Friday, September 17, 2010

X-men Supreme Issue 20: Uprising Part 4 PREVIEW

The next issue of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series is well on it's way! I've been working very hard to make this issue as awesome as it can possibly be. The first volume of X-men Supreme is nearly over and it's been a quite a ride so far, even if it has been just the beginning. I really want to end it on a strong note to set the stage for Volume 2. I'm so many ideas for this X-men series and I've barely begun to scratch the surface!

In working on this issue I've finalized the plan. Uprising Part 4 will be the next to last issue of Volume 1: Mutant Revolution. After issue 21, that will mark the end of the first volume. I have some plans on what to do after, but I'd rather not spoil them! It's not going to go directly into Volume 2. There will be some interlude as there so often is with comics. X-men Supreme has plenty more to offer and I'll filling in the blanks here and even to those who have been nice enough to contact me. If you want to know some details, I'll be happy to share them. But you have to let me know you're interested first! I want to make X-men Supreme the best fanfiction series it can be and as such feedback is vital. So please send me your thoughts as we near the end of Volume 1 and prepare for Volume 2. 

The final stage of X-men Supreme Volume 1 is almost ready and I've prepared a brief preview to offer a taste of what's in store for this fanfiction series.

“Is this all humanity has to offer?” he scoffed.

The master of magnetism took to the air, again and with seething intent ordered five sentinels to fly out ahead of them and charge their primary weapons. On the ships below, crew members and civilians alike watched with dread as Magneto commanded his sentinel army against him.

“Dear God…” said an American admiral, “Sound the alarm! Order every ship to fire on that son-of-a-bitch now!”

The crews of the ships scrambled to their stations, manning every anti-aircraft gun and surface-to-air missile they had available. Even ships from other countries followed the warning of the American fleet, arming whatever weapons they had and firing them directly at Magneto. Soon missiles and bullets filled the air, all of which were locked on the master of magnetism.

“Pitiful,” he scoffed, not even remotely phased.

With a casual gesture, several sentinels flew out ahead of him and started shooting down the missiles with their hand-mounted lasers. As for the many bullets that came his way, he casually deflected them with a magnetic field. Not one attack got through to him or his sentinels. There was no stopping him. Now it was his turn.

“You all had your chance,” mused Magneto, “You’ve had many chances and you have squandered them all. Now all homo sapiens will suffer the long overdue consequences of their savagery!”

With another forceful gesture, he ordered the sentinels to fire their primary energy weapons. In a single simultaneous attack, the five sentinels he commanded unleashed their blasts. They were all targeted at different parts of the blockade and all would strike with similar ferocity.

“Hit the deck!” yelled many of the ships commanders.

Five enormous blue balls of energy struck right at the base of the fleet, exploding in a blinding flash of light just above the water. Huge shockwaves and devastating blasts toppled the massive vessels. The aircraft carriers were ground zero for the blast. Representing the heads of the fleets, Magneto knew if they were taken out there would be no possibility of a counterstrike. The blast made quick work of them. Some had their hulls literally blown open as if they were made of tin foil. Even for the ships not in the blast radius, the explosions caused titanic waves that capsized many of the smaller vessels and even sent some surfaced submarines tumbling into the water.

Thousands of horrified sailors abandoned ship and leapt desperately into the choppy waters below. Any ship that remained seaworthy were scattered and disorganized, rendering any hopes of a counterattack all but impossible. Many ship commanders ordered a retreat. Some bravely stood by and tried to fight. But regardless of their response, their fates would all be the same. They were the lucky ones. These were just the first casualties in a far greater conflict to come.

“How does it feel?” seethed the master of magnetism, making sure his voice was still being broadcasted all over the world, “For too long you’ve oppressed, subdued, and dominated those deemed inferior! Now you are all inferior! A lesser creature doomed to extinction to make way for a stronger, superior species! It is the mutants of the world that shall henceforth reign supreme! Any that oppose us will face oblivion! Every man, woman, and child all of the world must bow down and submit to…”

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