Friday, August 6, 2010

X-men Supreme Issue 17: Uprising Part 1 PREVIEW

Wow...has it really been this long already since the X-men Supreme fanfiction series began? It seems like not much time has passed and yet it has. I say that because the beginning is about to end! The penultimate arc of X-men Supreme Volume 1: Mutant Revolution is almost upon us! It marks the first real event story of this fanfiction series. Anyone who has ever read Marvel or DC comics knows that every so often (sometimes too often), a big event is used to change the landscape of the universe the characters occupy. This new arc will do just that, bringing together many different elements from earlier issues for an action-packed story that will change the world of X-men Supreme. And unlike some of the other big events the big two have put out, hopefully this one won't suck.

For those of you who haven't been following X-men Supreme, now would be a great time to catch up! Only 16 issues in and a lot has happened. Characters have been introduced, relationships have formed, and secrets have been revealed. There is still a lot I want to do with this series and Volume 1 will be the bedrock from which I'll build X-men Supreme into something even greater. However, this series cannot be great without support from readers. So I implore everybody who reads this blog or my website to post comments or send feedback for my series. I want to make it great for everybody and I can't do that without your reviews!

It all begins here with "Uprising Part 1." Below is an extended preview that offers just a taste of what you can expect from X-men Supreme. Enjoy!

Over the line Cameron Hodge’s expression hardened. There wasn’t even a hint of concern. If anything he looked annoyed.

“Yes, I’m well aware of this pestilent questioning. But fear not. We need only hold them off a bit longer. They may not have gotten what they wanted in Chicago, but they will get what I promised them soon.”

“How soon?” asked the Colonel.

“You need not know the details, Colonel. You need only know I’ve made the necessary arrangements. We won’t have to be graveling these fools much longer.”

Colonel Kincaid still had plenty of concerns, but he trusted his leader’s bold words.

“Very well,” he said, “Should we begin evacuating the embassy? My people have already began shredding documents and purging hard drives.”

General Hodge grinned ominously on the video screen, sending a chill down the spines of even his trusted advisors.

“Don’t bother, Colonel. Like I said, I’ve made the necessary arrangements. Just stay where you are and wait for further instructions.”

“Yes sir,” said Jonathan Kincaid with a loyal salute.

The video link then went offline. Colonel Kincaid and the rest of his officials remained anxious, but they trusted in their leader’s wisdom. He had led them all this far. They had to have faith his master plan would come to pass as he promised.

The Colonel and his subordinates began gathering their things and prepared to get back to work. But just as they were about to get up, a strange tremor shook the room. It was minor at first. It barely made the lights flicker. But it quickly caught everyone’s attention.

“Sir, is Washington DC near a fault line?” asked one of his younger subordinates.

Colonel Kincaid’s expression became as dark as midnight.


Before another word could be uttered, the lights completely cut off. Then in the span of a few seconds the tremor turned into an all out earthquake. The entire building shook violently, causing nearly everybody inside to fall over and cling desperately to anything they could. Confusion soon turned to panic and panic quickly became all out terror.

“Colonel! What’s going on?!” exclaimed a terrified female secretary.

“It’s an attack!” yelled the Colonel, “Everybody get to the shelter! Hurry before…”

But that was all he got out. Before anyone could begin to comprehend the gravity of this situation, a deafening crash came from all directions and everything went black.

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