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CBR: X-POSITION - Jason Aaron (My Questions Answered Again)

In between acid trips and hangovers, I have a curious mind. Sometimes it's so curious it just won't shut up, requiring a more serious intake of alcohol. Thank heavens for CBR's weekly X-POSITION column. It allows me to save what few brain cells I have left while not getting so many thank-you notes from the makers of Jack Daniels. The world of X-men has been heating up faster than Snooki's pussy at a Chip 'n Dales. X-men Schism has put the X-men on a collision course with disunity. Wolverine and Cyclops had enough reasons to hate each other, what with Wolverine wanting to fuck Cyclops's now dead wife. Now after the events of X-men Schsim #3, which I reviewed, let's just say they'll be denying all future Facebook friend requests. Jason Aaron is the man ending this legendary bromance and that was a major theme of CBR's X-POSITION amongst other things. Jason Aaron is like the Dieon Sanders of Marvel. He's involved in so many other sports, but with only a fraction of the ego.

CBR: X-POSITION - Jason Aaron

Given my enthusiasm for Schism, I had a number of questions on my mind. I sent a rather lengthy list so I don't blame CBR for asking only a handful. But they did touch on the important ones. This is what they said:

The pending split is something that concerns MarvelMaster616. Can you help place the master's mind at ease?

1) It's been mentioned a few times that it's no coincidence "Fear Itself" ends around the same time as "X-Men: Schism." I know you can't get into spoilers, but why is this? Does something happen at the end of "Fear Itself" that leads into "Schism" (or vice-versa)?

No, there's not a literal direct connection between the two like that. Instead, it's more about the ramifications of these two stories. "Fear Itself" has big ramifications for a lot of Marvel U characters. "Schism" has huge ramifications for the X-universe. Going forward into 2012, we still start to see those two threads converge in a very epic way. Can't say more or Axel Alonso will have my tongue cut out. It's true -- I've seen it happen. 

2) How will Wolverine's team operate differently than Cyclops' team?

In a profoundly different way. Trust me. I'm afraid that's all I can say for now.

3) Where will Charles Xavier fit into all of this? It feels like he no longer has control over his vision. Will he play a factor in the schism?

Xavier doesn't appear in the pages of "Schism," but you will certainly see him appearing amid the aftermath and he will most definitely have a very strong opinion on the outcome.

As usual, Aaron is light on specifics. I've come to expect that from every response. Let's face it, these guys got kids to feed and they can't give away spoilers even though fans like me would gladly surrender a left nut to get them. But the part I found most intriguing was how he described the linkage between Fear Itself and Schism. Now neither of these events are over yet so it's impossible to know the details. It's a rather complicated way to tell two major stories because if you're going to link them up, it's confusing as fuck to tell one without knowing how the other ends. But there does seem to be a method behind the madness. Fear Itself involves the whole Marvel universe while Schism touches only on the X-men. Something big feeds into something smaller. There's a dick joke in there somewhere, but I'll save those for my next review.

I'm more curious about the mention of the 2012 event. It's been hinted at before on major Marvel panels. I'm sure it'll be hinted at again once Schism ends. Like the Maya Doomsday Prophecy, Marvel is treating 2012 as an apocalyptic year for the X-men. They are light on the details, but some hints seem to indicate that it will involve Hope "Jean Ripoff" Summers. Marvel has constantly said that she's a character to keep an eye on and not just because she's a nasty little brat behind everyone's back. For years now it's been hinted at and confirmed that she has a connection to the Phoenix Force. It's long overdue for someone to stand up and say "Yeah, that fiery bird thingy...it kind of threatens the whole universe." And it makes sense to have Schism and Fear Itself set the stage or at least effect how that happens.

As for Charles Xavier, he's one guy who could probably spend most of his weeknights beating off to softcore porn on Cinemax because he hasn't been doing shit in the major X-books. His last plot was helping his schizophrenic son get his mind back together and he really didn't do much in that arc except get himself captured. Now he's been a second string character ever since the X-men set up shop on Utopia. That's saying a lot because this guy literally put the X in X-men. It's been asked before whether he'll play a larger role. It's rarely turned into something. I guess it's because Wolverine is awesome and Cyclops has Emma Frost's tits on his side. But still, the guy deserves something! I hope he gets his dues once the shit storm from Schism settles down.

Another successful X-POSITION. Stay tuned for reviews, X-men Supreme updates, and drunken rants as only I can deliver! Until next time, take care and best wishes!

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