Monday, September 10, 2012

Price Decrease for Child of Orcus

It's been while since I mentioned my other writing endeavors outside X-men Supreme and this blog. I may give the impression that I only write about comics, but I do have serious aspirations about becoming an accomplished writer. So earlier this year, I announced that I self-published my first book through Amazon Kindle. So far, I've yet to get any sales or responses. I know that's to be expected of my first published work. But I'm still hoping that someone will take an interest in my non-comic writing.

As such, I've lowered the price for my first book, Child of Orcus. If you have enjoyed what I've done with X-men Supreme, then I think you'll enjoy the story I tell in Child of Orcus. It's a story that involves magic, mystery, deceit, and drama. I tried to give it the same attention and detail that I gave X-men Supreme. Now you can enjoy it for only $3.99, the cost of a typical comic. I would appreciate every bit of support that anyone could offer. I want to turn my writing skills into something more marketable. That can only help what I do here on this blog and with X-men Supreme. Thank you and if you're interested in Child of Orcus, you can purchase it at the following link:

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