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X-men Supreme Issue #76: Crowns of Tyrants PREVIEW and Emma Frost Pics

In every great story, be it an issue of Marvel comics or a fanfiction series, the biggest events often come when someone makes a bold, risky move. There have been many such moves in the history of Marvel comics and there have been plenty of moves in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series to date. Events such as Magneto's plot with the asteroid in Overlord or Charles Xavier pushing his powers to the limit during the Phoenix Saga have left a significant mark on the world of X-men Supreme. Sometimes those moves pay off in the long run, but not in the short run. Sometimes they pay off in the short run, but not in the long run. And in X-men Supreme Issue 75: Renegade the newest character to the X-men Supreme fanfiction series, General Nathan Grimshaw, made such a bold move that is only beginning to play out.

Since Robert Kelly became President of the United States, I have been making preparations for some major shifts in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. The introduction of my new characters, General Nathan Grimshaw and Jack Freeman, are going to play a huge role in the near and far future for X-men Supreme. The roles they play and the events they influence will be a major guiding force in the futre of this fanfiction series. What they do in the next issue and the issues that follow will set the tone for the future of X-men Supreme.

A big part of this risk involves getting Magneto involved in the affairs of X-men Supreme again. Last we saw him, he turned Robert Kelly's son into a mutant. He's been lying low since the Presidential election, but Magneto is not known for staying quiet. He's also not known to be subtle when provoked. He still has an entire nation of mutants at his disposal on Genosha along with the Brotherhood of Mutants. That alone makes him very dangerous. Now in the next issue, General Grimshaw and Captain Jack Freeman will brave that danger. But to what end? That's something that will be revealed soon enough. In the meantime, I've prepared an extended preview that should offer a brief hint of what you can expect in this volatile issue of X-men Supreme!

Rising up from his desk, Magneto closed his books and addressed his two subordinates. They were cutting into his valuable research time. Nearly his entire room was littered with texts, making it seem more like a library than a room for sleeping. These were all of the utmost importance and the Brotherhood was hindering rather than helping their cause.

“We’ve been over this before. I have no desire to repeat myself,” said the master of magnetism in a stern tone, “I put the Brotherhood in charge because I assumed you could handle the masses while I work on my research. Was I wrong in my assumption?”

“No sir,” said Alex, trying to sound reasonable, “But you instructed us to keep the peace on Genosha. We were able to do that with the resources on hand up until President Kelly decided to go all macho on us. The man is putting pressure on us and he’s just itching to see us crack!”

“That will not happen,” said Magneto strongly, “For all our sake, it better not.”

“I don’t want it to happen either, but we’re running out of ways to convince everyone that we actually have a plan.”

“We do have a plan. That’s exactly what I’ve been pursuing since I uncovered the alien craft.”

“Then perhaps a few details would help,” suggested Pietro as he thumbed through some of his father’s books, “I know you love keeping everyone in the dark, but we’ve got a lot of paranoid mutants out there looking for a reason to cause trouble. I don’t know what books like ‘A Critical Review on the Cambrian Explosion’ have to do with…”

“Put that down! That’s a very rare text!” barked Magneto, using his powers to wrestle it out of his son’s hands.

“Fine! Jeez, does everything have to be a secret?” groaned Pietro, who barely got his hands out of the way before Magneto directed the metal in the floor to snatch the book.

“When men like Robert Kelly are keeping our collective species on the brink, I would certainly say so. And this is no exception,” said Magneto as he took the book, “Make no mistake. I’m still pursuing what I know to be best for our kind. I just need time to see it through.”

“Yeah, like I haven’t heard that before,” muttered Pietro.

This comment earned him a penetrating scold from his father that was supplemented by some metallic shaking around the floor. It was enough to make even the defiant speedster tremble.

“It is nothing to scoff at, son. What I discovered on that alien craft has the potential to make this conflict that President Kelly is obsessing over obsolete! This is the future of the mutant race and this time there will be no need for war and genocide. It requires that I research forces that fwe have bothered to pursue and even fewer understand! And I’m close to uncovering the truth!”

“How close?” asked Alex, avoiding the same scolds as Pietro.

“Close enough to warrant the utmost secrecy! The last thing I want is someone like Robert Kelly or Charles Xavier to uncover my work. That is why I cannot relay any information to you or our citizens at the moment.”

“I take it that means no to the backup?” Pietro surmised, finally backing off a bit.

“If it gets too difficult, I’ll make arrangements. But for now, I need you to continue your security efforts. All will be revealed when the time is right and not a moment sooner.”

Alex and Pietro were disappointed. It would have been nice to have something concrete to go on, but that was not Magneto’s style. They were all in this together here on Genosha. They had to trust that this plan of his was going to work, for they had precious few alternatives.

“Now then…if you’ll excuse me, I must get back to my research,” said Magneto, turning away from his subordinates.

“Guess that means more double shifts for the Brotherhood,” sighed Alex.

“Oh joy,” groaned Pietro, “I can’t wait to tell Blob and the others we’re still working under a policy of wait-and-see-what-blows-up-first.”

“Learn to adapt, my son,” said Magneto as he gathered more books, “Secrecy may be frustrating, but you’ll find that it goes a long way towards getting things done.”

“Whatever,” muttered Pietro, “I still say it’s more trouble than it’s worth.”

Magneto was about to further scold his son’s arrogance, but he was interrupted by the sound of a blaring alarm. The entire citadel was wired with an advanced security system not unlike the one Charles Xavier used to guard his institute. So when something was amiss, it alerted everyone within the vast structure.

“Care to test that theory, Pietro?” said Alex, quickly going into full-alert mode.

“This doesn’t prove anything!” retorted the speedster before turning back towards Magneto, “What is going on, dad?!”

“The system is locking down every access point on the citadel. It can only mean someone was foolish enough to make themselves an unwelcome guest!” said the master of magnetism, sounding both frustrated and enraged.

“Seriously?!” scoffed Pietro, “Who the hell would be stupid enough to attack us in our own home?”

“Someone who likely doesn’t know I have a very low tolerance for stupidity in my home,” said Magneto sternly as he used his powers to retrieve his helmet, which was on a table next to his bed.

Setting his research aside, the old holocaust survivor stormed out of his quarters with Alex and Pietro following closely behind. He went to great lengths to keep his operations secret. Whoever dared disturb him in his own domain was going to face the wrath of the master of magnetism.

And no, I still haven't forgotten the pics section. I'm still hard at work gathering new artwork to help enhance the world of X-men Supreme. I'm still catching up on Emma Frost's section. As I've said before, she is a popular character for obvious reasons. I hope some fresh images of one of the X-men's most famous vixen will help begin their weekend on a high note!

Emma Frost Pics

Some big changes are ahead for the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. And it won't just be my new original characters that will play a part. X-men Supreme Volume 4: Politics of Fear will change the nature of the human/mutant conflict. That conflict has varied over the years in the comics and I intend to do the same with X-men Supreme. As such, it's important that everyone take the time to review each issue or send feedback. Please post it directly in each issue or contact me directly. I'm always open to chat! Until next time, take care and best wishes! Excelsior!


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