Friday, November 19, 2010

X-men Supreme Update - Supreme Reflections: Kitty Pryde

Well I've done it! I managed to update within a week this time. It wasn't easy, but the X-men Supreme fanfiction series is worth it to me. I hope it's worth it to all those who enjoy reading it. The lucky X-man to get the spotlight this time is another X-woman, Kitty Pryde. She hasn't been around the X-men for very long in the context of X-men Supreme, but she's already proven herself in many ways. This latest entry into Supreme Reflections should offer more insight into who Kitty Pryde is and what makes her tick.

Supreme Reflections - Kitty Pryde

Supreme Reflections has been a great insight into some of the characters I introduced in Volume 1: Mutant Revolution. This fanfiction series has allowed me to explore these characters in many ways. I would like to explore more, but I want to get to Volume 2 soon. For that reason, there will only be one more entry into Supreme Reflections. This one will be for Magneto. Now I wish I could do a weekly update for him, but because of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday that won't be possible. The wait will have to be two weeks again. For this, I am sorry. If you have any questions or concerns on this or other issues related to X-men Supreme, please feel free to contact me. I plan on having a preview ready by next week. So stay tuned! The X-men Supreme fanfiction series has plenty to offer. Excelsior!


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