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CBR X-POSITION: Marjorie Liu - More of My Questions Asked

There are very few writers in comics or any form of writing for that matter that have my consistent respect. I'm not the kind of fanboy that will swallow whole any shit that a particular writer pushes. I'll praise their work one week, but I'll compare it to the entrails of a dead moose the next if that's what they earn. Thankfully, I've spared my blog many dead moose with Marjorie Liu. Ever since she took over X-23, she's proven that she can write compelling stories and compelling characters in a way that isn't just awesome for the action and the teen angst. She can actually write a story with heart. She can take someone like X-23 that is as temperamental, messed up, and utterly fucked up at times and give her heart. Even if you didn't give three tenths of a damn about X-23 before, she writes X-23 in a way that's appealing and strong. I've given high marks to nearly every one of her issues that I've reviewed and she's one of the few writers to which I'll give some leniency on the little things.

Now I know I come off as a drunken madman at times, but I do actually put thought into the reviews I write and the books I need. If I wanted to just stare at pretty pictures, I'd raid my uncle's Playboy stash. As a guy who tries to write as much as he can with what little time of sobriety he has, I value good writing and good storytelling. For the most part, that's what Marjorie Liu has consistently delivered while so many other Marvel series have relied on gimmicks and spectacles (Generation Hope, Brightest Day Aftermath, and Ultimate Marvel, I'm glaring at your sorry ass). Since Liu is a novelist by trade, she's added a unique touch to the X-23 series that is just too awesome for any imported substance from Columbia.

CBR: X-POSITION - Marjorie Liu

Seeing as how I'm almost as passionate about X-23 as I am about booze, I had a number of questions I wanted to ask Marjorie Liu. Most were relating to the ongoing X-men Schism event that has been making so many waves. Others were just simple curiosities.

Really? Maybe MarvelMaster616 can get you to loosen your lips...

1) X-23 has been off on her own for a while now. How will the events of "Schism" affect her current journey as a character?

X-23 had already made the decision to split with the X-Men so, in some ways, the events of "Schism" won't affect her journey. On the other hand, seeing the split also justifies her original logic -- and maybe sets her free in unexpected ways.

2) In some of the teasers for "X-Men Regenesis," it's been revealed that Jubilee is on Cyclops' team. X-23 developed somewhat of a friendship with Jubilee in the recent arc. Will this complicate things for the two of them moving forward?

No, I don't see why it would.

3) Sinister made an appearance in an earlier arc of "X-23." It's now been revealed that Sinister will be a significant part of Kieron Gillen's "Uncanny X-Men." Will Sinister's reemergence affect X-23?

That, I can't say. We'll see.

Okay, so there wasn't much to offer. From the looks of it, Schism won't have much of an effect on X-23. That's just fine with me. I'm perfectly content with Marjorie Liu being left to her own devices with X-23. She wields them so well and Schism is spreading enough shit throughout the X-books. That doesn't mean that every X-title should share the same stench. Based on Liu's words, one could argue that X-23 is the freest X-man at the moment. She doesn't need to take a side. She doesn't have to get involved with the whole politics of mutants. I think that's kind of liberating for her. It also ensures that the X-23 series will offer a reprieve to some of the X-men fans that are tired of seeing the Wolverine/Cyclops dick-measuring contest.

I'm more intrigued by her response about Sinister. I certainly hope that his appearance will somehow tie into X-23. The story about her, Miss Sinister, and Mr. Sinister was a major moment in X-23's journey. If he comes back, I doubt that Sinister would be able to resist fucking with her. Like R. Kelly, he just can't resist messed up teenage girls. In some ways that would help show that while X-23 is off doing her own thing, the events of the other X-books still affect her. She's still an X-man at heart even if she's not on an official roster at the moment. Now she gets to take a page right out of Wolverine's playbook and rub elbows with other Marvel heroes. She's doing it with the FF now. She's set to visit Avengers Academy in the near future. She'll get around and unlike Wolverine I can't make too many sex jokes about it.

So my hopes are high on the X-23 series. I'm still excited about the prospects for Schism, but there's only so much bad bromance breakups that I can take. X-23's story is compelling in it's own right and it doesn't require mutant politics to get in the way. So for this, I thank Marjorie Liu for crafting something special. I hope she stays on with X-23 for years to come! Nuff said.

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