Friday, February 5, 2010

X-men Supreme Preview: Issue 4 - Growing Ranks

Only one week left until the next issue of X-men Supreme! With the Superbowl almost upon us, there will need to be something to fill the void when it is over. I hope X-men Supreme is up to the challenge. When Peyton Manning and Drew Brees are done, come check out Charles Xavier, Magneto, the X-men, and the emerging Brotherhood of Mutants! Here is a preview of the action!

As the X-jet leveled off, the situation below came into view. And just as they expected, it was pretty chaotic. Half a city block was in ruin as thick columns of smoke rose up into the air. They could also make out quite a bit of cop cars trying to get civilians out of the way. But from the looks of it, they were clearly outgunned.

“Looks like we arrived a bit late,” said Storm as she took in the site.

“Better late then never. Hold on, I’m taking it into silent hover,” said Cyclops as he punched in the controls, “Angel, you and Storm take care of the civilians. Iceman, you and Beast help the police. Wolverine, help me and Marvel Girl with Lance. Let’s move, X-men!”

“Just another night on the town,” sighed Angel.

The X-jet stopped to hover over the area and the main door opened. Angel and Storm took flight and headed towards the smoke where they began helping civilians get to safety. Jean used her telekinesis to help lower herself and the others to the scene. They arrived in front of the police barricade on top of a pile of debris. Near as they could tell this place was some sort of club or stage. It was hard to tell due to the sheer level of destruction. And the source of it all centered on a very angry looking young man standing on what used to be a stage.


Rolling his eyes back, the young man summoned another tremor. The ground shook and the deafening sound of shattering concrete echoed through the area. It was heading right for the police barricade where officers scrambled to get out of the way.

“Whoa! I’m beginning to see why this is making the news,” said Iceman as he made an ice sheet over the crack.

“Let’s just hope the headline doesn’t have the words blood bath in it,” said Beast as he leapt over towards the scene and helped some officers get away.

“It won’t!” said Marvel Girl strongly, “That’s why we’re here!”

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