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X-men Supreme Issue 62: Partners in Madness Part 2 PREVIEW and Pics Update

The X-men Supreme fanfiction series has evolved in many ways since its inception. When I created X-men Supreme, I didn't just want to create a fanfiction series. I wanted to crate an entire Marvel universe that could be every bit as compelling as the X-men comics that Marvel has been churning out for the last five decades. I know I'm a long ways away from being on the same level as any of the comics, but with X-men Supreme I at least try to measure up. That's why I believe the events I plan must be up to a certain caliber of awesome.

I've been teasing and hinting at it for so long and it's almost upon us! The X-men Supreme fanfiction series is now in a prelude stage to an event. I likened it earlier to what the series, X-Sanction, was to Avengers vs. X-men. But instead of Cable, the X-men have to deal with their old 4th wall breaking frienemy, Deadpool. And so far, the few responses I've received regarding my use of Deadpool has been very positive. He's a fun character to write and someone who knows how to make a grim set of circumstances incredibly entertaining. But to date, I haven't really established how he came to be in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. Like many other characters, his background is somewhat different. Well the next issue of X-men Supreme promises to explore that history while finalizing the preparations for X-men Supreme's biggest event to date! As such, I've prepared a brief preview of the action to come.

“You are James Howlett.”

These words struck Wolverine in a way that even Weapon X had never managed. For a moment he was completely oblivious to the chaos around him. Shaw’s hired militia and Omega Red’s well-armed henchmen were locked in a bloody clash. Bullets were flying, bombs were going off, and people were dying. But none of that registered. All he could think about was this profound revelation. He was James Howlett.

It triggered all sorts of violent rages and conflicting memories. He saw images of wars in Europe, the Pacific, and Russia. In those wars a figure committed savage atrocities. This figure butchered, killed, and maimed without regard. This was before Weapon X. This was before everything he remembered. He didn’t want to believe that figure was him, but there was no escaping the truth.

“Ooh, you’re gonna get it now, Ruskie!” said Deadpool, who was still in a the iron grip of Colossus, “I know that look in his eye! It’s about to get real messy!”

“Piotr, please rip that man’s tongue out!” spat Omega Red as he tightened his grip on Wolverine.

“I’m trying! He’s…durable!” grunted Colossus in frustration.

“That’s what all the ladies say!” grinned Deadpool, “You should ask this girl back in Germany how I-ack!”

Deadpool didn’t get a chance to finish. Colossus squeezed him harder, placing a hand over his throat so he couldn’t speak anymore. The masked mercenary was still fighting him, but it wasn’t enough. He could not match his strength.

Several bullets flew by Omega Red’s head as he looked up at the suspended Wolverine. His whips around his neck, he started using his draining powers to suck the life out of the former living weapon. It was another part of his mutation, courtesy of the same ghastly process that made Wolverine. It would be fitting that this was his how Wolverine would meet his end.

“AUUUGGGGGH!” he roared in agony.

“You feel that, James? That’s the pain of all my countrymen you slaughtered! You, Sabretooth, and every last part of your little team stained my country with blood! Because of men like you, Mother Russia was crippled before she could rise to glory! I swear on the blood of my countrymen I will rebuild what you destroyed!”

Omega Red seethed as he drained Wolverine even more, listening as he let out more pained howls. It was glorious. The crimes of James Howlett were finally going to be punished.

He was so focused on exacting his vengeance that he didn’t even realize his comrades were being overwhelmed by Shaw’s militia. More pullets were flying their way and many were trying to retreat. None of this didn’t matter to him. This turned out to be a mistake though because in his focus he didn’t see two figures flying towards him from above.

“Arkady, look out!” exclaimed one of the figures.

Omega Red diverted his gaze just in time to see the body of Darkstar crash right into him. It caused him to lose his grip on Wolverine and knocked him back against the train.

“Or not!” grinned Rogue, who recovered quickly from the impact, “Ah tried to warn you, sugah. I’m stronger than Ah look!”

Rogue watched with supreme satisfaction as Omega Red lay stunned with Darkstar hunched over his lap. That woman had some major firepower and a great deal of strength, but she grossly underestimated her ability to take what she could dish out. So when she countered with a bold attack of her own, she wasn’t ready for it. Still hovering in mid-air, Rogue quickly flew over to help Wolverine. He was out of it from Omega Red’s draining powers, but he was still conscious and clearly pissed.

“You alright, Wolverine?” she asked him.

“Hell no!” spat the feral mutant as he shook off her help, “I’m pretty fucking far from being alright!”

Rogue was taken aback by his response. She had to step back a little. Wolverine had that berserker look in his eye. He seemed ready to rip into anything still breathing. It was disturbing, even by his standards.

His claws drawn, the former living weapon snarled as he narrowed his sights on the dazed Omega Red. He was poised to attack, but Colossus quickly stepped in. He still had Deadpool by the throat and was still obligated to protect the Omega family.

“Do not take another step!” he ordered as he squeezed Deadpool even harder, “Leave Mr. Rossovich alone or your ill-mannered friend will suffer!”

“Back off, Ruskie! You don’t want to defend this clown!” snarled Wolverine.

“Want is not the issue! I do as I must!” said the metal mutant strongly.

Wolverine didn’t listen. His sights remained locked on Omega Red. Deadpool, who was being choked to death by Colossus’s iron grip, was getting a little anxious.

“Uh…Logan?” he coughed, “A little help?”

His call went unheeded. Wolverine’s berserker rage was too strong. It didn’t look like Deadpool was going to get help from his old partner. Luckily, he soon got help from another source.

“Dang…this be bittersweet,” said a Cajun accented voice from above.

Without warning, a shower of charged playing cards rained down over Colossus and Deadpool. It came courtesy of Gambit, who was riding an ice slide into the chaos with Nightcrawler and Iceman. As soon as the Russian mutant looked up, the cards exploded and blinded him in a shower of bursts. As he instinctively covered his eyes, his grip loosened on Deadpool. The menacing mercenary used this opportunity to break free and fight back.

“Ahhhhhhh freedom! Is there any sweeter feeling?” he exclaimed, “Oh yeah! There’s this!”

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a small grenade and tossed it into the chest of Colossus. As soon as it hit, it exploded sharply and knocked the durable mutant on his back. Before he could get up, Iceman came in lower and used his powers to create a thick ice shell around him.

“Sorry big guy,” he said, “But you’ll have to chill for a bit.”

“For zhe record, I appreciate your efforts to silence Deadpool,” said Nightcrawler as he teleported to the ground below with Rogue.

“Aww Nightcrawler! I didn’t know you cared!” said Deadpool obnoxiously.

“Maybe we should’ve given him a few more minutes,” muttered Gambit.

I've also finally gotten around to updating some of the pics section. I'm sorry I've been negating this section for a while, but don't think I've forgotten it! I know quality pics are an integral part of what makes X-men Supreme awesome. I'm proud to say I've updated the X-Couples section for Wolverine/Jean Grey and Cyclops/Jean Grey. I've also updated the X-ladies section for Jean Grey and Rogue. Notice a pattern? There's a reason for that! You'll see why soon enough.

While I did receive an uptick in feedback with my last issue, it wasn't very substantial. So once again, I urge all my wonderful readers to take some time to provide feedback on this fanfiction series. I can't tell you how much this feedback means to me. I work long on hard on X-men Supreme, trying to make it as awesome as it can possibly be. And the more feedback I get, the better it can be. So please take some time to post your thoughts in the comments section of each issue or contact me directly. Until next time, take care and best wishes! Excelsior!


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