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X-men Supreme Issue 95: Time Bomb Part 1 PREVIEW and New Commission

The end of another volume of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series is near. X-men Supreme Volume 4: Politics of Fear has been eventful to say the least. The world of X-men Supreme has endured many upheavals that have changed the nature of the X-men's struggle. It began with the inauguration of President Robert Kelly. Then two original characters were introduced in General Nathan Grimshaw and Captain Jack Freeman. They helped create some fragile yet important ties between the X-men and the government. It was quickly tested when Magneto unleashed the Cambrian on the entire world. And while strained, this link is still intact. But now it's about to be tested in another way that will end another era of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series.

Once again, the conflict comes from Magneto. He has been the center of many major conflicts for the X-men both in this fanfiction series and throughout the history of the X-men mythos. While many may question his sanity, few can question his intent. He sees the human race as a threat to mutants. He doesn't believe that peace is possible and while he has shown time and again that he's willing to wage war with humanity, he also goes to great lengths to protect innocent mutants, especially his children. It's a dynamic that I've been exploring since I began X-men Supreme. Quicksilver, Polaris, and the Scarlet Witch have influenced Magneto in many ways. Sometimes it has been for the better. Sometimes they end up aiding his instability. Well now their commitment to their father is about to reach a pivotal and dangerous crossroad.

The final arc of X-men Supreme Volume 4: Politics of Fear will do more than pit Magneto against the X-men and the human race. He will now have to oppose his own children. He has done so much to protect them, but with the scars of the Cambrian still festering in his mind, he is prepared to cross lines he once deemed unthinkable. It is part of Magneto's progression into greater instability. I have made this a theme throughout this fanfiction series because I feel Magneto can't help but become obsessed in his dedication to his own vision. In many instances throughout the history of the X-men, this has destroyed him and those he cares about. Now this obsession is about to reach a turning point as X-men Supreme Volume 4: Politics of Fear comes to an end. And once again, I've prepared a preview that shows what the X-men will be up against.

“I still think we should have brought Quentin Quire along,” said Alex, “A telepath might be useful in dealing with that twisted mind of his.”

“One step at a time, Alex,” retorted Wanda, “We’re not ready to resort to psychic probing just yet.”

“And if we do get to that point, Quentin Quire is the last psychic I would trust to do it,” added Pietro as they reached the door, “I know you’ve welcomed him into the Brotherhood with open arms, but he still creeps me out.”

“He’s an impressionable and arrogant teenage boy. I thought you of all people would get along with him,” Alex pointed out.

“What’s that supposed to me?!” said Pietro defensively.

The speedster angrily glared at Alex Summers. He may be the leader of the Brotherhood, but he still garnered little respect from Pietro. Yet another argument threatened to break out. Then Lorna made a strange discovery.

“Uh…guys? You think you could cut the bickering for a second?” she said warily, “I think we have a problem.”

“What is it now?” groaned Pietro as he reluctantly turned away from Alex, “Father didn’t barricade the door again, did he? I thought he was past that stage.”

“I suspect this an entirely different stage,” said Wanda, who shared in Lorna’s dread.

Pietro and Alex took a closer look at the door. It didn’t take long for them to see it as well. Some strange residue was seeping from the cracks of the door. It didn’t look like anything they had ever seen before and that said a lot in and of itself. From every crevice, a strange blackish/gold metal flowed from within the room. As the black parts of the metal seeped over the door, a series of gold colored streaks followed. They made perfect right angles, as if to mimic the appearance of computer circuits. It was hard to tell if this was something living or if it was some kind of machine.

“Pietro…when you said you did Father a favor, what exactly did you do?” said Wanda angrily.

“Nothing like this! I swear!” said the speedster defensively, “He just asked me to get some strange box, that’s all!”

“A box?” she said curiously, “Do you even know what was inside it?”

“Uh…it had no openings.”

“It’s ridiculous how little this surprises me,” groaned Alex, sensing they had another fight on their hands, “I’ve heard enough! Somebody break the door down!”

“Already on it!” said Lorna as she summoned her powers, “We’re coming in, Father! We’re here to save you!”

With a hard magnetic tug, Lorna ripped the heavy metal door of its hinges. A deafening metal clang reverberated through the halls. As soon as it was out of the way, Lorna rushed into the room with Wanda, Alex, and Pietro close behind. They expected to find their father in more self-imposed danger. What they saw, however, left them even more confused.

“Welcome, my children. You’re just in time,” grinned an eerily content Magneto.

“Okay, it’s official. I’m reconsidering the psychic probing,” said a dazed Wanda.

Magneto wasn’t in any danger. In fact, it looked as though he had cleaned himself up nicely since the last time they saw him. He was back in his dark red suit and cape, looking as poised as ever. But what had Wanda, Alex, Lorna, and Pietro really worried was the mysterious box he was holding.

From the top of the metal box, there was a wave-like stream of pulsating purplish light. From this light, this strange black metal with gold wire-like entrails flowed out freely and had since engulfed the whole room. Everything from the bed to the walls had been overtaken by this strange substance. Every square inch of the room now radiated with an ominous pulsating light. It was as if the room itself was now alive.

“Amazing, isn’t it?” said Magneto as he gripped the box intently, “Warlock managed to stay functional despite centuries of inactivity.”

“Not this again!” groaned Alex as he looked around at the strange metal, “Didn’t you learn anything from the Cambrian?”

“Oh I learned plenty. I learned just how feeble our lives have become in this corrupt world,” said Magneto in a voice that indicated his mental instability had gotten worse, “You see, when I lost the Cambrian, I lost the insight that led me to a higher understanding of nature. Now that I’m stuck within the limits of my own flesh and blood, I have struggled to wrap my head around that insight...until now.”

“Father…let’s not do this again!” cried Lorna, “You’re sick! You need help!”

“I have everything I need right here,” he said as he remained fixated on the box, “In addition to using the alien technology to locate the Cambrian, I also compiled every working scrap of hardware I could gather. As it just so happens, the ship contained a backup of its data in the form of a special AI called Warlock.”

“I’m not waiting for an explanation! You’re going to quit while you’re ahead whether you want to or not!” barked Alex.

“Havok don’t!” exclaimed Wanda.

In addition, I also have a quick update to the X-men Supreme Official Panels section. I know it has been a while since I got a piece of artwork for this fanfiction series, but as luck would have it I just made a good friend in Jack Crowder. He generously agreed to a commission for X-men Supreme featuring my two original characters, Captain Jack Freeman and General Nathan Grimshaw. I can't thank him enough for taking the time to contribute to the X-men Supreme fanfiction series and I have posted his piece in the pics section.

X-men Supreme Official Panels

Only a few issues remain of X-men Supreme Volume 4: Politics of Fear. But in those few issues, I will be introducing some new elements that will lay the groundwork for X-men Supreme Volume 5. New characters, new threats, and new complications will continue make this fanfiction series more distinct. I have some significant plans for X-men Supreme, but I can only pursue those plans if I have sufficient support. As I've noted before, there hasn't been a lot of feedback with X-men Supreme lately. I wish I knew why because it's hard to stay dedicated to a fanfiction series if nobody is following it. I want to keep making X-men Supreme better and I can't do that without support. So please take the time to post your comments in the comments section of each issue or contact me dirctly. Either way is fine and really goes a long ways towards helping me improve X-men Supreme. So until next time, take care and best wishes. Excelsior!


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