Thursday, August 7, 2014

Strangers In Paradise Chapter 2: Secrets and Deception is LIVE!

It's not easy exploring new creative territory, especially when I have so much to explore in my current creative endeavors. But part of getting better at anything involves taking a chance and exploring uncharted territory. That's what I was doing when I began pursuing my first ever Justice League story, "Strangers In Paradise." I had never written a DC Comics story, let alone one focusing on their power couple, Superman and Wonder Woman. But after seeing how this relationship unfolded in wake of Justice League #12, it's something I wanted to explore. And so far, the response has been great.

I was genuinely surprised by the good feedback I got for the first chapter of "Strangers In Paradise." Considering how much time I've dedicated to X-men and Marvel stories, I thought it would be a difficult transition. In many ways it is, but I'm glad to see that this hasn't stopped some from enjoying the story. It has me hopeful about the prospects of this story because I don't intend it to be as short as some of my other side-projects. I'm treating this as though it were a volume of X-men Supreme. Now that means updates for this story won't be as quick or as regular as X-men Supreme. This story is a side-project. X-men Supreme remains my main focus since that is the bread and butter of my creative endeavor. But I still have every intention of seeing this story through.

It has taken me a bit longer than I thought, but I have completed and posted the second chapter of "Strangers In Paradise." In the first chapter, I set the stage for Clark and Diana to meet at a point in their lives when neither of them are superheroes. Clark Kent is just starting to be Superman and Diana has not yet become Wonder Woman. Yet their paths cross by accident and despite some difficult circumstances, they forge a connection. Now in this chapter, that connection begins to blossom in a very powerful way. It will set the stage for some very heartfelt moments that Superman/Wonder Woman fans and Justice League fans in general should really enjoy.

If the response for this story continues to be strong, I will try and update more regularly. For now, I work on this story whenever I can spare some time in between writing reviews and developing X-men Supreme. There's still plenty more to tell and I hope it leads to more and better awesome for everyone. Nuff said!

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