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X-men Supreme Issue 36: Deadpool Part 1 PREVIEW and Pics Update

It's been a very busy week for me and I'm working hard to ensure that the X-men Supreme fanfiction series continues to deliver. I'm very excited about this upcoming arc. I know I say that about every major arc in X-men Supreme, but this one is extra special! That's because it involves Deadpool, everybody's favorite 4th wall breaking mercenary! He's been mentioned before in X-men Supreme Volume 2: War Powers. In this upcoming arc, his story becomes more clear. Expect it to be every bit as insane as you would hope for a guy like Deadpool! In X-men, he leaves quite a mark with his wit and propensity for blowing things up. Expect an equally major impact in X-men Supreme. As such, I've prepared an extra special preview!

It was three in the morning at the fancy Ritz Paris hotel. On the rooftop Deadpool casually waited for his latest contact. Leaning back against a nearby air conditioning unit, he casually twirled some bullets around his fingers. This was one of the worst parts of being a mercenary, the waiting. Being a hired gun wasn’t like being a day laborer. People couldn’t just answer an ad or call a hotline. It was necessary to go through various channels to ensure the authorities didn’t get wise to them. It was especially tedious to get to someone like him, who did the kind of jobs most were sane enough to avoid.

So far this contact made it through those channels. He must have been very well-connected or knew people that were. Whoever he was, he picked unusual hours to conduct business. Most of the people he dealt with were secretive in their own right, but they had to be especially paranoid to set up a meeting at a place like this at this time of night. But Deadpool didn’t mind. So long as the job paid well, that was all that mattered.

He continued twirling the bullet and humming to himself as he waited. In a few minutes the contact would officially be late. That would mean extra fees. Grinning under his red on black mask, the colorful mercenary took out one of his guns and started twirling it.

“Somebody’s getting a tardy slip on their report card,” he mused, “Thirty more seconds and someone’s gonna get a spanking.”

More time ticked by. But just before the late mark passed, the door to the stairwell opened and new figure emerged.

“Aww, maybe next time,” he sighed, “Guess I brought my paddle for nothing.”

Deadpool continued leaning casually against the air conditioner as the figure approached him. It turned out to be a familiar face. The short, stocky physique, bearded face, graying hair, and thick glasses gave him away. It was Dr. Abraham Cornelius, a man closely tied to his past.

“Good to see you again, Wade. It’s been a while,” said Cornelius.

“Wish I could say the same, Abey, but last I checked you weren’t on my friends list. You tried to invite me on your Facebook page, but I rejected it and for a damn good reason.”

“Is that going to be a problem?”

“That depends on how many zeroes you put at the end of my paycheck. It also depends on how good a mood I’m in after I hear about this job you got for me. You must be desperate or senile to hire me. Like that guy in Goodfellas. Ever see that flick?”

“I assure you this is a very serious venture,” said Cornelius, ignoring his idiotic comments, “And I will make certain you are well compensated. I’ll even throw in a bonus if you can do this quickly and efficiently.”

“Then you’ve come to the right place!” Deadpool proclaimed, “We guarantee every act of sabotage, arson, or assassination is carried out with the utmost care or your money back! Certain conditions may apply and results will vary.”

“Good, then I’ll keep this brief. You should already know some of the details.”

Dr. Cornelius then took out a folder from his coat and handed it to the merc with a mouth. The masked figure grabbed it and opened it up. To his surprise, he did recognize a few details. The picture of a teenage girl quickly jumped out.

“Her name is Amanda Sefton,” he explained, “She is of particular interest to me and my work.”

“Amanda Sefton? This is the same chick the Hand paid me to abduct three years ago! What the hell is it with her? She got beer flavored nipples or something?”

“Yes, I’m aware that other organizations who have taken an interest in her. And she does have an unusual talent for escaping. That’s exactly why I’m interested.”

Now I've been meaning to make a few additional updates. Since I started the X-couples section in the pics section, I've had a few requests to add additional couples. I'm hesitant to add those I haven't touched on in the series yet. Now that I've got Cyclops/Jean Grey out of the way, I can add a few more. One that I had the most requests for was Jean Grey and Wolverine. Since there is plenty of art for those two, I've officially added them ot the X-couples section!

X-couples - Wolverine and Jean Grey

I know there are other pairings that some fans want posted. Some will have to wait longer than others. Please know that I've heard your requests and I will use them to make X-men Supreme all the more awesome!
So hold on, Deadpool fans! The story you've been waiting for in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series is almost here! If at any point you have questions or concerns regarding this fanfiction series or X-men in general, feel free to contact me! I'm always willing to chat. Until next time, take care and best wishes.

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