his position in the White House at this point.

While the Reverend and the Secretary of Defense watched from afar, the door to the Oval Office opened and a new figure walked in bearing a full military uniform that denoted a high rank. Nearly every military official tensed at his presence, even the Secretary of Defense.

“Ooh boy, looks like God sent help of a different kind,” said the secretary.

“What do you mean? Who is that?” said Stryker suspiciously.

“Someone who is going to make our jobs a hell of a lot tougher,” he answered ominously.

Reverend Stryker’s gaze narrowed on the new figure while the rest of the defense staff remained tense. They watched as this highly decorated military officer practically barged past President Kelly’s advisers and addressed him.

“Mr. President, I need to speak with you,” he said in a tone that commanded respect even from the leader of the free world.

“And who might you be? I don’t remember seeing you on my defense staff,” replied the President.

“That’s because I’m not part of your staff…not at the moment, anyways,” he replied, “My name is General Nathan Grimshaw.”

“Grimshaw? Why does that sound familiar?” said Kelly suspiciously.

“Trust me, you’ve heard it before. And if it’s not too much trouble, I need you to wrap this up and meet me in the War Room immediately. There is a new development on Genosha that demands our immediate attention.”

Making an original character for the X-men Supreme fanfiction series is definitely going to be a challenge. I'm under no illusions that some fans may not like these characters or my efforts to inject my own creations into X-men. I understand that. But I hope that readers out there will give these characters a chance to help further the stories of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. And since these characters are my own creations, I sincerely hope that some will take the time to provide feedback or contact me if they have any concerns. I really do want to make this work and I'm open to any kind of suggestion or input that will help the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. Until next time, take care and best wishes, true believers! Excelsior!


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