Wednesday, June 2, 2010

X-men Supreme Update - Bio for Dr. Abraham Cornelius

Just a few more days before the final issue in the Revenge of Weapon X arc and the last bio for the major players is up. I added Sabretooth and General John Wraith thus far and last but not least is the brains behind the operation, Dr. Abraham Cornelius.

Bio - Dr. Abraham Cornelius

This rounds out the bios to the Weapon X gang so readers of X-men Supreme now have everything they need to understand the major characters involved. Now this isn't to say that every character in Weapon X has been revealed thus far. This is just one arc and it's impossible for all the secrets of Weapon X to be revealed in a single arc. The history of this program is very extensive in the comics and as such it's going to be pretty extensive in this fanfiction iteration as well. I want to say more, but I'd be getting into spoiler territory and you know how I feel about that.

The final issue of the arc is set for release in a few days so stay the wait for the final part won't be much longer. As for website updates, I'm getting some materials together to update the pics section. For now, my focus is on completing the Weapon X arc. True awesome in any fanfiction series starts with one chapter at a time. Nuff said.


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