Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Final Second Coming Teaser (For Now)

Well, Marvel has finally come full circle. The last of the Second Coming teasers was released earlier today.

All Will Unite

No, it's not referring to the second X-men movie. It's referring to Second Coming, but you would be forgiven for making that mistake. It does seem to have a similar theme. But hey, the second X-men movie was actually good (the last dose of awesomeness before Ratner destroyed it). If they're going to lift anything from another source, it might as well be awesome.

So the final message says as follows:

One will sacrifice...
One will lead...
One will die...
One will rise...
All will unite.

You could practically put it in a Hallmark Greeting Card and send one to every X-men fan and they should be able to get the gist of it. So the Messiah Trilogy is finally set to come to an end and these teasers have made some ominous hints. They've implied that there will be a power struggle between Magneto, Cyclops, and Emma. They implied that a major character will die (whether they'll stay dead, however, is another matter). They imply someone will rise and in the X-universe the only being famous for that is the Phoenix. So it would be quite an oversight if that wasn't at least mentioned (and Jean Grey as well, but that's a long shot considering how much the X-staff seems to hate her). In the end it's supposed to unite mutants even as they stand on the path to extinction. That doesn't exactly seem to fit with the very gloomy references mentioned in the recent X-Solicitations for May 2010. There appears to be a lot of doom and gloom through much of this event. Unless Marvel is now partnered with Prozac as well as Disney, there better be some uplifiting news in the June Solicitations.

But what form could it take? The premise is all centered on Hope. The X-men have been holding out for her and are hoping she can finally fulfill her destiny. But what that destiny is hasn't been revealed and some seem to want to guide it down a certain path. Magneto certainly seems to have his own agenda as he always does. Then there's Bastion, who appears to be the main bad guy here. Although I have to admit I think they could do better. Bastion never struck me as a villain on the same level as Sinister or Apocalypse. I suppose since they already used up all the big villains they're tapping the bottom of the bin. Can he measure up? Only time will tell.

Whatever the case it does not appear that there are any long term plans for Hope. Either she's going to die at the end of this or she'll become marginalized in some way. I still want to believe she'll lead to the return of Jean Grey, but as Marvel has shown previously they really don't care for her and will do everything they can to resist bringing her back. Plus, the idea of another redhead just seems to sicken them so I have little hope for Hope. If and when she does have to make that sacrifice, it better be drenched in awesomeness to make it worth while.

Second Coming is shaping up to be a big event, looking to draw together everything since M-Day. It's a tall order. A lot of loose ends have yet to be resolved. Will all of them be addressed? We can only Hope. And yes that pun was intended.

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