Saturday, January 5, 2013

Beast Update: Marvel Confirms Cat-Beast is Gone for Good!

I know I've belabored this point more than Glenn Beck belabors Nazi comparisons, but I feel the need to throw in one last detail to Beast's new look, as was revealed in All New X-men #5. It's not enough that he finally has ditched the piss poor cat-Beast look that set Thundercats cos-playing back a decade. It only counts if it lasts. Well in CBR's weekly Axel-In-Charge column, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso gave us confirmation that they're not going to One More Day this shit!

Axel In Charge: The Marvel U's "Cosmic" 2013

Let me ask you about something Brian did this past week with Stuart Immonen -- redesign the of Beast in "All-New X-Men." This has got to be one of the top message board and convention topics I've seen over the past ten years: do you love or hate cat-Beast. How did you guys decide to finally change that up?

: It come as no surprise to us that this has become a hotly debated topic amongst fans -- because it was hotly debated amongst us!

[X-Men Group Editor] Nick Lowe absorbed a lot of body punches for his strident defense of "Cat Beast" at two editorial summits! [Laughs] Ultimately, Beast's redesign made sense in the context of Brian's story, so we did it.

And can we assume that this is status quo for a while going forward? Even if people complain as much as they did about the cat design?

Alonso: Yeah, it's status quo.

So there you have it! Cat Beast is gone! Rest in Pieces Cat Beast! We never liked you. Nuff said!

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