Saturday, February 1, 2014

More Than Just A Hug: What COULD Have Happened After All New X-men #21

Every so often, the events in the comics inspire me to take some time out of my busy schedule of X-men Supreme, writing reviews, and getting drunk to do a little side-project. My brain is like an engine that can't be shut off, no matter how many brain cells I kill. When I get inspired, I just gotta write it down. Most recently, one of those side-projects involved a short story involving Ultimate Jean Grey crossing over into 616. I got some mixed responses. Some liked it. Some didn't. I admit it wasn't my best, but I'm not Barry Bonds. I can't shoot myself up with creative steroids and go on a creative roid rage.

But that's not going to stop me from stepping up to the plate again. This new side-project is somewhat less ambitious in that it doesn't involve an overly elaborate story. It's actually a story that was inspired partially by this now famous/infamous cover.

I was among those who saw this and uttered more than a few WTFs. But the more I thought about it and the more my penis reacted, the more intrigued I became. O5 Cyclops and X-23 is one of those hook-ups that has none of the traits typical of an epic love story. And that's part of the appeal. It's not meant to be epic. But it still has a certain amount of emotional weight. That's why it's awesome. It's not attempting to be anything more than it should be, which is something All New X-men #15 failed miserably at doing. It intrigued me, but I didn't get the final inspiration until I saw this scene in All New X-men #21

At this moment, X-23 doesn't just turn to O5 Cyclops for comfort. She reaches out to him in the same way he reached out to her in All New X-men #20. O5 Jean sure doesn't like it, but I guess now she knows how O5 Cyclops felt when she started flirting with other teammates. It's a moment that wasn't really expanded upon. And to be fair, Marvel can only do so much when they're under the corporate thumb of Disney. But here on the internet where at least a quarter of all web traffic involves porn, their power is meaningless.

So from this scene, I created what could be an unrated scene of sorts. It's like that scene in an R-rated movie that was cut to keep it from becoming NC-17. It involves X-23 seeking O5 Cyclops out after this mission to share a little something special. It gets heated, but in a way I hope many will find awesome. So here it is, my latest side-project. Enjoy!

With so many emotional moments in All New X-men and just as many in X-men Supreme, I feel like we're all in need of a few extra hugs. I hope this little story and the events I have planned for X-men Supreme will help warm everyone's hearts during this coldest time of the year. And if I'm lucky, some panties will be soaked and some boxers will be stained in the best possible way. Nuff said!


  1. Not bad. My only complaint is Laura's voice (and hear me out), it's not because she's more verbose. I like that particular change of Bendis'. The silent, monosyllabic misanthrope routine can only go but so far, and it's long since worn out. Let her be socially awkward and maladjusted but let the girl speak like a semi-normal human. But there were several lines like the "attractive young man" one that seemed like they'd come more from a modern Emma than X-23. Still, over all, a pretty good piece.

  2. Lol. Thats really funny. Returning to the mid 90s triangle between Cyclops, psylock, and jean. More drama to increase with this 2 lovers involve.

  3. Well, now this is more like it.
    I sometimes forget that comic time is a lot shorter, than waiting time for us.
    Shame they ,sort of , "reset" Laura's characterization now and then. Hard to keep up with how she should act.
    It so weird when you ignore those two dots, for eyes, staring at people.
    Have to agree with you on the relationship front, it felt so wrong .. it actually became right. Hope the writers just turn them into really good friends.
    Good work.

    1. At least this time it's been reset with a sense of forward progress. Every other time her then-current title (team or solo) gets cancelled, the next creative team throws out the last one's work, and we have to deal with the same issues *all over again* only from a different angle. I love X-23, but I'm ready for to move on. Hell, even ROGUE got to finally move past her "i can't touch people!" issues and even dealt with her Remy/Mags kinda-sorta-love-triangle thing. If the poster child for stalled character development can move on, so can Laura Kinney.

    2. Good example with Rogue, but following her current status and inevitable comeback... things may (probably will) be retconned.
      X-23 got lucky this time, because there will be a fallout from Arena with a new title. So the writers are, sort of, forced to keep some aspects of the progress and add her to the conflict later.

    3. Exactly. True, I'd have liked some justification for her sudden verbose-ness (i don't really see Avengers Arena improving her language skills, and she continued to be relatively dry and Data-like in Avengers Academy, the last time I saw her in anything). However, as I've already stated, I'm grateful Bendis has moved us from "I'm an emotionally traumatized ex-assassin-turned-ex-prostitute" to "i was made to partake in a giant Battle Royale/Hunger Games rip-off, tried to kill my friends, and had the experience posted to the internet for all to see" damage.

      Same album, but at least we've moved onto a new track.

  4. Good work. *thumps up*
    We will see how the relationship developed in the comics.
    Would not mind if you write a sequel.

    greetings vom germany

  5. Thanks guys! Surprised and pleased by the comments for this little side-project of mine. Glad to know that people do give a damn about the shit I write. Feedback has been declining lately and even with the aid of weed, that's pretty discouraging. In following All New X-men and the other X-books, I'll be on the lookout for more cut scenes that I can inject with a little sexiness. And if anyone has suggestions, I'm always willing to listen.