Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Second Coming Teasers and Red Herrings

More teasing has emerged from Marvel regarding Second Coming. This time the tag is "One Will Sacrifice..." As if that has ever been a good sign in X-men comics. It hasn't since the Phoenix Saga and it seems that ever since then the writers have been trying to chase the power of that moment the way crack heads chase their first high. Somebody may want to get these guys into rehab because it sounds like they're pushing it.

It's no secret they're looking to kill someone here. One has to wonder if they're just doing it for the sake of doing it. As if the death of a character automatically makes a story more powerful. It can, but only if done right. I haven't had any confidence in Marvel doing deaths right since they killed Psylocke. So I have little doubt this little gag will give readers plenty to complain about. But perhaps I'm speaking with too much bitterness. Perhaps I should be a bit more hopeful.

I'm seriously trying, but I'm not sure who they could kill here. I suspected early on that Cable would be the one to bite it and that would make a lot of sense. He's gone out of his way to raise and protect Hope. Him making the ultimate sacrifice for her would be fitting and powerful. Unfortunately, that just makes too much sense. Now it seems they're going to try another angle. It's doubtful they'll do anything with Wolverine and X-23, but Domino could be on the chopping block. She was a love interest for Cable for a while. If he doesn't make it, she would be a fitting replacement. There's also Josh Foley, who hasn't had too many big roles and could be considered expendable. Then there's Warpath, who could end up following the same fate as his brother.

There's also always a chance Marvel will do something completely unexpected so they can make the readers gasp for a moment. Shock tactics are a favorite of writers sometimes for better or for worse. More often then not they're like a quick snort of cocaine. It hits you hard, but it quickly wears off. Really long term impact comes with depth and that's not easy to do no matter how good a writer you are. That being said, Marvel has their work cut out for them. As a lifelong fanboy, I'll always give them the benefit of the doubt. I've been jaded by teases like this before, but I still have hope! Here's to you, Marvel! Make us all proud to be comic geeks!


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