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X-men Supreme Issue 131: Double Threat PREVIEW!

Today is an exciting day for X-men fans and it’s not even the last in 2016. Today, the Deadpool movie comes out in theaters. The Merc With a Mouth, who has already had his own arc in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series, is finally back on the big screen the way he ought to be. This isn’t Barakapool. This is Deadpool and I hope X-men fans everywhere rejoice. It’s not like we’ve got much to rejoice about, given the recent events in the X-men comics.

Given how far out I plan this fanfiction series, it’s not always possible for events in X-men Supreme to coincide with events in the X-men movies. I managed to accomplish this with the Lotus and the Warrior arc, a Wolverine-centered story that came out alongside the last Wolverine movie. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to pull this off with the Deadpool movie. Make no mistake. I still have plans for him in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. However, those plans won’t unfold until later.

While Deadpool won’t be showing up in X-men Supreme to coincide with his movie, there is one character that’s set to show up and it’s a character that Deadpool fans should recognize. In the comics, he’s had more than a few sordid missions with Domino, the X-men’s resident sharpshooter. Some of those missions were more sordid than others, but that didn’t stop Domino from establishing herself. Now, she’s joining the X-men Supreme fanfiction series, albeit under less sordid circumstances.

At the beginning of X-men Supreme Volume 6: Liberation Decimation, I sent Rogue on her own mission. The events of the Dark Legacy arc gave her control of her powers again. And she made good use of those powers to say the least, eagerly rekindling her relationship with Gambit. However, she remains absent from the X-men. She’s also avoiding the unresolved conflicts involving Mystique and Nightcrawler. Now, she’s preparing to confront these conflicts again. But to do so, she’s getting help from Domino. And as it just so happens, this mission might just tie into the ongoing conflict between the X-men and the Mutant Liberation Front.

The events of Impossible Odds showed the effects of the Mutant Liberation Front beyond the violence. There’s a lot of tension between mutants and the authorities. Fear and uncertainty rule the day. And this time, Charles Xavier isn’t around to preach reason and compassion. He’s recovering from his drug-induced ailments, leaving his X-men to deal with this conflict on their own. It’s a major test for the X-men. They were able to defeat Mojo Adams. Can they do so with the Mutant Liberation Front? It’s a complex threat that will begin to unfold soon. As always, I’ve prepared a preview of what kind of threat the X-men will be dealing with.

“Come on! Hurry up, you overpriced hunk of junk!” said an anxious middle-aged man hovering over a computer screen.

Madison Jefferies was sweating profusely and it wasn’t because of the muggy Florida weather. He had been looking over his shoulder every five seconds and listening for footsteps all day. Overnight, his life had gone to Hell again. He was in deep trouble and he had to escape.

Madison had been under pressure before. He tried and failed to save his brother after he was wounded in Iraq. Before that, he was forced under threat of torture to help construct illegal weapons for Russian arms dealers. None of that compared to what he was up against now.

Just when it seemed his life had achieved some sense of stability, his status as a mutant came back to haunt him. It wasn’t enough that he was a brilliant engineer in NASA’s top robotics division. The recent attacks by the Mutant Liberation Front put mutants under intense scrutiny, regardless of how law abiding they were. That scrutiny threatened to destroy his life’s work and he refused to let that happen.

‘Ungrateful jerk-offs! I spend five years building the best robots these pin-heads will ever see and this is how they repay me? Someone blindly accuses me of selling tech to the Mutant Liberation Front and suddenly I’m a terrorist by default. I barely even use my powers! I bet it was that asshole I fired for using our data network to download porn. He wants get back at me and all he has to do is lie. Now there’s an arrest warrant on my ass and I have to go on the run…again.’

Madison wiped the sweat off his face as his computer finished purging itself of all relevant data. It was the last in a series of steps he took to submit his impromptu resignation from NASA. He didn’t have much time and every second he wasted lowered his chances of escaping.

Hours ago, he found out his phone had been bugged. He also hacked a few emails from his co-workers and discovered that they had been in touch with the MSA. They were coming to arrest him and were probably waiting for him back at his condo. It didn’t matter that the accusations about the Mutant Liberation Front were all lies. They assumed he was guilty and weren’t taking any chances.

Given his checkered history, Madison wasn’t taking any chances either. As soon as his computer was wiped clean, he turned his attention to a painting he had mounted behind his desk. It wasn’t just for decor. Behind it was a special safe he built into installed the wall. Upon removing the painting, he unlocked the safe by using a special retina scanner and opened the heavy door to reveal his most prized possession.

“Don’t worry, Danger. I won’t let them take you,” he said strongly.

The “Danger” he spoke to wasn’t a person. It was a robotic head that he had been working on for years now. It had an array of bluish circuits that made up a type of skin. It also had special wires going out of the head, which acted as hair. It had the look of a woman’s head. And when Madison held it in his hands, he held it with the utmost care before placing it in his backpack.

“Time to get moving,” he said as he checked his watch, “Unless Mark is working late, I should be home free.”

It was almost nine and most of the building was empty. He stayed in his office the entire day, not seeing anyone or attending any meetings. As far as everyone knew, he was going about his business. He noticed that not too many people bothered him. Perhaps they knew something was about to happen to him. He was pushing his luck by staying. He had to get moving before his luck ran out.

After putting on a hat and sunglasses, Madison Jefferies walked out of his office in the least conspicuous way possible. The halls were empty and partially darkened. He heard some of the custodians cleaning on the other wing of the office. He didn’t want to risk drawing their attention so he made his way towards the west exit.

‘Stay calm, Madison. You escaped Russian arms dealers and pissed off family members. You can escape the feds. You already made the necessary arrangements. You have your passport, money, and alias. Just get to New Orleans. Get on the boat. And prepare for a new life on Genosha.’

Madison walked quickly yet casually through the mostly vacant halls. The only figure he came across was an electrician installing new fluorescent bulbs near the bathroom. He was so immersed in his work that he barely noticed Madison. The anxious mutant didn’t dare make eye-contact before entering the stairwell and making his way down to the parking garage.

Unknown to Madison, the electrician had noticed him. However, the electrician wasn’t exactly an electrician either. It was Logan. While he wasn’t keen on disguises, this was one mission that required a little tact. Looking down from the ladder, he checked to make sure that Madison was out of sight. He also sniffed the air to make sure he had his scent.

“Bout time you made your move, bub,” said Logan under his breath, “I’m sick of playing handyman in this dump.”

Logan stepped down from the ladder and tossed aside his tools. He then opened a nearby utility door. Inside was more than the usual maintenance equipment. There were three men tied up and beaten up from what had been a very lopsided fight. One was the real electrician, who Logan was gentle with. The other two were armed men in dark suits that warranted more force

“So some prick named Henry Peter Gyrich sent you two to jump Madison Jefferies,” said Logan to the men in suits, “Guess that means I’m on that right track. That or you just feel like being assholes to some random mutant.”

“Mmf mhh hmmf!” grunted one of the men.

“I’m not sure what you said, but I’m pretty sure there was a ‘fuck you’ in there. Just for that, I’ll leave this door locked so you guys have some peace and quiet. Should give you plenty of time to work on some manners.”

“Hnn fuuuu!”

Logan ignored their muffled curses, shutting off the light and closing the door. It would probably be a few hours before anyone came by to let them out. It should allow more than enough time for him to catch up with Jefferies.

‘Either Madison Jefferies is cunning as hell or unlucky as hell. Those guys weren’t just here to arrest him. He either has something they want or knows something they wanna know. All I know is Mystique says he’s a big part of Mutant Liberation Front’s next move. And I usually trust the word of a woman I’m sleeping with.’

I hope the X-men Supreme fanfiction series can act as extra frosting on the cake for those who see the Deadpool movie. Between Deadpool and X-men Apocalypse, it’s a big year for the X-men. It might not show in the comics, but I hope to contribute with this fanfiction series. There will be some big moments in X-men Supreme this year. And as always, it’s important I know that I’m making these moments as awesome as they deserve to be. So please take the time to provide feedback for X-men Supreme. Either contact me directly or post your feedback in the individual issues. Either way is fine and I’m always happy to chat X-men. Until next time, take care and best wishes. Excelsior!


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