Friday, April 16, 2010

X-men Supreme Issue 9: Date Night Part 2 Preview

It's been a busy week for X-fans everywhere with Second Coming rolling along. I've been on the edge of my seat the whole time, but I've still found time to keep working on X-men Supreme. It's a bit ironic that Second Coming is really amping up the action while X-men Supreme is focusing on the lighter side for once. Well that shouldn't last long! The new issue of X-men Supreme is nearly here and it promises to set the stage for the first big event! Here's a sneak peak of what you can expect:

Taking a deep breath, Iceman collected the moisture around him and created a dense cloud around his hands. Then with a hard grunt, he unleashed a fury of wind, snow, and cold right at Pietro. The speedster didn’t try and take it. He quickly ran off to his right to avoid the blast, but Bobby showed some resilience in his ability to direct his power and was able to blow him off course a bit. Soon he wasn’t moving so fast anymore. He had to slow down to shield his eyes from the blinding cold. But he kept moving, knowing he couldn’t afford to stay frozen.

“Errrrrr! Is that the b-b-best you can d-d-do?!” bellowed Pietro through the storm.

“You want colder? You got it!”

Bobby stepped up his assault, guiding his power in a wide arc so he could keep Pietro from running out of range. During his attack, Wanda came to her brother’s aid. She attempted to attack while his back was turned, throwing a hex at him to stunt his powers. But Bobby knew she was still behind him and formed a block of ice around his back that took the blunt end of the blow.

“Not this time Miss Scarlet Skank!” said Iceman, “I learned my lesson in Detroit! I’m not playing your odds this time!”

“This doesn’t involve you or the X-men! This is a personal affair!” barked Wanda, her hands still glowing, “You’re just in the way!”

“And here I was thinking you Brotherhood goons were tougher!” taunted the young X-man, “I’m not just an obstacle! I’m a pissed off boyfriend! Let’s see you re-work those odds!”

The young Iceman pushed himself harder than he usually did. This wasn’t just a mission. This was him protecting his new girlfriend. To make sure Wanda didn’t try that hexing trick of hers again he shot a round of icicles from his shoulders that forced Wanda to back off.

“Augh! The boy’s been training,” mused Wanda, “He must really like this girl.”

She was about to attack Bobby again when she saw Lorna running full speed away from the chaos. Apparently she took her new boyfriend’s advice and didn’t stick around for the fight. But she wouldn’t get far. Rather than let their petty rivalry with the X-men slow her down, Wanda stuck to the plan.

“Oh no you don’t! You’re not getting out of this that easily!” said the Scarlet Witch in a determined tone.

“Lorna! Don’t look back!” Bobby called out, “Keep running! I’ll protect you!”

“You think playing hero is going to impress her? You’re pathetic!” scoffed Quicksilver as he ran back around and got in closer to obstruct Iceman’s aim, “If you have any sense you’ll leave Lorna to her proper role!”

“Lucky for you, I’m a C-student!” grunted Iceman as he tried to redirect his blast, “But whatever her role is, it sure as hell isn’t with you two!”

“If you know anything about her you already know how wrong you are!”

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