Wednesday, August 4, 2010

X-men Supreme Bios Update and X-men First Class Movie News

It's been a while since I updated the bios section of my website. It's not may fault either. These new characters take time to introduce in a series and X-men Supreme is no exception. For those of you who missed the last issue titled Pryde and Prejudice, I finally got around to bringing Kitty Pryde into the mix. She's a longtime favorite of mine and she looks to bring her own unique edge to the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. Now as I've done with every character I've introduced thus far, I've put a unique twist on Kitty's background. She doesn't have the same history or tendencies in X-men Supreme that she does in the comics or cartoons. Those who were awesome enough to read the issue understand this, but if you would rather have the cliff notes version I've prepared a bio for her explaining who she is and how she got to the point she's at now within X-men Supreme.

Kitty "Shadowcat" Pryde Bio

You'll definitely want to keep up because Kitty will be playing a big role in the final arc that is set to begin with the next issue! The first volume of X-men Supreme has been building towards a big event soon and it's all coming together. The end of Volume 1: Mutant Revolution will bring a major change to the world of X-men Supreme and set the stage for the next volume. You won't want to miss it so if you're looking for a time to jump into the action, there's no time like the present!

As much as I would like to end this post on that note, there's one more tidbit that needs to be brought up. I haven't really posted a lot of news on the upcoming X-men First Class movie lately and for good reason. I've yet to regain any confidence whatsoever in Fox's X-men movies since the travesty that was Brett Ratner's X3. Yet so far Fox and director Matthew Vaughn have put together a sizable cast. This cast includes the following lineup thus far according to IMDB:

Alice Eve - Emma Frost

James McAvoy - Professor Xavier

Michael Fassbender - Magneto

Nicholas Hoult - Beast

Rosamund Pike - Moria MacTaggart (not confirmed officially)

Jennifer Lawrence - Mystique

Kevin Bacon - Sebastian Shaw (not confirmed officially)

Edi Gathegi - Darwin

Lucas Till - Havok

Caleb Jones - Banshee

There is still no word on who is playing Cyclops, Jean Grey, or Storm. If this movie is called First Class it damn well better know, the first class of X-men. However, the biggest question has been whether or not this movie is a prequel or a reboot. If it's a reboot, that's great. A fresh start and a clean slate is just what the movie X-men need. But if it's a prequel, it's a complete waste of film because it doesn't matter what happens in it. Everything is going to get fucked up in X3. That's like trying to make shit that doesn't stink from the same materials. Nobody has been able to clear up just what the hell this movie is.

Well a recent interview from MTV news seems to offer some confirmation and it isn't all that great. Director Matthew Vaughn when asked if First Class will fit into the continuity of the previous X-films, his answer was clear:

"Yeah, I would say absolutely so," Vaughn responded when asked if "First Class" would be an official, in-continuity prequel to the "X-Men" movies that came before it.

So there you have it. This movie just lost all hope of expunging the piss poor shit stain that is X3. He tries to make it out as some compelling tale that tells the audience where these characters came from. Well I say to that who gives a fuck if they're all going to be screwed over in X3!  It doesn't matter how fun or engaging the history of Charles Xavier is in the past, he's going to get screwed over in X3 and so is Cyclops, Jean Grey, Rogue, and Mystique! It's not like the Star Wars prequels in the sense that we know the ending is good and everything does work out in the end. We know how this piece of shit story turns out and anything that leads up to it might as well be toilet paper. It doesn't mean shit!

There may still be some faint sliver of hope. In another story done by Screenrant, the X-men First Class movie was stated to be in continuity the same way the J. J. Abrams Star Trek movie was in continuity.

ScreenRant: X-men First Class is But Isn't a Reboot

Now that's an important distinction because while Star Trek wasn't a reboot, it did completely change the Star Trek continuity as it stood because the movie ventured into the past and redid the time line. If X-men First Class does something similar, then perhaps X3 can be overwritten. It would be a hell of a stretch, but many fans who still have Brett Ratner on their shit list would be very happy. Then again, that's assuming the powers that be are smarter than they've proven themselves over the past few years.

Time will tell, but if nothing is done to address the bullshit ending that X3 did to the series then Vaughn and Fox might as well be pissing into the oncoming wind of a hurricane. Unless they're okay with that, there's no hope for the X-men movie franchise. The sooner it gets rebooted the better. Nuff said.

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