Friday, November 5, 2010

X-men Supreme: Supreme Reflections DELAY

I know this is the point in the week where I would usually go on about a big update for X-men Supreme and up the next entry. However, it's been a very busy week for me. I've been working on Supreme Reflections as much as I can, but it's come a lot slower than I expected. I also haven't been getting as much feedback as I hoped. The X-men Supreme fanfiction series can only be so awesome if there isn't much feedback. So for this and other reasons beyond my control, I cannot update Supreme Reflections today.

I know this is the first time I've had to delay something with X-men Supreme. I hope it's the last, but updating weekly is a lot harder than updating biweekly. This series requires a lot of hard work and I'm constantly revising and editing it. There's always something to tweak and for Rogue's entry into Supreme Reflections, I need more time. If you have any questions or concerns about Supreme Reflections or the X-men Supreme fanfiction series in general please contact me. I promise I will not let this series be delayed beyond two weeks. It's important that I keep up the pace and I'll find a way to do so no matter how busy I get. Excelsior!


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