Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CBR X-Position: Victor Gischler - My Question Asked

I know I make a big deal of it every time my question gets asked in an interview. Call me immature, childish, or a giddy fanboy. I've heard it all before and I'm beyond giving a shit. I can't help it! I get a cheap thrill whenever my question is asked to someone who actually controls the direction of awesome in a comic. X-POSITION with Comic Book Resources has been good to me. It's asked my questions a number of times and for that I can only be eternally grateful. That gratitude continues with the most recent X-POSITION involving the writer of the adjectiveless X-men, Victor Gischler.

Now this is a hell of an X-POSITION to get involved with because originally, no one was more skeptical about this series than I was. Calling a series X-men #1 just seemed like a cheap gimmick to get any old comic to sell. The first issue sure didn't measure up, but I've been eating my words with every issue since. The whole mutants vs. vampires story has genuinely blown me away better than three Las Vegas escorts. I don't usually get that surprised with my books, but I'm humble enough to admit when I'm full of shit. As such, I owed it to show my support and ask some decent questions and since CBR has such awesome people working for it they published it.

CBR: X-Position - Victor Gischler

MarvelMaster616, on the other hand, would like to the vampire insanity brought to other books. Is there anything you can share regarding this?

1) I've been enjoying the whole Mutants vs. Vampires arc a great deal, and I like how you've made the Marvel Vampires awesome again. But I was wondering…once this story is over, will the end result have further ramifications throughout the Marvel Universe? Dracula's return sounds like something that should definitely cause a few ripples.

The Marvel secret police don't tell me those kinds of secrets, but my gut instinct is that vampires will be around causing more trouble in the Marvel U. The whole point of the "Death of Dracula" one-shot was to juice up Marvel U vamps and make them worthy of our attention again. I can't say where or how (because I don't know), but I really do think you'll see our new vamp pals popping up again sooner or later.

2) It's been well-documented that Dracula has a history with Storm and has shown some interest in Emma Frost as well (and who can blame him?). Will he try using his vampire charm on other women of the X-Men? After all, vampires are all the rage now, and who's to say the X-women aren't susceptible to it?

Dracula is charming and one never knows when or where he'll cast his hypnotic gaze, but he's got his hands a bit too full for hanky-panky at the moment…or does he? Well, yes.

His first answer offers me plenty of hope. Others may have tired of the whole vampire fad, but I'm all for the Marvel Universe sucking every drop of blood from the blood-suckers hype. After this arc is over, I'll be more than happy to see guys like Dracula leave their mark on the rest of the Marvel Universe. However, the next answer was a big disappointing. As a rampant True Blood fan, I'm all for vampires getting freaky with non-vampire women. Dracula in the Marvel Universe has shown to be quite a player with a taste in X-women. He already tried to bump uglies with Storm. Then he flirted with Emma Frost. With the likes of Edward Cullen and Bill Compton in the literary world, why shouldn't Dracula measure up? Seems like a waste.

Oh well, the mutants vs. vampires story is still pretty awesome. I'll keep following it until it stops being awesome, which in comics can happen. From what Gischler has shown, he doesn't look to pull a Clone Saga. Until it does, I'm on board! Nuff said.

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