Friday, September 30, 2011

X-men Supreme Issue 43: War and Peace PREVIEW

Hello all you wonderful X-men Supreme readers. Still catching your breath after hte end of Overlord? I certainly am! This fanfiction series has unfolded in ways I never imagined, but I'm happy with how it turned out. There was so much action and intensity leading up to that final moment. Now all that's left is to tie up the loose ends and bring X-men Supreme Volume 2: Mutant Revolution to a close. It's been such an amazing ride, but it must end if it's to make way for another new beginning! There's only one issue left so expect to see old stories end and new stories emerge that will thoroughly shape X-men Supreme Volume 3. Once again, I've prepared a brief preview. Enjoy!

Candy’s expression tensed with a mix of anger and frustration. She didn’t blame Warren for being mad at her. But this wasn’t a clear-cut issue. It was complicated, going back to the relationship they once shared.

“Look Warren, I know a lot has happened since we broke up. We’ve been struggling with it in our own way ever since,” said Candy in a deeper, more emotional tone.

“Struggling isn’t the right word,” said Warren, lowering his voice, “We almost got married, Candy. I was ready to take the next step with you. To break it off at that point wasn’t a struggle. It was downright painful.”

“I know it was. And I still feel that pain. I really did love you Warren and I still do. But you being a mutant was just too much for our families. I thought if your father wasn’t going to do anything about it, I might as well try my luck. I figured if my company could perfect the cure we could…”

But Warren didn’t let her finish.

“You still don’t get it do you!” he exclaimed, scolding her with resentment once reserved for his father, “I am what I am! Being a mutant isn’t a disease! It’s not something you can cure! It’s not something I want cured!”

“But if one day it became too much for you, I wanted to at least have the option!” cried Candy with tears now forming in her eyes, “I didn’t do it to force it on you! I did it because I love you!”

“Oh please! You just wanted a reason to believe we could still be together! It wasn’t an act of love! It was selfish!”

“So you wouldn’t have done the same?” she sobbed, “You wouldn’t have done whatever it took to find a way for us to be together?”

“Not if it involved doing the wrong thing for all the wrong reasons!”

His words were harsh. There was a hurt in his tone as well. Sorrow mixed with anger as he kept scolding her for what she had done. Candy couldn’t look at him anymore. She turned away to contain her sobs. She knew she was going against his wishes when she began this endeavor with the cure. She had no idea it would hurt him like this.

Warren let her sob for a moment while he collected himself. He tried not to let his anger get the better of him. A part of him still had a soft spot for this woman. For so long, he lamented over their breakup. He never blamed her for it. It was their families that forced it upon them. But after this he couldn’t look at her the same again. She wasn’t the same sweet woman he fell in love with. She had bore her true colors.

“You have no idea how much this hurts me, Candy,” he said in an emotional tone, “You saw how much it upset me when my father started doing anti-mutant research. You saw how much it upset me when our families demanded I cut off my wings in order to be with you. You always said you accepted my powers. You even said you loved them.”

“I did. I loved you and accepted you for who you are.”

“Did you?” Warren questioned, “Or did you just accept when it was convenient? Because as soon as it became an obstacle, you brushed it off the same way my father did. I expect that pig-headedness from him, but not from you.”

“I didn’t take it lightly, Warren! I was careful with it every step of the way!”

“But to actually go this far, continuing his work even when it bore things like this poison gas…it just shows you don’t understand. And you never did.”

It's been an exciting time for the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. In a wonderful act of timing, I also have a new commissioned pic from my old friend, Brian Brinlee! Once again, he has contributed his amazing talent to X-men Supreme by taking a scene right out of Issue 23: Family and Fiends Part 2 and bringing it to life! All you Nightcrawler fans out there should appreciate this because it demonstrates why he's such an awesome character. He captured one of the best scenes of that issue perfectly and as always, I thank Brain for his contribution.

There's just one week left before X-men Supreme Volume 2 officially comes to an end! Afterwards, I'll make a series of announcements regarding the future of X-men Supreme. I have a few special bonuses I want to include that I hope will add to this fanfiction series's growing body of awesome. As alawys, I encourage all you X-men Supreme fans out there to provide feedback using my review section in each issue or contacting me. Either way is fine. Thanks again, everybody! Until next time, take care and best wishes. Excelsior!


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