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X-men Supreme Issue 72: Inauguration Day Part 1 PREVIEW and Emma Frost Pics

I believe I've made fans of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series wait long enough. Now that X-men Supreme Reflections Volume 3 and X-men Supreme Issue 3.1: Sin City Shenanigans are complete, I can finally stop keeping it to myself. X-men Supreme Volume 4: Politics of Fear is here! That's right! It's official. The next era of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series is ready to begin. I chose the title "Politics of Fear" because it deals heavily with the aftermath of the end of X-men Supreme Volume 3: War Powers in which Senator Robert Kelly was elected President of the United States. Now the X-men and mutants everywhere are poised to face enormous scrutiny. They can no longer keep a low profile. The people and the government demand that something be done. The results could be a more secure peace or a very damaging war. And you can expect the X-men to be in the center of it all!

But before anyting can be done in this new era of X-men Supreme, Senator Robert Kelly needs to get through his official inauguration. Every President of the United States must do so and since it is always such a spectacle, it's a perfect target! The X-men know this and that is why it will be the first story in X-men Supreme Volume 4: Politics of Fear. Professor Charles Xavier knows as well as the President-elect that it doesn't take much in this current climate to spark an all out human/mutant conflict. And before Robert Kelly can even take office, both he and the X-men are going to face a bold new threat that could end any prospect of peace. And the source of that threat is an old foe to the X-men and one they've never seen before. And if you want to see just what X-men character they'll be dealing with, check out this extended preview of the first issue of this new era in X-men Supreme!

“Keep them coming!” she ordered, “Damn healing won’t quit so make the next one a double!”

“Morlock, you’re really pushing it!” the bartender began, “I swear if you don’t settle down…”

But before the bartender could finish an expected voice emerged from the back of the bar.

“Easy there, friend. You know as well as I do that Morlocks are tenacious fighters. I can only imagine how tenacious a drunken Morlock could be.”

“Are you really defending this Morlock scum?” said the bartender.

“If it makes you feel better, you can put that glass on my tab.”

This seemed to silence the bartender. It also seemed to get Callisto’s attention. Despite her drunken state, she turned around to see an imposing figure emerging from the back. He stood nearly six and a half feet tall, bore a fairly well-muscled frame, and had long flowing white hair. While his body stood strong, his face looked aged and scarred. It was hard to tell if it was because he was older than he looked or if he had just been in one too many fights. The man certainly looked the part of a fighter with the old, somewhat raggedy clothes he had on. He wore black boots, an old gray shirt, and camouflaged pants behind a black trench coat. She watched as he sat down on the stool next to her, casually swirling a half-empty bottle of beer.

“If you’re looking for me to say thank you, you’ll have to wait until I’ve have a few more shots,” said Callisto in a slurred tone.

“Do I look like someone that cares for gratitude?” said the stranger.

“No, but you don’t look like someone who throws himself at drunk women either,” she retorted, “Unless of course you’re one of those dirty old men who has a thing for jailbait.”

“That’s assuming I’m as old as you think I am,” he replied with a wry grin, “But where are my manners? My name is Alexander Khan. But most know me simply as Stryfe.”

“Alexander Khan? Stryfe?” laughed Callisto, “I don’t know who gave you those names, but they must drink way more than I do.”

“Actually, I took those names myself,” said the man as he finished his beer, “Alexander as in Alexander the Great, one of the most gifted conquerors of his time. Genghis Khan, the man who built the most feared army in the history. It seemed fitting to use both.”

“So you have a thing for old world conquerors and girls you think are fighters,” said Callisto as she gulped down another round, “Then where does the name Stryfe come in?”

“Are you really that interested or is that just the alcohol talking?”

“Can it be both?”

“Not if you’re going to take what I’m about to offer you seriously.”

Callisto put her drink down and turned to face this mysterious man. Every reasonable instinct told her not to trust this man. It was the same instinct she had around every surface dweller, even in a mutant-friendly locale like District X. But there was something about him that was different. There was this strange gleam in his eye, indicating that he saw something in her that intrigued him. It was disconcerting in some ways, yet she found herself intrigued as well.

“So now you’re offering something?” she said in her slurred tone, “I take it picking up my tab wasn’t an act of charity either.”

“It got your attention, didn’t it?” said Stryfe with a half-grin, “You see, I’m a fighter, just like you. I live through the whims of war and battle. I’ve experienced combat to a point that I’ve practically forgotten any life I had beforehand. Even in my dreams, I see myself in battles that span the ages. From Alexander the Great to the trenches in Genosha, I’ve seen it all.”

“Sounds like a major case of Shell Shock,” scoffed Callisto, “You know they have meds for that now.”

“Does it look like it bothers me?” retorted Stryfe, “I’m perfectly content in the field of battle. There are few times I feel more alive then when I’m engrossed in combat. I sense that same mentality in you as well. You clearly don’t care for diplomacy or negotiations. You’re the kind of person to jump onto the front lines and confront the ills of the world.”

“That’s exactly why I’m not so popular with my fellow Morlocks anymore.”

“That’s their loss. Because it just so happens that’s exactly the kind of person I need for a special mission of sorts.”

“You want me for a mission?” said Callisto skeptically, “Sorry pal, but I’m not into the whole mercenary thing. I’m still a Morlock, even if they don’t care for my drinking habits.”

“Oh I think the Morlocks benefit greatly from this,” said the mysterious man ominously, “I’m sure even they would agree that the inauguration next week is only going to make their lives infinitely more difficult. It’s not like Senator Kelly made a secret of his hatred for mutants. I doubt even having a mutant for a son will change his perspective.”

“And you think you have a solution?”

“Only in as such that I lack the necessary muscle to do it justice,” he answered ominously.

Now I know some may still be upset from having had to wait for so long for the next volume of X-men Supreme. I understand this completely. And to help make up for it, I did an update to the pics section. Specifically, I added a fresh batch of pictures to Emma Frost's section. I've noticed that her section is quite popular for obvious reasons. I hope some fresh images of one of the X-men's most devious and seductive vixen helps make up for the wait!

Emma Frost Pics

Like with every other volume in this fanfiction series, I have high hopes and high expectations for X-men Supreme Volume 4: Politics of Fear. I want this volume to represent an evolution of sorts for X-men Supreme that I hope will help set it apart from the comics, cartoons, and movies. I've spent the first three volumes taking classic elements from the X-men and telling new stories. I fully intend to continue using those classic elements, but I want to introduce some new themes that you won't find anywhere else in X-men or Marvel comics! And as with every bold new venture, I need the support of the wonderful people who read X-men Supreme! So please take the time to provide feedback on each issue of X-men Supreme or just contact me directly and I'll be happy to chat! Thank you and I hope you enjoy the new world revealed in X-men Supreme Volume 4: Politics of Fear! Until next time, take care and best wishes! Excelsior!


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