Friday, June 25, 2010

X-men Supreme Issue 14: Underworld Part 1 PREVIEW

Another week has gone by and the new issue of X-men Supreme is coming along nicely. As always, I've prepared a sneak peak of the next issue for all you loyal X-men fanfiction fans. The new issue will introduce some more familiar faces from the X-men universe and as with all previous incarnations they'll have their own unique Supreme twist! The next issue will be the beginning of another arc, but it'll be a short arc. There's a much bigger event lying just ahead! Some of the seeds will be planted right here so you won't want to miss it! Until then, enjoy the preview and stay tuned for more X-men Supreme updates and comic reviews.

“So how bad is the fallout from the Dazzler affair?” asked Mystique.

“Bad enough,” replied Magneto, “That mission was supposed to galvanize humans against mutants and rally mutants to our cause. That way we would have all the manpower we need for the final and most crucial part of my plan. Now we’ll have to find other means of getting more mutants on our side.”

“Why not just stage another event as you put it? It shouldn’t take much to turn human sentiment back against mutants.”

“That’s not what concerns me at this point. Right now we need to focus all our resources on mutants, not humans. And this equipment the Brotherhood is so generously unloading for us will help with that.”

“But that can’t be all, can it?” surmised Mystique, “I’m sure you have another plan for getting the word out.”

Magneto turned to his shape shifting ally and smiled. She had been working with him long enough to realize that he always found a way to improvises.

“You know me well, Mystique,” he told her, “Since the Brotherhood is still enduring their punishment, I’m going to trust you to take care of this.”

“I figured as such,” she said as she looked callously at the laboring Brotherhood, “What do you need me to do?”

Magneto turned away and started walking back towards the transport bay where all the transport orbs were stored. Mystique followed close behind, having had enough of watching the Brotherhood drone on about their misfortune.

“I’ll be sending you into the mutant underground so-to-speak,” he said as he activated one of his transport orbs, “You’re going to deliver the message Pietro failed to deliver himself, only you’re going to do it more directly.”

“Sounds easy enough,” said Mystique with an ominous grin, “I always favored a more personal touch anyways.”

“We may not get as many supports as we would have from the Dazzler mission, but we’ll get the forces we need,” Magneto went on as he programmed the orb, “I’m sending you to a number of secretive mutant communities. Use whatever means you can to spread the word. Try not to attract the attention of the X-men. And most importantly, don’t make the same mistakes as your subordinates.”

“No need to remind me of that, Magneto,” said the shape shifter confidently, “You of all people should know how good I am at getting my point across.”

“I’m inclined to remind you of Rogue, but I’ll take your word for it. I’ll send you more detailed instructions via radio. Just get the job done and get it done fast. Time is running out. We’ll be making our move very soon.”

Magneto’s tone was stern if not threatening. He could not understate how important this part of the plan was. Mystique understood as she got into the transport orb. This plan had already taken many turns. They failed to bring Xavier under their wing with the Weapon X plan and they failed to rally their supporters with the Dazzler plan. But they were too far into it to pull back now. Too many pieces were in place. They just had to make sure it all came together in the end.

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