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X-men Supreme Issue 93: Starcrossed Part 3 PREVIEW!

There have been some major twists and shocking revelations in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. The history of X-men is vast and constantly changing. Between time travel, clones, and retcons the comics have created an elaborate mythos. But for X-men Supreme, I'm trying to avoid those kinds of complications. But that doesn't mean I'm going to hold back from pushing the envelope. X-men Supreme introduced the Shi'ar back in X-men Supreme Issue 46: Paradise Mystery. Then in X-men Supreme Issue 92: Starcrossed Part 2, the X-men clashed with the Shi'ar elite, the Imperial Guard. At stake is the life of Charles Xavier's lover, Lilandra Neramani. But this battle goes beyond her and beyond even the X-men.

Some may have already seen the hints, but there's a very important twist to the Shi'ar in X-men Supreme. As I said before, I didn't initially intend to use the Shi'ar when I started this fanfiction series. Then as I began refining my ideas, I came up with something that I felt would make the best possible story. I didn't just want to capture the important role the Shi'ar play in the history of the X-men. I wanted that role to have a different perspective within the context of X-men Supreme. I actually never cared much for he Shi'ar. I thought they seemed somewhat out of place in X-men. Well for the X-men Supreme fanfiction series, their role will be much more defined. I can't spoil too much, but the Starcrossed arc will lay the foundation for what the Shi'ar mean to the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. As I've already revealed, they have visited Earth before. But there's a very good reason why they've visited Earth sparingly and don't make their presence known. And it's a reason that the X-men will eventually have to figure out over the course of X-men Supreme.

But for now, the X-men have to focus on surviving the onslaught of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. They are prepared to kill Professor Xavier and anyone else who gets in their way in their quest to destroy the Neramani bloodline. They've already fought the X-men to a stalemate. Now some tough choices will have to be made. Lives are in the balance and time is running out. On top of that, the X-men have no idea that Reverend William Stryker and Colonel John Wraith are plotting against them once more. They've already enlisted Webber "Arcade" Torque to help them hack the Xavier Institute's computers. They are taking full advantage of the X-men's struggle against the Shi'ar and their activities will help set the stage for another big conflict that will unfold in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series very soon. There's a lot of conflict to resolve and the final issue of the Starcrossed arc will lead to some significant changes. As always, I've prepared an extended preview of this pivotal battle between the X-men and the Shi'ar.

“Mentor! Initiate the endgame protocol! These dishonorable primates must pay for their treachery!”

“It will be done, Gladiator.”

From the bottom of the ship, a large opening formed and a brilliant column of light shot down towards the surface. It was so bright that Shadowcat nearly dropped the device she was holding and the X-men stopped cold in their tracks before they were even halfway to the Velocity. When the light faded they saw that the rest of the Imperial Guard had joined him. This included Starbolt, Smasher, Hussar, Flashfire, Neutron, and Oracle. They appeared to have fully healed from their previous battle already and were looking for a rematch.

“Didn’t we already deal with you alien assholes already?!” snarled Wolverine.

“Not like this, you haven’t,” said Gladiator ominously, “Prepare to face total annihilation!”

The blinding light from the ship didn’t fade once the Imperial Guard was present. Now that same light had spread to the edges of the ship so that hundreds of smaller lights were lining the perimeter. In a series of blinding bursts, smaller columns of light shot out from each point to form a series of laser columns. They formed the equivalent of a laser grid jail around the entire plateau, providing yet another reason why they chose this setting. Now their escape was completely cut off.

“This is not good,” lamented Colossus.

“Guess they had a backup plan too,” said Cyclops.

“Do we have a backup to their backup?” asked Psylocke.

“I do not remember contemplating this kind of retaliation so I would say no,” dreaded Beast.

Having been helped up by Smasher and Neutron, Gladiator took to the air and hovered just over the X-men with rage in his eyes. The X-men hovered protectively around the weakened Charles Xavier, who was being watched over by a terrified Lilandra Neramani. It seemed another fight was inevitable and this would not be one they could run away from.

“You have spat in the face of the Emperor D’ken! You have turned back on a deal sealed by the Imperial Guard! In the eyes of the Shi’ar, this is a capital offense punishable by the greatest of punishment!” Gladiator proclaimed.

“I got a high pain tolerance, bub. Bring it on!” roared Wolverine as he drew his claws.

“You think I’ll just stop with your feeble forms? Within ten of your Earth minutes, our ship will unleash a gamma pulse that will sterilize half your planet of all traces of life! This hallow speck has been a bane to the Shi’ar for too long! By the laws of D’ken, it shall suffer for its crimes!”

“Merde…Remy don’t think you got the pain tolerance for that, Wolverine,” said Gambit.

“You’re crazy! We won’t let you destroy our planet!” yelled Cyclops.

“I don’t know what we did that hurt you guys so much, but if this is how you deal with it I’m guessing you probably deserved it!” said Phoenix.

“Your ignorance only adds to your insult! Justice to the Shi’ar will be done! This planet dies now!” said Gladiator.

Gladiator was serious. He and D’ken were willing to tear this planet asunder. He was beyond reason at this point. They clearly had little love for their planet to begin with and had no qualms about destroying it. If that meant a fight to the bitter end for the X-men, so be it.

“Imperial Guard!” yelled Gladiator, “Slay these traitors for the Emperor!”

“For the Emperor!” they all proclaimed.

Starbolt, Smasher, Hussar, Flashfire, Neutron, and Oracle prepared to charge the X-men. Cyclops stepped forth with Phoenix, Wolverine, Beast, Colossus, Gambit, and Psylocke to oppose them. Shadowcat remained off to the side, still armed with the remote.

“X-men, get ready for Plan B!” said Cyclops.

“What does Plan B entail, comrade Cyclops?” asked Colossus warily.

“You really gotta ask?” seethed Wolverine.

“In its simplest form…we wing it,” said Beast.

“Works for me!” said Psylocke as she formed a couple of psionic blades.

The X-men prepared for yet another clash with the Imperial Guard. In the midst of it all, Lilandra clung to Charles Xavier lamenting on the chaos she had wrought. This was all her fault. All this damage was because of who she was.

“It’s over, Charles. I’ve failed,” said Lilandra with a heavy sob.

“You did the right thing, Lilandra. You didn’t fail,” he said weakly.

“Well I’m about to,” she cried.

While the Imperial Guard was closing in on the X-men, Shadowcat scrambled to find a way to use this remote against them. If she could figure out a way to work it, then maybe they could stop that gamma burst or bring down the laser shields blocking their escape.

“Come on! This thing has to be good for something!” she said as she randomly started pushing buttons, “Work you stupid thing! Work!”

The Imperial Guard was about to unleash their fury on the X-men. Suddenly, their attack and that of the X-men were unexpectedly halted by something that literally rocked their world.

Out of nowhere, a series of pulsing green lights rained down from the sky above. They were the size of small passenger jets and when they strike the Shi’ar cruiser, it unleashed a massive burst of energy that shook the whole plateau. The shaking was so bad that the Imperial Guard fell back and so did the X-men. Even Gladiator was confused as he frantically looked around for the source of the commotion.

“Whoa…did I just do that?” said Shadowcat in bewilderment.

“Um…I don’t think so, Kitty,” said Phoenix as she started sensing some new telepathic signatures.

“No…it can’t be!” grunted Gladiator before activating his communicator, “Mentor, what is going on?! What trickery is this?!”

“It is not coming from the X-men, Gladiator! We’re under attack!”

“That’s impossible! Who could possibly attack…”

Gladiator’s doubts were quickly answered with another attack. More mysterious energy blasts erupted from above, striking the Imperial cruiser with more devastating energy blasts. This time they caused damage on the cruiser itself. Gaping holes were blown into the hull and several major weapons compartments blew up in violent fashion. In the process, the laser grid that had surrounded the plateau and cut off the X-men’s escape flickered out. It seemed the cruiser was now in dire condition.

As this attack continued, the source emerged in the skies above the desert. Another ship appeared through a cloaking mechanism similar to the one the cruiser had used. This ship was only about half the size of the cruiser and not nearly as imposing, but it was still had weapons powerful enough to penetrate the cruisers shields. Only so many ships could do this and Gladiator knew most of them by name.

“The Starjammer! I should have known!” Gladiator seethed.

I feel as though the X-men Supreme fanfiction series keeps growing in scope with every issue. And with this growth, I keep getting new ideas with which to expand this fanfiction series. It has already gone to many places I never planned on taking it when I began. I'm excited at the prospect of where it will lead as X-men Supreme continues to unfold after the Starcrossed arc. And a great deal of that inspiration comes from the feedback I get from readers. I don't get much, but make no mistake. It does help me make the X-men Supreme fanfiction series more awesome. For that reason, I urge everyone to please take the time to send me some feedback. Either post it in the comments section of each issue or contact me directly. Either way is fine. I'm always happy to talk X-men and comics. Thanks to all those who have supported X-men Supreme and until next time, take care and best wishes! Excelsior!


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