Friday, April 6, 2018

Sexy Side-Project Announcement: The Red Queen Chronicles Face Doom!

When it comes to comic book characters with sex appeal, Victor Von Doom probably doesn't crack the top 10. That's not to say he completely lacks sex appeal. The man is the king of his own country, an undeniable genius, and owns his own castle, for crying out loud. If you don't think at some women wouldn't find that attractive, then you probably didn't see enough Disney movies as a kid. My point is that Dr. Doom, despite being the ultimate villain of the Marvel universe, can be sexy in his own unique way. That's exactly what I intend to channel with my next sexy side-project.

The world of "The Red Queen Chronicles" is set to continue. I've come to love this sexy new world with all these sexy possibilities that I've created. I've crafted and explored all sorts of seamy narratives. Some, like "The Promise" were sweet and romantic. Others, like "The Leader" were more playful. The story I have planned this time is going to be quite different. For a character like Dr. Doom, it has to be different.

Among the various comments I've gotten since I started "The Red Queen Chronicles," one of the most frequent suggestions I've received has to do with getting more villains involved. That's a major challenge, especially if I want to preserve the sexy spirit of this series. However, after getting this idea for Dr. Doom, I think I have a story that will strike a fitting balance.

Like my last couple of stories, it will be a one-shot story that features a different side of Dr. Doom, but one very much in line with his fondness for getting what he wants. It'll also add a new dimension to Mary Jane Watson's influence in this world and on Spider-Man's life. As the Red Queen, she has already exacted plenty of influence. Expect this story to expand on that influence, complete with Mary Jane's sex appeal.

I don't want to spoil too much since the story is not yet finished. At the moment, it is on track for release in three weeks. For now, though, I just want to announce that this story is coming and Doom is set to leave his mark on the world of "The Red Queen Chronicles." If you think you can handle his kind of sex appeal, then stay tuned. For those who have continued to support this series with comments and feedback, I sincerely thank you and hope this story adds to the ever-evolving sex appeal of the Red Queen.

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