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X-men Supreme Issue #94: Madness and Madmen PREVIEW!

X-men Supreme Volume 4: Politics of Fear has had some big moments and even bigger events. Ancient creatures have been uncovered, aliens have attacked, and two new original characters have been introduced to the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. So many changes and so many shake-ups have occurred, many of which will influence future stories. But with the end of Starcrossed, I can now say definitively that the end of X-men Supreme Volume 4: Politics of Fear is almost over. There are only a few issues left. I don't intend to tie up every loose end. That's by design because I will be revisiting these stories in X-men Supreme Volume 5. But I do intend to have a few key plots converge to cap off X-men Supreme Volume 4: Politics of Fear.

Between the events of Cambrian and Starcrossed, the X-men were put under a great deal of stress. The Cambrian made a real mess of things to say the least. And Charles Xavier's declining health didn't help matters much either. Now Professor Xavier is healthy and just in time too. While the X-men were dealing with an alien attack, the Xavier Institute was hacked by Arcade, who had been enlisted by Colonel Wraith and Reverend Stryker. Both have fallen out of favor from President Robert Kelly, but neither has given up on their pursuit of a weapon with which to combat mutants. They're making a move at the best possible time. President Kelly and General Grimshaw are still uncertain of how to handle mutant issues, especially in wake of the Cambrian. And on Genosha, the Cambrian has left Magneto mentally unstable. There are numerous vulnerabilities to exploit and they'll have plenty of opportunities moving forward.

In addition to the fragile state of the world, the X-men have also had their share of personal drama. Relationships like Wolverine and Storm have endured numerous upheavals in wake of events in Japan, the Cambrian, and Starcrossed. There are a lot of forces drawing them apart and they wouldn't be the first ones either. Gambit is still dealing with Rogue's recent departure and Iceman's personal life with Jubilee has been erratic at best. But not all the news is grim on the romantic front. Shadowcat has been growing closer with the X-men's newest recruit, Colossus. And through the X-men's recent struggles, they've gotten to know each other a little better. It's another classic pairing from the X-men comics that I had always planned for X-men Supreme. And it is just one of the many romantic developments that will be explored as the events of X-men Supreme Volume 4: Politics of Fear winds down. This next issue will set into motion all those events that will close this major chapter in this fanfiction series out. As always, I've prepared an extended preview to show the kind of world that the X-men will be dealing with.

“Mr. President, I know I’m not giving you the kind of news you want to hear,” said Grimshaw.

“Don’t start apologizing for that, General. You’re low tolerance for bullshit is the main reason I have these meetings without my defense staff,” said President Kelly as he roughly rubbed the bridge of his nose.

“With bullshit in mind, I ask that you not cave in to these pressures. I’ve heard the reports from the UN. Nearly every country in the world wants to start rounding up mutants and processing them for potential threats. Ignoring for a second the gross violation in civil liberties, this will push mutant communities even further towards Magneto’s camp.”

“I thought he didn’t have a camp anymore. That Cambrian thing supposedly messed him up in one too many ways.”

“His sanity may be on sabbatical, but his message is as strong as ever. This may come as a shock to some people, but nobody likes being blamed for the mistakes some idiot across the world made.”

“We’re still talking about a hell of a mistake,” argued President Kelly, “You think I haven’t tried pointing this out? Not everybody thinks as rationally about Magneto’s actions as they should.”

“Magneto screwed up. Nobody is denying that. But if we’re not careful, the unintended consequences will do us all in,” said the General sternly, “I’ve heard some rumblings from Congress that the Mutant Security Agency may be re-organized.”

“Congress rambles about a lot of things. Only a handful of them ever get done,” the President pointed out.

“I wish I could take as much comfort in government inefficiency as you, but I don’t like to take chances. We can’t give into irrational fears, domestic or foreign. The MSA hasn’t even been given a chance! I won’t let it turn into some mutant Gestapo on my watch!”

“That hinges on whether or not mutant affairs make such a shift necessary,” retorted President Kelly, “If you want me to throw the very idea away, you’re wasting your time. The public aren’t the only one losing their patience.”

“The public doesn’t have a mutant son to worry about. I hope a man in your position would be pretty careful with those options.”

The mention of his son was enough to make President Kelly shoot up from his chair and stare down the General in anger.

“Don’t you dare bring my son into this!” he shouted.

“Forgive me, sir. But I get the sense you’re losing perspective here,” said the General, remaining calm despite the President’s tone.

“I don’t need reminders! I need results! And if you can’t deliver, it’s my responsibility to do something!”

“Then give me a chance!” he said strongly, “I’ve been talking to my associates on Genosha. I think we’re close to reaching a deal with Wanda Maximoff. If we can formulate a treaty of some sorts, we can stabilize the situation. We work that out and mutants won’t have as many reasons to lash out.”

“Do you honestly believe her voice is going to carry the same weight as Magneto’s? Who, I might add, is still alive and uncharged for his crimes?”

“She’s her father’s daughter to a point. She’s willing to talk and we need to be willing to listen. I’m working on some proposals as we speak. We’re so close to a breakthrough and pulling the plug will only cause more carnage. I just need time to work, Mr. President!”

President Kelly continued to stare down the decorated officer. General Grimshaw was not easily intimidated, not even from his Commander-in-Chief. Most people admired that kind of toughness. For the unfortunate souls who had to work with him, admiration was the last thing they wanted to give him.

Frustrated, the President took a deep breath and settled back in his chair. He was not going to win a shouting match with General Grimshaw nor was he going to do his approval rating any favors by giving into his requests. The General seemed confident he could make this situation better and he had shown an ability to deliver on his promises thus far. He would be taking a big risk in trusting him with another promise.

While President Kelly meditated over this decision, their private meeting was interrupted when Reverend William Stryker walked in.

“Excuse me, Reverend. But this is a private meeting,” said General Grimshaw, who quickly confronted the approaching man.

“Spare me your administrative bullying, General. This won’t take long,” said Reverend Stryker, “I just came to give Robert my resignation.”

President Kelly was taken aback.

“Excuse me? William, you really didn’t just say what I think you said, did you?” he said.

“I’m as serious as the blood of Christ, Mr. President,” said Stryker as he walked around General Grimshaw and approached the President’s desk, “In wake of recent developments, I feel I can no longer do the Lord’s work as your advisor.”

“Seriously William? I know we’ve had our differences lately, but that doesn’t mean…”

“You’re wrong, Mr. President. It means everything you think it doesn’t,” Stryker continued, “I gave my blood, sweat, and tears to help get you elected. I thought we were on the same page. Based on the works of this administration, I cannot in good faith support you anymore.”

The Reverend took out an official White House document and set it on his desk. It was only one page, consisting of hastily contrived bureaucracy to make it legitimate and clean. For someone like William Stryker who rarely overlooked details, it looked pretty rushed. That was cause for concern on more than just a personal level.

“I see,” said President Kelly as he looked over the document, “Are you sure everything is all right? Just because we’ve had some disagreements doesn’t mean I no longer value your input.”

“This is about more than petty disagreements,” said Reverend Stryker, “Back in the days of our Lord, Jesus saw himself as a Jew before he saw himself as the messiah. He was smart enough and strong enough to realize how the people he once supported had strayed from their path.”

“You honestly aren’t comparing yourself to Jesus Christ, are you?” said General Grimshaw dryly.

“Don’t throw blasphemy into the conversation, General. It demeans us all,” scoffed Reverend Stryker, “The point is that Jesus did not compromise. He didn’t wait for the corrupt Jewish authorities to come around. He went forward with his spiritual endeavors and I’m merely following his example.”

I sincerely hope that the end of X-men Supreme Volume 4: Politics of Fear and the beginning of a new chapter in the history of X-men Supreme will boost interest. I get the sense that this fanfiction series has become stagnant. I don't see a lot of feedback being posted here or sent to me directly. I really do hope that changes. I work long and hard to make X-men Supreme as awesome as can be. And I can't make it better unless people support me with feedback. So please take the time to leave a review in this and every other issue possible. Either post it in the issue or contact me directly. Either way is fine as long as you review. Thank you all very much for supporting the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. Until next time, take care and best wishes. Excelsior!


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