Friday, May 29, 2015

X-men Supreme Issue 122: Dark Legacy Part 2 PREVIEW!

It’s a dangerous time in X-men Supreme. A tragedy of massive proportions is beginning to unfold. Sinister has won. He outsmarted the X-men, releasing his Legacy Virus onto an unsuspecting world. This act and the consequences from it will change the X-men Supreme fanfiction series in a profound way. It’s a change that will be emotional, dramatic, and even tragic. Some of the X-men’s most defining moments have been built around tragedy and atrocity. This fateful event will do both for X-men Supreme.

This isn’t the first time the X-men have lost against one of their enemies. It’s easy to forget that for all their triumphs, the X-men lost their fight against the Brotherhood of Mutants in their first encounter back in X-men Supreme Volume 1: Mutant Revolution. The X-men have always endured more upheaval in defeat than they have in victory. Defeat has shaped the course of their struggle, both in the comics and in X-men Supreme. It was defeat that led to Jean Grey’s death in the comics during the original Phoenix Saga. It was defeat at the hands of the Black Queen that put Amanda Sefton in a coma in X-men Supreme. In every case, the X-men have been able to adapt and keep fighting. This case, however, is different.

The Legacy Virus won’t just affect the X-men or mutants in general. Sinister created this virus to affect everyone. After losing Selene in Civilization No Longer Lost, he’s abandoned any and all sense of subtlety and tact. He no longer cares who gets hurt in his endless quest to create the ultimate mutation. It’s something that isn’t often explored in the comics. The X-men face many villains who will attack and hurt mutants. However, the impact is rarely felt by humanity as a whole. Humans and mutants inhabit the same planet. That’s why the X-men are so dedicated to protecting it. This time, humans and mutants alike will share in the devastation.

It has happened all throughout history. Plague and tragedy don’t care if someone is a minority. They hurt and scar people all the same. I always felt the way the Legacy Virus was used in the X-men comics was somewhat incomplete. It did lead to tragedy and loss, namely with the death of Colossus. But it never went beyond that. It never felt like a real plague. In X-men Supreme, the Legacy Virus is an entirely different menace. For once, humans and mutants are going to share in the horror equally. And it’ll still be up to the X-men to stop it. The upheaval will continue as the Dark Legacy arc unfolds. As always, I’ve prepared an extended preview of just how big this upheaval is going to be for the world of X-men Supreme.

The data was coming. The biggest and boldest step in Sinister’s research had begun. The X-men, the MSA, and even his own Marauders played their part perfectly. It was a pathetic yet predictable outcome. It marked the beginning of a profound, albeit messy process.

Sitting in the center of his device, Sinister activated a hologram depicting the entire world. From it, the silvery mist that had been unleashed from Mount Rainier was spreading fast. Within hours, the prevailing winds would carry it to every country on every continent. There wasn’t a soul that could hide from it. His creation would find its targets and extract the information he needed. Such a process had some rather gruesome side-effects, but that didn’t bother him in the slightest. After losing Selene, he was through being subtle.

“My legacy begins,” he proclaimed, “I can feel it spreading. Every bit of genetic information…all linking directly to me. The legacy virus will finish what we began, Selene. For you, my love, I will finish what we started. And I’ll make sure the world knows my sorrow.”

It was going to happen quickly. Within days, the entire global population would be affected. Within a week, the data would come pouring in. Within two weeks, he would have everything. Those fortunate enough to still be alive would see the truth behind the destruction.

“Uncle Essex! We need to talk,” yelled Madelyn Pryor as she and Vulcan entered his lab.

“My dear godson and goddaughter,” said Sinister, “I’m glad to see you’ve returned safely.”

“Forget safe! We passed by Mystique on our way in. We’ve pieced together the secrets you’ve been keeping from us,” said Vulcan angrily.

Sinister didn’t flinch at the harsh tone of his godchildren. He imagined the scene on Mount Rainier was quite messy. The other Marauders weren’t with them. He didn’t expect them to be. They weren’t immune to what he had just done. Nobody was immune.

Gabriel and Madelyn had seen their godfather cross many lines. They had always subscribed to using brutal methods to get necessary results. However, this was beyond brutal. After what they saw with Mystique, they saw a new level of horror in their godfather.

“This Legacy Project…it’s not just about collecting genetic information. It’s about unleashing a plague!” said Vulcan.

“You said that techno-organic substance was just a primer to scan DNA,” added Madelyn, “You never said anything about it being infectious!”

“If I had, would you have refused to go along with it?” asked Sinister in a cold tone.

“I would have at least asked for an explanation!” said Vulcan, grabbing his Uncle’s shoulders and turning him around, “We’re talking more death than anything Selene attempted in Nova Roma. Why are you doing this? What do you expect to gain?”

Sinister was not put off by his godson’s tone. He saw more confusion in his eyes than rage. It was understandable. This was beyond anything he and Madelyn had ever been a part of. Being their godfather, they both deserved a lesson in truth.

“When you lose someone you love, the world becomes a much darker place,” began Sinister, “Our emotions and the ties they create distract us from the harsh reality of this world. You both have felt such loss. You’ve lashed out against that harsh reality in your own way. Now I’m doing it my way.”

“I don’t see why your way requires a global plague,” spat Madelyn.

“It wasn’t my original plan, but plans change. Losing Selene changed the stakes. The techno-organic material I developed had always been part of the equation. With it, I was going to extract the necessary information from a select few. It was to be controlled, quiet, and clean. Much of this operation was predicated on Nova Roma being our base. When that part of the plan fell through, I had to revise it. Now I can only obtain the necessary information through more elaborate measures.”

Sinister directed their attention to the holographic map hovering above them. He enlarged it to show how the mist from Mount Rainier was spreading. The winds and the high altitude allowed it to span out in all directions. It wouldn’t be long before the whole world was affected.

“Without the resources of Nova Roma, getting the necessary information is akin to finding multiple needles in multiple haystacks on every corner of the world. So if I’m to get this information within a reasonable time frame, I need to buy the whole haystack rather than waste time sifting through it.”

“So you’re infecting the whole world this virus,” surmised Vulcan, still outraged.

“It’s not a virus. Its techno-organic nature makes it so much more,” said Sinister as he gazed up at the map, “I used my own unique biology as a base. This material can enter any being, human or mutant, and sift through their DNA as one would sift through a filing cabinet. Once they have the information, it is psionically beamed back to me and integrated into this machine.”

“And a side-effect of this process is death?” said Madelyn dryly.

“Only for those with weak genetic,” said Sinister coldly, “Since I didn’t have the resources on Nova Roma to refine this material, I’m left with this crude version. It causes significant damage during the process. Believe me, it was not my first choice. However, it is now my only choice at this point. When the X-men took Selene from us, they made this necessary.”

“How is it necessary?” said a bewildered Gabriel, “This can’t be the only way.”

“It isn’t, but it is the only way that will result in the fewest needless deaths.”

Now Madelyn and Gabriel were really confused. Losing Selene had affected their uncle in ways they never imagined. Beneath that inhuman exterior, there was a broken man who had just lost a loved one. Somehow, this loss left him twisted. At the same time, he sounded completely serious in justifying his actions.

“I understand your outrage,” he continued, “All I ask is that you trust that what I’m doing is best for this world. I didn’t realize what a desolate place it was until I lost Selene. I see now that regardless of what I do, plagues of one kind or another will consume this planet. Death and suffering will continue as long as the people of this world keep living a lie.”

“Is that all you’re doing, Uncle? Just speeding up the inevitable?” said Madelyn, “If so that’s hardly a reason!”

“Come now, dear goddaughter. I may not look it, but I’m not a monster. These deaths will not be without purpose,” Sinister assured them as he turned away from the map, “They will all lead to something greater…something that’s worth dying for.”

“And what might that something be?” asked Gabriel skeptically.

Sinister grinned, an expression he hadn’t shown since Selene had died. When Gabriel and Madelyn saw what he was doing, they would see the truth behind all the death. It was a truth that had been decades in the making and one reserved for those who could truly appreciate it.

“Follow me and I’ll show you,” said Sinister as he led them into another area in his lab, “Whether you accept it or not is inconsequential at this point. You’ll soon learn like so many others that once you confront the truth, there’s no going back.”

Make no mistake. This arc will create more than upheaval. In any great tragedy, there is always great loss. The X-men have already endured losses, such as the death of Kevin McTaggart in the Proteus arc. But the losses in this arc will be much greater. Those losses will change the course of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series if it continues. I know it’s risky when the X-men endure such losses, but it helps give emotional weight to their story in both the comics and in this fanfiction series. For that reason, it’s very important I continue to receive feedback for X-men Supreme. This arc may incur some upsetting developments for fans. I want to hear from those fans and every fan. So please take the time to review or send me your comments. Either contact me directly or post your feedback directly in the issue. Until next time, take care and best wishes. Excelsior!


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