Friday, September 29, 2017

The Red Queen Chronicles: The Prodigy Part 2 is LIVE!

It’s been another long, eventful week, especially if you’ve been following the recent announcements from Marvel. I feel like I’m adding an extra layer of frosting by capping off another one of my sexy side-projects. It may not be a major part of Marvel’s legacy, but it involves Mary Jane Watson getting naked so that gives it inherent awesome.

This marks the second and final part of “The Red Queen Chronicles: The Prodigy.” The first chapter explored the past of Laura “X-23” Kinney within the context of this sexy AU I’ve created. Those who followed X-23’s story in NYX years ago should be familiar with the seamy details and understand completely why I incorporated them into this story. In a world where Mary Jane Watson is a former prostitute and queen of the Hellfire Club, how can I not?

This final part will bring X-23’s story to the present and set her on a better, sexier path within this world I’ve created. While I can’t say for certain whether I’ll revisit that path at some point, I’ll still try to make it as sexy as it deserves to be. If I end up getting as much, if not more, feedback as I’ve gotten with other stories, I’ll certainly be tempted. For a series like this, I think that’s quite fitting.

As always, I urge everyone who reads these sexy side-projects to comment and provide feedback. If you have sexy suggestions, I’m always open to discuss them. It’s that kind of feedback that has helped me keep my Red Queen series going for as long as it has. As I type this, I have plans for a couple more stories, one of which is already in the works. I won’t reveal what it is, but it involves a couple of characters hooking up that you’ll likely never see hook up in the comics. I’ll leave your dirty imaginations to ponder that for the next few weeks.

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