Thursday, March 19, 2015

Inversions and Humility: Uncanny X-men #32 PREVIEW!

Remember when the idea of inverted heroes and villains sounded interesting without the aid of weed? Yeah, me neither. It seems so long ago that AXIS was a big fucking deal. Maybe it's because Marvel began hyping up Secret Wars and Star Wars before the corpse on AXIS began to decompose. But AXIS did have some pretty significant consequences, some of which haven't been addressed. And when some comic book fans have attention spans only as long as their next joint, that can be a problem.

One of those consequences that I'm sure most people forgot about was Havok staying inverted and joining Cyclops' New Xavier School. Now I don't deny that I've given Havok a lot of shit since he became a central character on Uncanny Avengers. To be fair, he earned every scrap of that fecal-fueled criticism. He had his moments later on, but he was a dick in some pretty big moments. Now that he's inverted like Sabretooth and Iron man, he has the potential to be way worse or way better. Like a young Jenna Jameson, he could go either way.

But in addition to Havok being inverted, he's coming at a time when Cyclops is closing the New Xavier School. He just rejected Charles Xavier's generous inheritance that would've given him enough money to pay every person on the planet to tell Hank McCoy to go fuck himself. And after some time travel shenanigans with Tempus, he's no longer confident in his ability to lead a mutant revolution. And now he has to do it with an inverted brother. I'm low on weed, but I think that helps make things interesting again and a preview from Newsarama shows just that.

So Havok is now stuck being an ass while Cyclops is in an overdue state of humility. I'm not sure that balances anything out, but I'm pretty sure it's going to fuck a few things up. In some ways, it regresses Cyclops. He started the New Xavier School to start rebuilding his reputation after Avengers vs. X-men. He took a big shit on that reputation during the Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier. So what's he going to do now? If he ditches his school, is he just going to keep hiding from the Avengers and occasionally funnel a few unfortunate mutants to the Jean Grey Institute? It's hard to say. It sounds more poorly planned than the screenplay for Battlefield Earth. But even if it ends up being a total clusterfuck, it could still be entertaining. Nuff said!


  1. I think the big question is, will it matter in any way, shape, or form with Secret Wars coming up? That's my big beef with how they're doing Secret Wars this time around. Yes, its cool that they're taking this kind of risk across the entire line, and I bet there are going to be some amazing stories coming out of all of this. It's just that it leaves stories like these, which might otherwise have had ramifications for a long time to come all of a sudden risk becoming nothing but a waste of ink and paper as the mega event comes and not only shuffles the deck, but potentially changes which card game is being played too (I think my metaphor may have gone off track there. Ah well! =P ).

  2. I don't read happened to alex face.looks like Cyclops might be living the hermit life until secret wars.whats going to be his reaction to ultimate jean grey.she might actually not be on the lock Cyclops up boat.

    1. Long story short, he was tortured in a mutant concentration camp.

    2. He was, but I believe the scars in question were the result of a wound inflicted by Kang some time after being freed from the camp. It happened in Uncanny Avengers #22, true believers. See the review on this very blog, specifically scan #3, here:

    3. Actually I have to correct myself...he already had the wound when Red Skull captured him. The Kang story resolved prior to the AXIS situation.


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