Friday, July 3, 2015

X-men Supreme Issue 124: Dark Legacy Part 4 is LIVE!

Today is a solemn yet defining moment for the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. The Dark Legacy arc is about to end. The death and destruction unleashed by Sinister and his Legacy Virus will be complete. The world the X-men fight to protect will never be the same. There will be losses. Charles Xavier will have some difficult and solemn decisions to make. Some will be deeply scarred in profound ways. In every case, the X-men and the world as a whole will have to pick up the pieces. The question remains what kind of world will emerge in X-men Supreme in wake of so much destruction?

The aftermath of a catastrophe can often be every bit as impactful as the catastrophe itself. After a major natural disaster or a national tragedy, the bonds and identity of a society are often tested. We find out just how unified and strong they are. We also find out who is in a position to exploit the situation. X-men Supreme established a fragile yet functional peace between human and mutant factions. The situation after the events of the Cambrian Explosion made both sides feel vulnerable. Magneto came dangerously close to exploiting it again, but he also gave the X-men and General Grimshaw the foundation they needed to craft this peace.

Now after the death and destruction caused by Sinister’s Legacy Virus, what will this mean for General Grimshaw’s Mutant Security Agency? What will this mean for President Kelly’s often tenuous policy on mutants? And what will this mean for the Scarlet Witch and the rest of Genosha? There are a lot of potential conflicts to consider, but there’s one important detail that may unite them. The Legacy Virus affected them all equally. Like real diseases, it doesn’t care who is a minority and who is in power. Every side of the conflict will be weakened, including the X-men. It’s the extent of the losses that will establish the new status quo for this fanfiction series.

Beyond the global and geopolitical implications, there are also some personal impacts. The extent of all those impacts will be revealed in the final issue of this game-changing arc. Few will feel that impact more than Charles Xavier. In X-men Supreme, I’ve given him some very human flaws. Being the world’s most powerful telepath isn’t his greatest challenge. It’s his health. It nearly killed him before, requiring alien intervention from the Shi’ar to survive. Now it’s about to be pushed in ways that will have a profound impact on the function of the X-men moving forward.

There are so many impacts and so many emotions to reveal. In terms of the big picture, the Dark Legacy arc will cause some of the greatest upheavals the X-men Supreme fanfiction series has endured to date. Nobody will escape its effects. Charles Xavier, General Grimshaw, President Kelly, Wanda Maximoff, and everyone in between will be struck. And as I said before, there will be losses and those losses will hit the X-men hard. The scope and scale of Sinister’s madness will finally be revealed in this issue and the world of X-men Supreme will never be the same.

X-men Supreme Issue 124: Dark Legacy Part 4

I can’t overstate how monumental this arc is for the larger context of this fanfiction series. There are personal implications for characters like Wolverine and Charles Xavier. There are pragmatic implications with how the X-men function in this new world. These are all stories I still want to explore, but the lack of response I’ve gotten from readers has made it difficult to put sufficient energy into that exploration.

There are still those who continue to support this fanfiction series and for those people, I thank you. I’d love to hear from more people. I put a lot of time and energy into this fanfiction series and I want to make it as awesome as possible. I can’t do that without feedback. Either contact me directly or post your comments directly in the issue. Either way is fine. Next week, I’ll make an announcement on the future of this series. But the decision I make is still subject to change, depending on feedback. Until next time, take care and best wishes. Excelsior!



  1. I can't access your website. Please fix. b_d

  2. God I hate Mr. Sinister. Such a ridiculous character. Spandex and thigh-high boots and then little elfin booties to cover those. And those streamers coming out of his back. He has always looked like an evil gay pride parade, hasn't he?