Friday, November 12, 2010

X-men Supreme Update - Supreme Reflections: Rogue

It's finally here! The delay is over! The X-men Supreme fanfiction series continues today. Again, I apologize for the delay last week. Even though fanfiction writers don't have editors looking over their shoulders, I act like I do when I write this series. Not only did I fall behind with this issue, I kept finding ways to revise it. Rogue is an interesting character with so many facets to explore. I couldn't get to all of them in Supreme Reflections. She still has a lot of story to tell, especially in the first arc of Volume 2. For all you Rogue fans out there, I hope you enjoy this!

Supreme Reflections - Rogue

The next installment of Supreme Reflections will involve Kitty Pryde. This time I don't plan on being delayed. The update should come in a week this time. I've already gotten started on it and below is a quick preview of the world that is Kitty Pryde:

Most girls at a young age have nightmares about monsters hiding in their closet. For me, it was Nazis. I remember once when I was six I had this horrible dream they stormed our house and attacked. They rounded up my mother, killed my father, and surrounded me while I was still cowering under my bed sheets. When I looked up at them I didn’t see human beings. I saw monsters. I couldn’t see any of their faces. All I could see was their cold, hate-filled eyes. I screamed at the top of my lungs as they reached for me. That’s when I woke up. My father came running down the hall to see if I was okay. I must have cried for hours before I fell back asleep. It was the weakest I’ve ever been. Thankfully, it was also the last time I would ever that way again.

The very next day I went on an impromptu trip with my Uncle, who had just moved to Chicago after living in Israel for most of his life. He’s one of only a handful of Prydes still alive and he was the only other relative besides my parents that I saw consistently. He was also a former Israeli military commando. He was big, strong, and tough in a ways that seem superhuman to me even now as a member of a real life superhero team. My father had reservations, but somehow my Uncle convinced him that he should be the one to take me to the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. This is where all those horrible stories my parents told me about took form and substance. Even though they were just exhibits, they still terrified me in a way that I can never escape.

In a ways this was an even bigger turning point than my mutant powers manifesting. On this day at the tender age of six I confronted my worst fear. On this day I would be paralyzed by fear for the last time. That’s because on this day my Uncle sat me down and promised to teach me how to fight. He told me that I was in a unique position. I was the first generation of Prydes from which the holocaust was not fresh in our memory. I had an innocence that the Nazis had not tainted and in order to preserve it I couldn’t afford to be weak. I couldn’t afford to be afraid. I had to learn how to defend that innocence and he was going to help me.

And he did. Boy did he ever. He gave me the full extent of his commando expertise. The day we got back from DC, he took me to his house and taught me some moves in his back yard. He also showed me some of the conditioning he did. To say it seemed excessive to a six-year-old would be like saying the Grand Canyon is a pothole. My Uncle made no bones about it. Being a fighter was hard and he wasn’t going to let me do it half-assed. There was none of that sissy karate or martial arts stuff that other kids learn. That’s more style than substance. He wanted to train me like I was going to be a real commando. It didn’t matter to him that I was so young. All that mattered was that I had the drive and desire. Growing up hearing about stories of fear, despair, and death had already hardened me. It was just a matter of taking it to the next level.

It will also help if I get some strong feedback from this issue. Remember, feedback goes a long ways towards moving X-men Supreme along! Please feel free to post your comments here on the website or contact me directly. Either way is fine. Thanks again to all those who support this fanfiction series and I hope you continue to enjoy this unfolding saga!


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