Friday, February 5, 2016

X-men Supreme Uncut: Cyclops and Jean Grey's Cosmic Lovemaking

Over the past 15 years, Marvel has been on a mission in its comics. That mission is simple. If it is an iconic, historic, well-developed romance, then they will fuck it up, kill it, and spit on its corpse. Let's run down the list of iconic relationships that they've screwed over.

Cyclops/Jean Grey - death, psychic affairs, and X3

Scarlet Witch/Vision - death, psychotic breakdown, complete retcon

Rogue/Gambit - completely abandoned, utterly ignored, used for shitty cover ruses

Spider-Man/Mary Jane Watson - three words: One More Day

Nuff said!

I don't know if an editor at Marvel caught his wife fucking the pizza guy or something, but they really seem to have a vendetta against romance. Since I find vendettas to be a waste of time, I've chosen not to incorporate that shit into my X-men Supreme fanfiction series. While I might explore other pairings, including a few that you'll never see in the comics, I try to respect the classics.

And for those who respect them as well, I have a little winter treat to offer. It's another one of my sexy side-projects. It's a project born partially from being snowed in for days on end so keep that in mind. But more than anything else, it's pure, unapologetic romance with a lot of overt sexiness thrown into the mix. And this one involves the X-men's most iconic pairing that Marvel just loves screwing over, Cyclops and Jean Grey.

In the comics, these two have been beaten down and denigrated for all the wrong reasons. Whether it's Wolverine lusting after a married woman or Cyclops marrying a clone, few romances have been more shit on than Cyclops/Jean. In X-men Supreme, I wanted them to come together for all the right reasons. They finally did at the end of the Sinister Intent arc. I even did a sexy side-project of their first time together. With this, I want to take it further and make it a lot hotter.

This story takes place after the X-men Supreme Phoenix Saga. I already hinted they had gotten a lot friskier after the ordeal with the Phoenix. Well, this story goes into more graphic detail. They literally survived dying for one another. There's going to be a little extra passion so naturally, I decide to take it to its sexiest extreme. Enjoy!

Let's face it, Marvel is killing romance with a flamethrower and a machine gun. Their efforts to fill the void left by these iconic romances never pans out in the long run. Just ask Emma Frost. But at the very least, stories like X-men Supreme help keep some of those iconic romances alive. It might not always be the most complex ways to develop characters, but it can still be sexy as hell. Nuff said!


  1. You are right about it. It is really depressing. 😞

  2. You are right about it. It is really depressing. 😞

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