Friday, April 26, 2013

X-men Supreme Issue 73: Inauguration Day Part 2 is LIVE!

Hail to the chief! It's Inauguration Day in the world of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series and President Elect Robert Kelly is in for the rough day to say the least. But he's in good company. X-men Volume 4: Politics of Fear has already introduced a new threat to this fanfiction series and the X-men are poised to clash with him. He's no Magneto, but he's dangerous in his own right. His name is Alexander Kahn, but he goes by Stryfe. He's not the Stryfe you've seen in the pages of Marvel comics. He's a very different character with a very different agenda. And that agenda involves making Robert Kelly's inauguration historic for all the wrong reasons. And it's up to the X-men to stop him. Can they do it? And what part will Callisto play in this affair? Find out in the latest issue of X-men Supreme!

Issue 73: Inauguration Day Part 2

The X-men are poised to clash with Stryfe and he's poised to further disrupt the fragile situation between humans and mutants. While in recent times I have introduced some cosmic and mystical elements into the world of X-men Supreme, such as the Phoenix Force, the Shi'ar, and Juggernaut, the major theme of X-men is still that of a minority trying to carve their place in a world that hates and fears them. That sort of story is difficult to keep telling.

Anyone who has been following Marvel comics lately knows how the X-men's mission has changed significantly over the years. Now they're much more integrated with the Avengers and are given the label of hero for the most part. But in the world of X-men Supreme, that's not a label they can rely on. Some see the X-men as heroes. Some see the X-men as a menace. I'll be exploring that more thoroughly in X-men Supreme Volume 4: Politics of Fear. I'm going to focus more on that aspect of X-men moving forward in this fanfiction series because I think that's an important part of their core. There will always be a place for the cosmic and mystical elements, but I want them to be secondary. The X-men are still, at their core, symbols of minorities and their struggles.

With this in mind, I really hope everyone following X-men Supreme takes the time to provide feedback or at the very least tells their fellow comic book loving friends about this fanfiction series. X-men Supreme has grown quite a bit over the past few years. It has already lasted longer than some runs in X-men comics. I have every intention of continuing it for even longer, but I can only make it as awesome as it deserves to be with the help of feedback and support! So please take the time to contact me with your comments or thoughts or post your feedback directly in the issue. Either way is fine! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to support the X-men Supreme fanfiction series and I hope it continues. Until next time, take care and best wishes! Excelsior!


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