Friday, August 20, 2010

X-men Supreme: Issue 18 - Uprising Part 2 Preview

I've been hard at work on the final arc of X-men Supreme these past few weeks. It's shaping up to be quite a finish for Volume 1. Since this is the first big installment of this series, I'm hoping to end it in a major (and awesome) way. I've put together plot threads with Magneto, Lorna, Weapon X, Cameron Hodge, and the various relationships that include Jean/Logan, Bobby/Lorna, Hank/Ororo, and Scott/Rogue. Some of them will start to come together by the end of this arc. Others will be ripe for the next stage in X-men Supreme Volume 2. The next issue is set to come out next week, but in the meantime I've prepared a preview as always!

Now as usual, I want to encourage everybody who reads this series to send me feedback. Please email me your comments or just post them here on this blog. Either way is fine and I'm open to plenty of suggestions. Thank you all who have been following this series and this blog thus far. I hope to have plenty more for you down the line as the X-men Supreme saga continues to unfold. Enjoy the preview!

“Fucking Cameron Hodge,” muttered Rusty as he toiled away lifting creates with his fellow prisoners.

“Shut up, Rusty! You’re going to get us in trouble again!” said Rictor, a Mexican mutant he often worked with.

“So what? As if it can get any worse?” said the fiery mutant bitterly, “Look around! We’re prisoners! Eventually Hodge will just get annoyed with us and kill us all.”

“Don’t give him any ideas, amigo! Some of us want to live!”

“Quiet over there!” barked a guard, “One more word out of you and you’ll spend the rest of the week in isolation!”

That shut both mutants up. It wasn’t so much the fear of death that kept them in line. It was Hodge’s willingness to keep them all alive for this miserable life that truly defined his cruelty. At least other dictators had the decency to just kill their prisoners when they got annoying. Hodge, however, took a different and more mysterious approach.

Rusty continued to toil along with the other mutants. Their daily drudgery would continue from sunrise to sunset. That’s how it was every day and from the looks of it that’s how it was always going to be so long as Hodge was in power. There wasn’t a mutant on the island that didn’t want a shot at that madman. But with the way things were going, they would never have their chance.

Suddenly, their drudgery was interrupted by a deafening tone that echoed from the various speakers stationed throughout the facility. The mutant prisoners groaned while the guards instinctively stood at attention, their weapons in a combat ready position in case any mutant decided to try something. Then on the glassy dome above, a large holographic image of Cameron Hodge appeared for all to see.

“Attention all mutants. This is your master and overlord, Cameron Hodge. Due to recent tensions caused by your mutant brethren around the world, Genosha’s official policy towards mutants has changed. As of now, all mutants present will be subject to a new level of containment. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Genoshan scientists, a new system has been developed to better deal with the mutant population. And you, my ‘privileged’ citizens, will be the first to take part in it.”

There were no cheers for joy or sense of relief. The mutants of Genosha knew Hodge well enough to understand the subtext to his words. There was nothing privileged about their position. They all knew that once again they were about to bear the brunt end of Cameron Hodge’s madness.

“All guards are to clear out of the dome and seal all entrances and exits. All mutants are to drop what they are doing and gather in the central area. Disobey me at your own peril. That is all.”

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