Friday, April 30, 2010

X-men Supreme Issue 10: Revenge of Weapon X Preview

While X-men may be going strong with Second Coming, there's still always room for X-men fanfiction. The next issue of X-men Supreme is just a week away and here is a quick preview of what you can expect.

Rogue’s demeanor shifted. Logan hit on a touchy issue for her and wasn’t very subtle about it either. She was well aware that her powers would make intimacy difficult if not impossible if she was to get serious with Scott. There was only so far they could go without touching. She kept hoping that Hank or the Professor would come up with something to help her. But she hoped it came soon. Being cut off like this was very hard at times.

“That’s something Ah’m still working on with the Professor,” she sighed, “It’s a touchy issue that Ah don’t like to dwell on, but since you were so kind to remind meh Ah’m gonna need another cigarette.”

“You’re welcome,” he said with a wolfish grin as he finished his drink.

“And you’re a prick,” said Rogue snidely as she reached for another cigarette, “What the hell does Jean see in you anyways?”

“Hell if I know, but she sure doesn’t seem to mind. You should have seen the last dress she wore for me.”

“Maybe she just wears that stuff to shut you up.”

“If you want to test that theory by all means,” he said with a dirty grin, “I’m sure Scott won’t mind if you let him in on it.”

Rogue rolled her eyes and groaned as she lit another cigarette. Logan was not an easy person to have a conversation with even with cigarettes.

“Remind meh never to absorb you. The last thing Ah want is a taste of that charmin’ personality of yours.”

Logan sighed and shook his head as he gazed distantly out into the stormy skies.

“Trust me, Rogue, you don’t want to absorb me,” he told her, “There’s a lot of messed up shit floatin’ around in my head. Hell, I don’t even remember most of it. The last thing you want is…”

Then suddenly, Logan stopped in mid-sentence. His expression immediately changed. His face contorted into a mesh of focused rage. It was the same look he had that night he had been out with Jeannie. He thought he picked up a scent and it just happened to be the one scent that could trigger this sudden surge of anger. But this time he wouldn’t have to chase it. This time it was coming to him.

“What is it, Logan?” said Rogue, picking up on his demeanor, “The booze finally get to you or…”

“Get inside!” growled Logan.

“Why? What…”

But Logan didn’t wait for her to finish. He threw his glass aside, grabbed her by the arm, and literally pushed her back inside the manor.

“I said get inside! Warn the Professor! We’re about to have some unwelcome company!”

Before Rogue could ask any more questions, Logan growled menacingly and drew his claws. Then with predatory fervor, he ran into the empty darkness ahead of him. His senses were on full alert. The scent was getting stronger this time. It had all the signs of a full frontal assault. And he wasn’t going to wait for it to come to him. Sabretooth may have gotten the better of him last time, but he wasn’t going to let it happen again.

“CREED!” he roared out into the night, “I’m coming for you, furball! This time you’re mine!”

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