Monday, March 11, 2013

Marvel Infinite Comics Announcement - More is Awesome!

A week ago, Marvel cruelly teased fans again by giving them reasons to endlessly drone on the possibility of a New 52 style reboot. I imagine for some fanboys that's like getting an overdue boob job or putting down a dog. Now I pointed out how fucking retarded a reboot would be after the Marvel NOW! relaunch, but that didn't stop some from speculating endlessly when they saw this.

Well over the weekend while I was sleeping off a hangover, Marvel finally added some clarity while dashing the hopes of some fans who constantly bitch about the need for a reboot. But even they have to admit that the announcement was still pretty awesome. Avengers vs. X-men sucked the asshole of a constipated rhino, but it introduced something called Infinite Comics and those comics were pretty fucking awesome. In an era where people value their smart phone almost as much as they value their liver, it makes perfect sense to create comics that are perfectly adapted to the digital medium. Well now Marvel is taking that shit a step further! And this is how:

SXSW 2013: Marvel Infinite Comics

Today at the South By Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas, Marvel announced the addition of weekly Infinite Comics to their publishing slate. These comics treat mobile devices as a new canvas and that take advantage of the technological opportunities inherent in them. Fans have gotten a taste of this format before with the AVENGERS VS. X-MEN and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Infinite Comics, but this new initiative promises to push the burgeoning medium to new places.

“What we’re doing with Infinite Comics is developing a new language for telling comic book stories," says Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso. “We’re getting more and more sophisticated as we move along. We see a progress with each venture, and an expanding of capabilities. The technology improves and allows us to do things that we weren’t able to do before."

Four leading Marvel characters will receive their own 13-part, weekly Infinite Comic story, totaling up to 52 weeks of new Infinite Comics, one released every Tuesday. WOLVERINE: JAPAN'S MOST WANTED kicks off the program, written by Jason Aaron and Jason Latour, with art by Paco Diaz. The latest Wolverine epic begins on July 9, providing a perfect jumping on point for anyone who enjoys this summer's film, "Wolverine."

The Infinite Comic marks seminal Wolverine writer Jason Aaron's return to the character's solo adventures.

“The reason we’ll be involving the monthly writer of each of these comic book stories we’re going to be telling through Infinite is that they’re all part of continuity," explains Alonso. "You know it’s as relevant to that particular character as anything you’ll find on the comic book stands that Wednesday."

The subjects of the subsequent Infinite Comics series remain under wraps for now.
“It’s not that certain characters are better in print and others aren’t," explains Peter Phillips, the Senior Vice President & General Manager of Marvel’s Digital Media Group. "I think this is an alternative way of storytelling. This is always about using digital for continued innovation. We’re always trying to extend that conversation with and for our fans."

"We’re at the forefront of developing a new language for comics," continues Alonso. "If we go back to the way comics were told, it started with a horizontal strip of panels and evolved into a comic book page. [Then] you could go vertical or horizontal and page design was a part of the process. Now we’ve taken it to the tablet and the handheld media and you’re seeing how, even in a short year or so that we’ve been doing [Infinite Comics], how we’re evolving this and getting better."

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