Friday, September 10, 2010

CBR: Marvel T&A - My Question Answered

I know I've had my shit asked during CBR's little interviews before. I also know it's lame for a fanboy to keep getting all giddy every time his name gets mentioned or a question gets asked. But fuck it, I still get excited! Since Joe Quesada now has a new job as CCO at Marvel, his old Cup 'O Joe panels have been given over to Tom Breevort and Axel Alonso. They don't necessarily have the big bosses charm, but they're more playful and willing to entertain more questions. This past week I asked one inspired by the recent change in Wonder Woman's uniform. I swear it was like they showed her tit being exposed Janet Jackson style when they changed her uniform. I personally didn't mind it, but I understand for some how that can be like painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa. With that in mind I asked a question about the appearance of characters in the Marvel Universe. I'm not a fashion guru or anything, but I recently watched the movie Bruno and my inner metrosexual felt compelled to ask.

CBR: Marvel T&A - Tom Breevort and Axel Alanso

On to fan questions! MarvelMaster616 went to the fashion side of the Marvel U with this query: "I know there have been a number of uniform changes over the years for the Avengers, the X-men, and Spider-Man. But it feels like the uniforms haven't changed much in quite a long time. Do you think the uniforms of some Marvel heroes are overdue for a makeover? I'm sure you saw how much buzz Wonder Woman's new look got. Why not try a little fashion overhaul in the Marvel Universe?"

Brevoort: That's funny, MarvelMaster, in that I look around the Marvel Universe and see very few mainstay characters who are sporting their classic looks. Practically the only characters still in their quintessential costumes are Spider-Man (who's got some new attire coming as part of "Big Time") and the Fantastic Four (whose outfits are similarly about to change - if only to replace those 4's with 3's…) But almost everybody else - Cyclops, Wolverine, Daredevil, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America (both Bucky and Steve Rogers), Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Doctor Strange, etc, etc - is wearing something at least somewhat different these days. Unless you're looking for radically different uniforms for our mainstays, I feel like we're already there.

But what do I know? I haven't changed my look since 1982.

Alonso: Call me crazy, I'm curious to see what could be done with Ghost Rider's outfit. And as much as I love Deathlok's classic look, he's kinda like an 8-track tape in a digital world. His aesthetic is the product of the '70s imagination of the future - I'd like to see him reflect the future we imagine now. Also, I'd kind of like to see a new look for my son's second favorite character, War Machine. Our concept of what those two words - "war" and "machine" - has changed so much over the years. How might his look reflect that and how might he gain aesthetic difference from Iron Man.

Not a completely unserious response, but still decent. I understand some characters have changed more than others. But then there are those who really look the same as they did when my parents were still protoplasmic goo inside my grandparents. I'd like to see Ghost Rider get a new look. The 80s punk rock look wasn't even that badass in the 80s. Black Widow, Spider-Man, Wasp, the Fantastic Four, Spider-Woman, and a whole host of other characters haven't undergone much change. If so much buzz and hoopala can come about from Wonder Woman putting on pants, how can Marvel resist trying to do the same with their characters?

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