Thursday, March 5, 2015

Frenemies In Need: All-New X-men #37 PREVIEW!

I know I give my old teachers a lot of crap on this blog. To be fair, many of them earned it. I'm convinced that some of them only taught for the health benefits and the summer vacations. It showed on my test scores and the collective misery of my fellow peers. That said, I did know my share of awesome teachers. Some of these teachers might as well have had mutant powers for their ability to get through the thick heads of teenagers overdosing on hormones, Ritalin, and weed. A quality teacher can go a long ways for a fucked up teen. That's exactly why Emma Frost is the perfect teacher for O5 Jean Grey.

Emma Frost's teaching ability is one of her more underrated skills. Let's face it, those skills are easy to miss. Between looking awesome in skin-tight outfits and having a rack that could give Galactus pause, she's a woman whose skills often get overshadowed by her other features. And she fucking knows that. That's part of what makes her teaching skills all the more impressive. She already demonstrated those skills recently with Benjamin Deeds in Uncanny X-men #14. Now she has to use those skills on O5 Jean Grey. In terms of being a fucked teenager, O5 Jean Grey is a perfect storm of teen angst. Put her in any rerun of Dawson's Creek and she'd fit right in.

What makes it all the more fitting is that Jean Grey should be the last person Emma Frost would want to help. But back in All-New X-men #30, the two rivals seemed to have a breakthrough. They somehow found a way to not want to strangle each other in ways that would horrify and arouse men like me. It's not like all was forgiven, but it showed that these two were capable of working together again.

I'm still disturbed and aroused by this.
It's taken an obscenely long, obscenely drawn out arc in Uncanny X-men, as well as an equally obscene crossover with the shit storm that is Ultimate Marvel, but Emma Frost and O5 Jean Grey finally have another chance to work together again. Emma Frost has taken it upon herself to teach this teenage girl who will one day be the woman she hates. Maybe it's the challenge or maybe it's because she can have a lot of fun with this, but she's willing to take it on. Perhaps this would be a good time for everyone to pray for Jean Grey's fragile soul because CBR's preview for this issue ensures O5 Jean is in for a rough lesson.

I'll say it again. Good teachers have superpowers unto themselves. They don't back down from the countless challenges posed by fucked up teenagers. Well Emma Frost has a big challenge here and she's willing to use Madripoor as a way to get her point across. Something about that just makes her more awesome and even more sexy. I still dread what this will mean for O5 Jean Grey. I doubt this will end with either of them having slumber parties that turn into lesbian orgies, but it should offer some interesting insight into both characters. If they can both get something out of it in the long run, then it just helps reinforce the power of good teachers. It also helps make teachers sexy as only Emma Frost can. Nuff said!

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