Friday, April 9, 2010

X-men Supreme Issue 8: Off Night Part 1 is LIVE

It's been a busy week with comics, but I've still found time to keep the train rolling on X-men Supreme. The next issue is officially up!

Issue 8: Date Night Part 1

This issue takes the X-men of this world and shows them in their lighter moments. They do have lives outside of kicking ass and being awesome. This chapter highlights their personal missions and their relationships. Right now the main couples are Beast/Storm, Wolverine/Jean, and Bobby/Lorna. But if you're a fan of other pairings, don't fret! There are more to come. Fanfiction has always opened the door to novel romances and X-men Supreme is no exception. I hope you enjoy the path this series takes, romantic or otherwise. Enjoy the issue!


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