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X-men Supreme Reflections: Kurt Wagner PREVIEW and New Commission

I've made a number of significant changes to certain characters in the pages of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. Part of what I really love about the X-men Supreme Reflections series is that I get to really explore those differences. Part f making the X-men Supreme fanfiction series appealing is making it distinct from the material that Marvel comics produces with their comics, cartoons, and movies. As I've said from the outright, I try to blend certain elements from every medium in crafting X-men Supreme. But I also seek to give it my own unique twist.

Few characters have been made more unique in terms of background story as Kurt Wagner. Not only is he one of the most distinct and beloved X-man due to his appearance, but his history also quite unique. In the comics, it is somewhat convoluted. Some revelations, like his biological father Azazel, weren't revealed until the 2000s. Some of those revelations haven't been very popular with X-men fans. Despite this, I still make an effort to incorporate them into this fanfiction series and that has helped me create a very unique Nightcrawler.

In the X-men Supreme fanfiction series, he was not abandoned by his birth parents. His connection to the shape shifting Mystique was not hidden from him. As I've revealed in the series and in his bio, he was raised primiarly by his father, Azazel, and Mystique has always been part of his life. It has led him to develop a unique set of skills and traits in the pages of X-men Supreme, but along the way I make sure that he's still the lovable X-man that so many enjoy. Given that he's currently dead in the pages of Marvel comics, I feel it's important to depict him strongly. As such, he will be the next subject of X-men Supreme Reflections and I've prepared an extended preview.

Both my parents brought me into a world of strength and conflict. As far back as I can remember, zhey always gave me zhat balance zhat vas so important. Zhey vould train me and teach me to be strong, smart, and cunning. Yet zhey vould always couple zhat vith zhe same dedication zhat any parent vould give to their child. Zhey did not always express their love in zhe most traditional of vays. But zhere vas never a point in my life vhere I felt unloved.

I spent most of my childhood in Germany vith my father. As head of zhe Azazel, he had several opulent villas where I had everything a child could vant. However, I vas never spoiled. My father vorked hard to train me from zhe moment I could walk. He first put a sword in my hand vhen I was four at an age vhem most young boys are content vith toy cars. He taught me how to fight, utilizing my agility granted to me by my unique appearance. Every day was a new lesson in strength. My father vould always push me and I vould always do everything I could to impress him. I didn’t always succeed, but I always earned his praise.

It vas a difficult childhood in so many vays. Training and fighting each and every day vas a difficult task for anybody, even if zhey did have zhe legacy of Azazel guiding zhem. I vas still isolated in zhis privileged world. I could not go out into zhe cities of Germany and enjoy a world zhat so fascinated me. I always had to wear zhis cloak my father gave me vhenever ve traveled. I didn’t like it, but I figured out quickly vhy I had to wear it.

Vhen I vas about six years old, my father took me into Berlin. Ve always traveled vith a lot of security so people assumed ve vere diplomats, thus leaving us alone. For whatever reason, I vandered off from his body guards and towards zhis shop zhat had all zhis religious art in zhe vindow. It reminded me a lot of zhe stories my father told me about Limbo and zhe mystic arts. I vas so drawn in zhat I didn’t realize I pulled back my cloak too much. Vhen zhe shopkeeper saw me, she screamed so loud it could be heard for an entire city block.

I didn’t know vhat to say. I vas just a boy and didn’t understand vhy I scared everybody. Zhe shopkeeper came after me vith a knife and some police came after me vith guns. I didn’t have my teleportation powers at zhe time so I ran. I ran for vhat must have been two kilometers before I found what I thought was a safe place in a church that was closed for zhe day. It was a very scary moment. It vould be zhe last time I ever felt such fear. After about ten minutes of hiding, zhe mob of people found me. Zhey tried to corner me in zhe church, but zhey never got zhe chance. My father appeared in front of me, teleporting in a way I vould later master and casting a spell zhat made everybody pass out from a seizure. Zhe danger had passed, but I hung my head low zhat day. My father vas very disappointed in me and did not let my transgression go unnoticed.

But as upset as he vas, he used zhe experience to teach me a lesson. Zhis difficult experience showed vhy I had to cover my face and vhy I had to live an isolated life. I did not look normal. I vasn’t normal. For all I know, I may not be fully human. But zhat didn’t mean I vas vithout humanity. My father said zhese people were ignorant and foolish. I can despise zheir hatred all I want, but I could not let it consume me. Only zhe weak allow themselves to be consumed by hatred and I vas not wea. I vas zhe son of Azazel. I had to have faith zhat regardless of my appearance, I vould rise above an ignorant world and do vhat needed to be done. Zhe only question for me vas why? Vhy must be so strong? Vhat is zhe purpose of me being his son for zhis mission my father seemed so intent on completing?

I vould have to live much of my life without answers. My father could not or would not tell me zhe truth. He always assured me and my mother zhat there vas a good reason why he couldn’t tell us. The reason, it seemed, was a great burden on him and his kind. He wanted to bear that burden alone. He did not vant anyone else to share it. All I could do vas have faith zhat vhatever he vas doing, it vas worth fighting for.

In addition to the preview, I have yet another exciting update to the X-men Supreme website that involves a new commission for the pics section. Brian Brinlee has once again made another wonderful contribution to the X-men Supreme fanfiction series, taking a scene right out of Issue 32: Sinister Intent. It is an important scene in that it was the first time in X-men Supreme that Sinister attacked the X-men. I think this is one of Mr. Brinlee's best to date and you can see for yourself in the pics section!

I know that the Supreme Reflections spin-offs rarely garner as many comments or as much feedback as the regular X-men Supreme fanfiction series. I'm still hoping to change that. Since Nightcrawler is dead in the current comics, I really hope that this upcoming entry will please his many fans. And if anyone out there has suggestions, feedback, or just wants to chat X-men, please don't hesistate to contact me! I'm always open to discuss ways to make X-men Supreme more awesome. Until next time, take care and best wishes! Excelsior!


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