Friday, April 27, 2018

Sexy Side-Project: The Red Queen Chronicles: The Bargain is LIVE!

I know this past week has been all about Thanos and Avengers: Infinity War. By now, I'm sure everyone, their brother, and their third cousins, twice removed, are walking around thinking Thanos is the greatest villain since Lucifer himself. Now, I'm as enthralled by Thanos and the way Josh Brolin brought him to life as the next self-proclaimed comic fan. However, I still think he's not the top dog in the pantheon of Marvel villains.

That title belongs to Victor Von Doom. He is, and will continue to be, despite the best efforts of shitty Fantastic Four movies, the greatest villain in Marvel history. He is the alpha and omega of villains, both in terms of character depth and in terms of impact. It's for that reason that I'm so very excited to bring him into the world of The Red Queen Chronicles.

In terms of the big picture, things have been very good for Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson in the world of the Red Queen. Ever since this sexy world came together in "Spider-Man and the Prostitute," they've had many reasons to be satisfied, both in and out of their clothes. The Hellfire Club is now under their control. They have allies in the X-men, the Avengers, and SHIELD. Things are better for them in this story than Marvel will ever allow in the comics.

However, there's still room for conflict. There's still room for big time villains, like Dr. Doom. In this sexy, giant-sized one-shot, both Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson will be reminded why Dr. Doom can never be subverted, no matter what universe he's in. What he does and how he does it will shake things up a bit in the world of the Red Queen, albeit in the sexiest way possible. I'd love to offer more tantalizing hints, but I'd rather let this sexy story speak for itself.

This marks the first time I've brought Dr. Doom into a story, sexy or otherwise. Depending on the reaction I get from this and other stories, I'll consider adding him in with future stories. For now, I have plenty of other sexy plans in the works. I'll be announcing them in the coming weeks. Until then, may the power, will, and sex appeal of Doom tide you over. Nuff said!

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