Friday, June 11, 2010

X-men Supreme Issue 13: Bedazzled - PREVIEW

I still have a number of comics to review for this week. As always, I still make time for X-men Supreme. This fanfiction series remains my baby and my legacy so I'm going to keep pushing forward with it. The last arc, Revenge of Weapon X, was a real hit and took the series to a new scale. The next issue "Bedazzled" is different in that it isn't a multi-part arc, but it is a bit longer than previous issues. This is going to be a bit more the norm because with more characters and more plots, there's going to be more content. That should be a good thing for all those who follow this series. There will be more chances for general X-men caliber awesome. As always, I have for you an extended preview of the new issue for X-men Supreme. All you Dazzler fans out there should like what I have in store. Enjoy!

‘This is it, girl. You’re in the major leagues now. I sure wish the circumstances were better, but you’ve worked too hard. It’s now or never.’

Alison took a deep breath as she checked her appearance one more time. She was wearing her custom made outfit, which consisted of skin tight black pants and a matching black halter top with streaks of yellow sparkles covering every area. It was meant to personify the nature of her powers. It wasn’t as revealing as the outfits she wore in Las Vegas, but it made her look more like a real musician. And that’s what she was going for.

“That looks good on you,” came a deep voice from behind her, “I seem to remember you wearing a lot less when I last saw you.”

Alison abruptly turned around, only to see the last person she ever expected. It was him, Lance Alvers, her former band mate and ex-boyfriend. She hadn’t seen or spoken to him in years. Now all the sudden he was here backstage, looking as rugged and tough as ever. For him to show up here on the most important night of her life was a total shock, and not in a good way.

“Lance?!” she exclaimed, “What are you…how did you get back here?!”

“Calm down,” he coaxed, “Is that any way to talk to an old flame?”

Alison was bewildered and outraged. But Lance kept his cool and approached her in a domineering manner.

“Relax, I told the guys in back I knew you. I showed them an old picture of us and he let me through,” he said, “You remember…the one from Chicago two years ago? The kid-friendly version, of course.”

Alison blushed profusely. She knew what picture he was talking about. It wasn’t her proudest moment to say the least. But then again she could say that about her entire relationship with this man.

“Lance I…I don’t have time to deal with this!” she exclaimed, “If you came all this way to spark something between us again, you’re going to be disappointed! We broke up for a good reason, remember?”

“Yeah…I remember,” he said, his tone shifting somewhat, “I was immature, angry, and out of control. I see that now. But things are different. I’m part of something greater.”

“This isn’t another one of your rag-tag band proposals, is it?” said Alison skeptically.

“Far from it, Ali. This isn’t about music, stardom, or fame. This is about who and what we are. Before you go out onto that stage, parading around as an ordinary singer, it’s worth reminding you that you’re not ordinary. And you never will be.”

“You came all this way to remind me of that?” scoffed Alison, “I got plenty of reminders just getting here! Or did you not see the angry protesters outside?”

“I know. I saw them. But I’m not here to remind you. I’m not even here to stop you from going out on stage.”

“Then why are you here?” she said strongly, “Tell me so I can have the nearest bouncer throw you out on your ass!”

Lance scowled at her harsh words. But he held back his anger and moved in closer. He placed both hands on her shoulders. She didn’t pull back though. She may not have appreciated his presence, but there was no escaping that she once had feelings for him.

“There’s a war coming, Alison. A war between humans and mutants,” he said ominously, “Those protesters you see outside? They’re just a prelude. Sooner or later you won’t be able to ignore it anymore. This world isn’t big enough for humans and mutants. One side will eventually win out. If you want to be a star, it will only work for one. And you can’t be much of a star when your kind is being oppressed.”

It was unclear whether he was threatening her or warning her. But Lance sounded serious with every word. And that was saying something because he rarely took anything seriously when they were together. It left her at a loss and even more anxious than before. Lance gently cupped her chin and looked at her with an affectionate gaze.

“That’s all I wanted to say. I’ll go now. Just remember that before you get in too deep.”

Without another word he pulled away and walked off, leaving Alison Blair in a daze. She wasn’t sure what to make of it. She was almost tempted to run after him. But then she heard the chanting again and heard the lights and speakers come to life. The cheers grew as the curtain was about to rise. Some of her band mates were already gathering on stage, preparing their instruments for the big show.

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