Monday, May 11, 2015

Strangers In Paradise Chapter 13: Crown of Thorns is LIVE!

There comes a point in every relationship where one partner's problems become the other's by default. The good relationships are able to share in the burdens. The bad relationships usually end up on Jerry Springer. As much as I love Jerry Springer, that's not the kind of story that I've been telling in Strangers In Paradise. That said, not even Jerry Springer could deal with the kind of conflicts that Superman and Wonder Woman are dealing with it. Springer can deal with fat strippers and hillbilly incest all day long. But problems that involve Lex Luthor and a pissed off God of War are way beyond him.

I spent the first part of this story just establishing the circumstances in which Clark and Diana had to come together. They faced a lot of challenges, but they were able to overcome them. However, getting together was just the first big challenge. Now they're trying to share each others' lives and shoulder each others' burdens. With Lex Luthor rubbing elbows with the Olympians, that's an unholy clusterfuck if there ever was one. But like I said, it's what helps distinguish some strong relationships from all the others.

Clark and Diana have had six months to establish the basics of their relationship. Now they need to jump a few levels to the advanced shit because Lex Luthor and Ares are about to make their move. It's going to affect them in a big way and it's going to force them to trust each other in ways that usually doesn't happen without a pre-nup or an overpriced diamond ring. Superman and Wonder Woman can take on damn near anything with their strength and abilities, but this is something that requires more than that. It's a test of their wills, their hearts, and everything in between. And they can't rely on Jerry Springer to mediate the conflict.

The line between good relationships and bad relationships isn't nearly as thin as we think. Some couples put in a real, genuine effort. Others expect everyone else to put in the effort for them. In the same way Superman and Wonder Woman represent the ideals of masculinity and femininity, they also represent the ideals of functioning relationships as well. And the strength of that relationship is going to be tested in a huge way in this story. In the post-Jerry Springer era, it's rare to see functioning relationships being celebrated. But I think for these two, it's worth making an exception. Nuff said!

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