Monday, June 21, 2010

X-men Supreme Bios Update - Dazzler

I know I have more comics to review, but I wanted to post a quick update on X-men Supreme. As readers may recall, I posted my latest issue and it introduced Alison Blaire aka Dazzler to this fanfiction series. However, there was only so much of her story I could tell in one short issue. The rest of her life story and character breakdown could not be worked in. As such, I've updated the bios page and given her a full bio that explains where she came from and how she ended up in the events of X-men Supreme.

X-men Supreme Bios - Dazzler

She's a fan favorite character and I plan on using her again down the line. But she's not the only new character that will be showing up in X-men Supreme! The next few issues will introduce some more familiar faces to this fanfiction series and they will bring about some major changes. You'll see! In the meantime I'll keep posting comic reviews. I've got the new issue of Hellbound in and that's the next comic I plan on reviewing. Thanks again to all those who follow X-men Supreme! Your support is deeply appreciated. Excelsior!


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