Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Avengers vs. X-men #11 - Underwhelmingly Fatal

When someone takes a massive shit on your favorite meal, it's hard to keep eating. Most reasonable people push their plate away, kindly call for the manager, and ask that they kick the head chef in the balls. Unfortunately, that's not always possible. Sometimes when you're committed to eating a meal, you're forced to either eat around it or eat through it. Now why would anyone in their right mind eat shit? Well it usually follows sentences like "I'll bet you $50 bucks" and "Want a shot a tequila?" When good comic book events go bad, you don't even get the luxury of a bet or a shot of liquor. If you want to keep going, you have to eat around that shit. It'll stink to high hell, you'll want to throw up, and you'll probably get extremely sick. But unless you're a total pussy, you go through with it.

Now I'm not implying that Avengers vs. X-men #10 was akin to a tidal wave of explosive diarrhea on the overall event, but someone at Marvel was definitely doing shots of hot sauce when writing this issue. In just one issue, the entire event went from a viable conflict between two superhero teams to just another glorified monster battle. The Avengers and the X-men aren't fighting anymore. Hell, most of the X-men are on their knees preparing to suck Captain America's dick to atone for siding with Cyclops and the Phoenix Five. Because apparently siding with the same people who sought to create a worldwide utopia is something you have to apologize for. For some reason, heroes have to have the world fucked because the idea of innocent people not being in danger all the time makes them cranky.

I could do a whole blog post on how Marvel has completely fucked the concept of Avengers vs. X-men. Hell, I'm still waiting for a viable explanation as to why no one has pointed out that the Avengers were the ones responsible for the Phoenix Five in the first place. If they didn't give Tony Stark so many high tech toys and no women to distract him, the Phoenix wouldn't have been split. And when the Phoenix Five tried to make a better world by ending shit like poverty, famine, and war the Avengers thought the best solution was to blindly attack them and take the mutant messiah they fought so hard to protect. That's like beating up a hungry bear with a juicy steak and then bitching about it when the bear mauls your ass.

Then there's Hope Summers herself. If ever there was a character I was more eager to see die at the hands of the Phoenix, it's her. This pissant piece of shit ripoff character is about as likable as an infected rectal wart. First she was ready for the Phoenix. Then she wasn't. Now she claims she's ready again and only after ditching the people who sacrificed damn near everything to save her miserable rip-off ass in Second Coming in favor of the group of heroes who have no fucking experience whatsoever in dealing with the Phoenix Force and did precisely dick to come to your rescue when Bastion was trying to blow your head off. I'm usually not in favor of any character suffering needlessly in a story, but I make an exception for Hope "Jean Ripoff" Summers. May the Phoenix snap her neck and peck her fucking eyes out.

But I digress. While Avengers vs. X-men #10 sucked elephant balls, I usually give a big event one mulligan. Marvel has already promised that Avengers vs. X-men #11 will be giant sized and carry this shit forward. So like the guy who took the bet and the shot of tequila, I'm willing to eat around the shit. Avengers vs. X-men #11starts by further defeating the purpose of the title. The Avengers and X-men are gathering for one last assault on Cyclops and Emma. Because that's been working so damn well to this point, attacking the Phoenix head on. Captain America goes out of his way to enlist Hulk (the green one and not the red one) while Rogue (apparently back from her adventure with cat people dongs) meets up with Professor Xavier and the rest of the Avengers. It's yet another bullshit moment where Rogue and the X-men admit they were wrong and the readers are left wondering WTF? She was wrong for siding with the people who wanted to create a worldwide utopia? Xavier claims to love his X-men, but forgets to mention that he's been fucking MIA since House of M and done jack shit for the X-men until now. Yet nobody says a fucking word. It's like the long-snapper of the New York Giants claiming he's the reason why they won the Superbowl. It makes you want to punch the guy in the balls and shit in his mouth so he'll shut the fuck up.

As for their targets, the Phoenix powered Cyclops and Emma are in the midst of a friendly debate. By that I mean they're discussing how easy it would be to just burn the whole fucking planet to a crisp and start from scratch. Emma Frost already entertained that idea in the previous issue and now she's essentially tempting Cyclops to do the same. Then in yet another display of him NOT being an asshole with the Phoenix, he tells her to cut that shit out. It gets somewhat tense, but as we've seen before Marvel never lets shit get tense with Cyclops and Emma. Even though the cover depicts them going at it like Rick James and Tina Turner, it's no more serious than arguing over where to go to dinner for these two. And if they were going to fight, Marvel 'conveniently' ensured their favorite porno couple doesn't get the chance because that's when the Avengers show up.

But before the fighting starts, Professor Xavier tries one last time to reach Cyclops before he...I don't know, makes another worldwide utopia or something. They meet on a psychic plane where Xavier essentially tells Cyclops that he needs help. Because apparently using cosmic power to create a better world is a mental illness in his mind. Cyclops rightly points out that Xavier sat in a fucking wheelchair or was completely MIA while he was leading the X-men after M-Day. And now that he actually has created a better world he thinks he can come in and tell him he's sick? Cosmic power or no cosmic power, that's a pretty fucking retarded reason for attacking someone, let alone someone Xavier trained and is supposed to trust.

If that's not bad enough, Xavier doesn't even attempt to acknowledge how the others were responsible. He doesn't mention Iron Man being responsible for splitting the Phoenix. He doesn't mention Hope. He doesn't mention Schism. He doesn't mention how it was Namor who attacked Wakanda and Emma Frost who encouraged him. He just attacks Cyclops and only Cyclops as if he's the one jerking off behind the scenes. If Xavier was supposed to come off as a caring father figure here, Marvel failed miserably. Instead, he comes off as that asshole parent telling their gay son that he's sick and needs to put Jesus inside him instead cock.

Xavier comes off as an even bigger asshole when he brings the Avengers and X-men down to attack him. Because again, that shit has been working SO fucking well thus far. I'm shocked that at this point in the comic no one has pointed out attacking the Phoenix only seems to make shit worse. The Avengers were the one that attacked Utopia. They were the ones that attacked the Phoenix and abducted Hope. And each time, shit got worse. Captain America actually has the gall to say Cyclops is under a rest. Really? For what?! What the fuck did he do that deserves arrest? I know drug dealers and meth heads who have done way worse shit than what Cyclops has done in Avengers vs. X-men. He used his Phoenix powers to create a better world, bitch slap Sinister, and ensure the safety of mutants for generations. I've met bullshit cops that will arrest people for spitting on the sidewalk, but Captain America is a bigger asshole than all of them at this point.

The battle quickly escalates with some fancy fight scenes that show Emma getting slammed by Storm and Hulk, which is actually pretty satisfying because she was the one that argued they should just destroy the world and start from scratch. But the focus is still on Cyclops. Even Magneto turns on Cyclops because...well, it's probably for the same reason Captain America is trying to arrest Cyclops. The idea that someone may actually use this cosmic power to make a utopia for humans and mutants just doesn't sit right. He urges Cyclops to listen, but at this point what the fuck can he expect? He admits he brought Xavier to Utopia along with the Avengers, thus pissing off Cyclops even more, and expects him to listen? That's like trying to debate a creationist after they beat up your mother. I'm starting to wonder if Marvel stopped thinking shit through at this point because they just want a clearer view of Cyclops becoming an asshole.

Even Cyclops's best friends and closest teammates turn on him. Again, I can't surmise a single fucking reason why and I've read this comic both sober and stoned. Even Iceman, the Ringo Star of the X-men, just says everyone is sick of him. Why? Again, what the fuck is he doing that makes them so sick? He tried to create a global utopia for fucks sake. I know I've said that way too many times over the course of this review, but it's a point worth reinforcing. How the fuck is he the asshole here? What has he done with his power other than try to protect Hope, build a better world, and fight off the Avengers? There are plenty of opportunities within this giant sized issues for them to explain in a handful of words what he's done wrong, but they don't. It's like Iceman is just going with the flow. Everybody is acting as though Cyclops is being an asshole. No one is questioning it. They're just going with it. They're as competent as the SEC when they investigated Bernie Madoff. They don't come off as heroes in a desperate struggle. They come off as that annoying kid in Kroger that's clearly off his ADHD meds and pitching a fit for no fucking reason.

I'm still left to wonder why the Avengers haven't figured out that fighting the Phoenix only makes it more pissed. That's like trying to fight a forest fire with rocket fuel. Yet like the SEC when investigating Madoff, they choose not to try a different approach and keep pushing Cyclops. So when he finally gets pissed off enough to do something excessive, they have no excuse to look deadpanned. Yet when Cyclops decides he needs to attack his bleach blonde girlfriend and take her portion of the Phoenix Force, they actually look surprised. It would have been more surprising if he bent her over and fucked Emma just to remind them that he's awesome. But as was hinted at in the previous issue, Cyclops knew he couldn't beat the Avengers with only half a Phoenix. He needs the whole thing.

Now in another blog post, I did a quick rant on how Marvel avoids having Cyclops and Emma fight under any circumstances. The cover for this comic clearly showed them bickering just like that bullshit cover from X-men: The Confession. But this comic hasn't had any major fighting between Cyclops and Emma. It's just had a few verbal scoffs that are no more serious than the arguments I used to have with my ex-girlfriend on what we should have for dinner. But when the time does come along to wrestle away Emma's part of the Phoenix, it's pretty much glossed over. He just blasts her in mid air, grabs her, and takes the Phoenix. It may actually be a metaphor for when Bristol Palin lost her virginity, minus the shitty reality show that followed. But at the very least, it shows Cyclops defying Emma in a way he hasn't since they started swapping body fluids. It doesn't offer any hint as to whether their relationship will survive this. Unlike the Cyclops/Jean relationship, Marvel doesn't seem to give a damn about having Cyclops/Emma work through issues in a way that can't be acted out in a porno so I'm not holding my breath.

Now armed with the full Phoenix, Cyclops is poised to take down the Avengers. Again, Xavier urges him to stop. Again, I ask stop what? He and the Avengers are the ones that fucking attacked! That's like an invading army yelling at civilians to stop oppressing them as they run their asses over in tanks. Who should really be telling who to stop here? I'm not saying Cyclops isn't being an asshole for taking his girl's Phoenix Force, but just telling him to stop without at least trying not to sound like parent yelling at their kid for not flushing the toilet is bullshit. And the world's most powerful telepath is supposed to know that. So it's not too surprising when the Phoenix powered Cyclops shuts him up by killing him.

That last sentence is as boring as it sounds. That's right. Cyclops has killed Charles Xavier. On the surface that sounds like a big fucking deal. Then when you look at how Cyclops has been MIA since House of M and spent most of AvX condemning Cyclops for shit he's not responsible for, it's hard to have much sympathy for this asshole. He's lied to Cyclops. He's walked away from the X-men. He's used his powers to manipulate him. And then when Cyclops has cosmic power and actually uses it to do good, all Xavier can do is tell him he needs to stop without giving him a half-decent reason. All the while, the Avengers keep attacking and pissing him off even more. This circumstances couldn't have made this moment less surprising if it was leaked early to the New York Daily News...okay, bad example.

Killing Xavier may not shock the readers, but it certainly shocked the X-men and the Avengers. They all just stand by and look deadpanned. Even Hope, who by the way is the entire reason for the Phoenix Force being on Earth in the first place, does absolutely nothing throughout this whole fucking issue. It's like the entire issue was dedicated to pushing Cyclops into becoming so pissed off that he's become a villain. As such, he crosses that fine line from Phoenix to Dark Phoenix. It looks pretty badass and he even fries Wolverine for good measure, which is always nice since he double crossed both the X-men and the Avengers at some point in this event. But now Avengers and X-men have to deal with a fucking Dark Phoenix. The worst part of it is they have absolutely no one to blame but themselves.

When Marvel goes out of their way to kill a major character and goes through the trouble of leaking spoilers to the New York Daily News, it usually means they're killing someone they've never had the audacity to kill before. But this time, the headline might as well have been reporting that Rush Limbaugh was beaten to death by feminist militias. It's only shocking if you're too brain damaged to wipe your ass after taking a shit. The death of Charles Xavier has about as much emotional resonance as the death of Jerry Falwell did with Richard Dawkins. This guy was fucking SHOT IN THE HEAD at the end of Messiah Complex. That shit happened fairly recently. Unless Marvel thinks every reader can't remember shit from five years ago, they have to know how fucked this is. They can't honestly assume their readers are as stupid as the people who still supported President Bush's second term.

But this is what we're left with. This was supposed to be the big death and it came from a guy who has been MIA and jerking off in the background for the last five years. There was a time when Charles Xavier's name carried a lot of weight. Marvel spent nearly a decade marginalizing his ass so Cyclops and Wolverine could take charge. Killing him off at the hands of his first student, who he kept attacking for bullshit reasons mind you, isn't a tragic or heroic moment. It's only as heroic as the guy who jumps into a tank of hungry sharks covered in baby seal blood. That is to say it's not heroic at all. Marvel just threw his ass away and had Cyclops do it so that it would raise a few eyebrows. But considering what an asshole Xavier has been in condemning Cyclops for bullshit reasons, it not only lacked the impact. It made readers who remembered Xavier being shot in the head nostalgic.

Avengers vs. X-men continues to dive head first into an ocean of whale shit. This story was built around the premise of the Avengers and X-men clashing over an ideology that you could argue had merit on both sides. Now it's just character assassination on a level that can only be attained by ingesting a gallon of gasoline and a fuck ton of prescription pain pills. Marvel has officially made Cyclops the asshole after using a cosmic power to create a worldwide utopia. It takes a very potent kind of bullshit to take a character, give him vast power, have him do all sorts of good shit with this power, and then make him the fucking villain. It takes shit of an equal caliber to make the so-called good guys being the same guys that invaded someone's home, ordered them to hand over their messiah, and kept attacking them even as it became clear that it was only making shit worse. At this point, Marvel is starting to sound like they have a shit fetish and one that requires serious psychiatric help.

Avengers vs. X-men #10 was the first issue of this event that really fucked up. Now I'm usually willing to give an event a pass when just one issue fucks up, but when two issues in a row essentially bury that rusty knife deeper in the wound I have no sympathy. Avengers vs. X-men #11 took the shitty parts of Avengers vs. X-men #10 and made them even shittier. It flat out ignored Hope Summers. It had a very underwhelming death. It went to extraordinary lengths to make Cyclops the villain when he's done nothing villainous. And it did it in the most underwhelming way possible. The only saving grace was having Cyclops stand up to Emma Frost along with the awesome artwork that depicted the action. I can't say this issue is as shitty as your typical Ultimate comic, but it's within spitting distance. That's why I give Avengers vs. X-men #11 a 2 out of 5.

With All New X-men and the Original Five returning, Marvel has made sure that the X-men have been thoroughly gangbanged and disgraced. Bendis now has a world where everyone will hate Cyclops for very shitty reasons and where Xavier died only after he stopped being relevant. Like a crusted over scab, I'm ready to do a way with this shitty event and get to the part where they start retconning the fuck out of it. Nuff said!


  1. Scott Summers you are under arrest for crimes against....the whale population!

    1. Facebook gal. Google won't let me have this name. Its a liberal media conspiracy!

      Technically he violated the Federal Kidnapping Act 18 U.S.C. § 1201 by detaining the Avengers in Limbo. That's a pretty serious crime. Up until the 1970's, it carried the death penalty. Now it often brings life in prison. And if the Avengers are actually sworn federal agents (which I doubt since Logan is not an American citizen) then detaining them could also be considered an assault against a federal agent, a HUGE no-no.

      But Cap't Crunc--I mean Captain America tried to kidnap Hope, which violates the Lindbergh law as well. So it is silly to have him make the arrest. Come to think of it, are they sworn in do even do that?!?!? Or is he making a citizen's arrest?

  2. That would make about as much sense as any crime they charge him with. Seriously, where is it illegal to get caught in the crossfire of a fucking cosmic force? And what has he done that even remotely warrants arrest? I keep asking this question, but I know Marvel won't give an answer because logical responses just aren't how they roll.


  3. you're such a Scotty's scout boy! I bet you're dreaming of Jean's return so they can forget the cheating, their failed boring marriage and the fact that she throws herself in the waiting arms of old-wild- friend-and- forever- in love-with-her Logan every time things get ugly between and finally be together again...patetic! Jean and Cyclops' relationship is an overrated and predictable soap opera. The best thing that happened to Scott's character was his possesion by the Apocalipsy and her death.The guy was a tool before these events, let him be free of the redhead

    1. Failed and boring marriage? Dude, they were fucking married for over a decade. They raised a fucking kid together. That's not a failed marriage. And every time Jean kissed Wolverine, it was Wolverine who did the kissing. Never mind that their relationship actually has worth in the history of the X-men while Wolverine has boned so many women, most of which end up dead, that he's about as healthy for Jean Grey as cyanide. Cyclops's possession didn't destroy their marriage. Jean dying did that. Read the fucking books and go back to jerking off to Wolverine/Gambit slash fiction.

    2. Facebook gal here and to the defense of this blog!

      If Scott and Jean had a failed marriage, why do so many of us look back on it fondly? The fact is while some marriages fail, some actually work out. And this was the one which seemed to be working out. Maybe it involved less corsets and implied S&M, but let me tell you as a 40 year old married woman THAT IS WHAT MARRIAGE IS!! And it is NOT boring. Jean and Scott were realistic. And I miss that!

      Jean did not throw herself at Logan either. And Cyclops being absorbed by Uncle Pocky-pits didn't ruin their marriage. In case you forgot, Jean rescued him from that. He was not possessed when he locked her out of the bedroom or when he started the mental affair with Emma. And the act was so out of character for him I dropped Marvel for 8 years. Who does THAT for a "boring marriage?"

      Leave Jack and the rest of us alone! We have every right to want the good guys to win once in awhile. That's what comics are for anyway.

    3. I'm not the same guy who posted above, neither do I approve of Jean/Scott trolling (certainly not on a site that's clearly pro that ship), but Jean did throw herself at Logan and Scott's affair was a product of Apocky, though he of course wasn't possessed anymore. That was the first time Marvel decided to actually explore deeply the problems a character would go through after being "ressurrected", so it's hard for me to call that mischaracterization, more like a redefining moment for him. They could have gone a different direction, but they chose not to and frankly, at the time Marvel was going bankrupt, it's not like they had much to lose.

  4. The thing that pisses me off about this ending is that Marvel PROMISED us that one team would win this entire thing. Thats what it stressed from the start. Yet now there's no way this is a conflict anymore between two teams. It is a battle between good vs. a guy who made the world a better place and was antagonized from the start by the very people he was fighting right now from the start. Its a bad thing when Magneto has to side with Avengers to stop him from destroying the world. He is single handedly giving mutants a bad name and setting their cause back years in the making to the point that in order to get humans to trust them is to have them be a part of the Avengers or some shit like that. God this event just went to hell with issue.

  5. I gotta say I saw Xavier's death coming after issue 6.

  6. I only have one response to this.....

    Make Mine DC!

    Marvel has convinced me to never buy another one of thier comics again.


  7. What a piece of shit. This has been nothing but a waste of time and money. 'Nuff said

  8. Facebook gal again. (I should really get off my duff and set up an account with that.) And I hope you won't despise me once I post. But I feel your anger and must comment and comiserate.

    Marvel doesn't seem to be an enviorment where good writing thrives. They've had great writers, good story outlines and ideas, interesting characters, etc. But they never seem to come together in one place. Hence, the reader is left feeling jarred, jilted and yearning for the skill of fan fiction authors over the age of 21.

    AvX is a prime example.

    About 8 years ago, Marvel wanted to make Cyclops more popular. So they brought him back from the dead with a more cynical outlook. Unfortunately, as anyone who ever sat through a psychology class knows, when a person suffers a trauma then has their personality change completely, the person has had some sort of mental break. Fans wrote in by the legions. When Marvel didn't address this, I, like thousands of adult fans, ended up jumping ship.

    Marvel's response? They broke the two most significant emotional ties Cyclops had, made him more militant and started having Logan say "gee, what big balls he's got now." Then they tossed Emma in his bed so they could try and make him sexy. Still, didn't work. They needed Logan on the roster to make fans buy the book.s

    So, they depower nearly all the mutants we loved and introduced a bunch to horribly lame new students (a disembodied brain in a jar??? Really???) for us to care even less about. Then they had Scott toss said kids at the bad guys thinking we'd at least buy the books to see them get killed. We didn't.

    Finally Marvel realized, "oooh, maybe we went a bit too far with Cyclops and should address it." Now, did they have Storm realize Scott's behavior has become increasingly unstable and have a talk with him about how his obession with "ensuring mutuant survival" is actually having the exact opposite effect? No.

    Do they have Logan and Gambit get him piss drunk and dump him in the mental hospital of their choosing? Nope.

    Do they have Emma drops bits of wardrobe in a false trail into a rubber room. No again, although I'm sure there is a fan fic of that somewhere.

    Marvel gives us "AvX" and hopes we will be too busy reading the fight scenes to notice this is the exact same story we were already told in the original Phoenix Saga. Well, sorry. I started reading X-Men with my older sister's back issues of Uncanny detailing Phoenix and I haven't forgotten it. This was a poor imitation.

    I came back to Marvel because they promised me David Haller. And he's being featured in X-Men Legacy next month. Maybe by then I will have forgotten that Xavier told practially every single X-Men he loved them at least twice in this festering turd but has never once been shown telling his son that he loves David. But I dunno. I'm alot less excited than I was before.

  9. I am so FUCKING done with Marvel and the X-men. They have totally trashed my favorite X-Men character to make the Avengers look like heroes for an event that had no Fucking reason to happen. I stayed after Spider-Man, but now I am done with Marvel. Today I only follow Batman books, Justice League, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Aquaman. Marvel Now is Marvel DOA. And this shit is from the writers who claim to LOVE Cyclops, yet totally fuck him over. Scott Summers as a character deserves some much more, shit at least Morrison cared.

  10. I LIKED Militant Scott, I liked the fact he was no longer a boy scout, I liked the fact he seemed to have actually become a real leader of a people and not a symbolic figurehead which is what Cap seems to be most of the time. I agreed with pretty much every action Scott has taken and I'm not even particularly heart broken Xavier's dead again, he's been useless since before M-Day. But the way marvel's portrayed him makes NO SENSE AT ALL. He was in control of the Phoenix Force, he had done absolutely nothing wrong with it, he had solved more of earths problems in a week then anyone has in the last FOUR THOUSAND YEARS OF HUMAN HISTORY, without actually choosing to rule anything, every aggressive action he has taken has been in response to an aggressive action on the Avengers side, most of which made ZERO sense. In the Secret War arc of the Avengers Cap gives spiderman shit for wanting to put down the hulk because of the potential threat he represented, and now he does the EXACT SAME THING SPIDERMAN WAS DOING!!!!! If the Avengers gave the Hulk as much grief as they gave Scott he'd of cracked the world open like an egg too.....

    Seriously WHAT THE FUCK is marvel smoking there in their office to come up with this double standard bullshit with everyone acting out of character, hell, even in the artwork Hope looks like she's 11 again with her personality seeming to have reverted to how it was then too. Honestly what are they doing over there? It's like they all lost a 100 points of their IQ's or something.....

  11. I think people are forgetting that it doesn't matter u have control over the phoenix or not. The Phoenix has the power to blow up worlds so it must be contained not used. Lets just say north Korea has a nuclear bomb, is everyone else just going to say no problem im fine with that? I dont think so, there's going to be action cause north Korea is unstable just like the phoenix.

    1. And the Hulk has the power to blow up worlds with his fist, so does Thor with his hammer. Reed Richards has nearly destroyed the world numerous times with his tinkering, does that mean he should be locked in a room with nothing to tinker with? Magneto could cause an extinction level event just by grabbing a big rock in space and pointing it at earth, not like he hasn't done it before when he rescued Kitty from the breakworld bullet. Legion looked at an army of Elder Gods and waved them out of existence. The Ghost Rider can turn everyone on earth into vegetables by burning all the sin out of them. Franklin Richards is just as powerful as Legion when it comes to reality warping. If the Scarlet Witch can rewrite history like she did in the House of M she could just as easily rewrite it to have the earth destroyed.

      That's a REALLY stupid argument that if you really stood behind would mean that all of the above fall under its purview. Obviously in marvel earth the control is what matters (and sometimes not even that) not the fact that their capable of bringing about armageddon. And I'm sure there's alot more examples, that's just what I came up with off the top of my head.

    2. Uhh i think your also forgetting something, none of them destroyed any planets yet did they? How many planets the phoenix wiped already? Idiot.

    3. Legions sub-concious took the the entire universe and put it in a box that fit into the palm of his hand, and it WOULD have destroyed it if it wasn't stopped. Hulk and Thor have both destroyed worlds, maybe not inhabited worlds, but worlds nonetheless, Thor even DID take over the world once, and in a much harsher manner then the P5 did. Reed Richards has done experiments that as a side affect destroyed UNIVERSES. The Ghost Rider nearly DID turn the population of Earth into vegetables in the Fear Itself event. And FYI rewriting reality to the scale Wanda did in House of M and its aftermath basically IS destroying a world.....

      The Phoenix Force on its own doesn't give two fucks about the majority of worlds, it obviously has been shown to care very much about earth for some reason. Claiming intent means nothing in this situation is stupid, the fact that its just massively powerful is enough reason to oppose it is a stupid argument when there are all these massively powerful and highly unstable people around already like Wanda and Legion, that have proven themselves threats not just to earth, but all of Earth 616, yet the Marvel U leaves them be, why is the Phoenix Force treated differently? The most terrible thing the Phoenix Force did it did as a result of having been driven insane by the Hellfire club, guess what the Avengers basically did to Scott summers? Just replace insanity with rage and indignation. Should give you a hint at what happens when you continuously poke and annoy a cosmic force, it doesn't appreciate it.

      As such before you go and claim none of them have ever threatened or actually destroyed worlds, do your damn research, many of them either have or have been on the verge of having done so, fucking moron.

  12. I was so disappointed in AvX 11 that I started to post here and then decided I needed to walk away and get some space, lest my comment be nothing more than a string of angry words at Marvel.

    After some time to let it settle I still only have a strong of angry words toward Marvel. There is no way you can be a X-Men fan and feel good about this event. It's garbage, and hypocritical, and illogical, and a whole bunch of other things like that. I won't go into details because they've been mentioned before, most of them on this blog.

    What they've done to the character of Cyclops is inexcusable. Just the hypocricy and lack of logical flow in their story telling is inexcusable. Marvel's editorial is an absolute mess. Just an absolute mess. I can't get going on this or I'll never stop ranting...

    I've read X-Men comics for 31 years. Thirty. One. Years. And I've decided I'm done. I'll miss he characters deeply, but the reality is that I don't recognize most of the characters anyway. I've really loved Kieren's run on Uncanny and Aaron's on WatX, but when can I count on those titles being left alone and not crammed into some ridiculous crossover. And the crossovers are spoiling everything.

    The frustration with trying to choke down Marvel's event is overshadowing everything else and making it not fun. I think I'll try and stay with X-Force as it's always been pretty self-contained and loaded with fun character stuff, but I've really been enjoying Image. They have a lot of good character driven stories. I think it will be hard for a while considering the decades I've spent with these characters, but ultimately I'll enjoy comics again if I ditch Marvel.